Miami's First High-Rise, the Hotel McAllister on Biscayne Bay

Hotel McAllister housed the first McAllister Beauty Salon in Miami, minutes from South Beach

Miami’s First Name in Hospitality Reinvents Day Spas in South Beach

Beauty Is Defined from the Inside Out in Our Timeless Beauty Salon & Cutting-Edge Medical Spa

Historically Inspired…

My family’s devotion to Miami’s hospitality industry spans nearly a century. Way back in 1917, my great-greatgrandmother, Ms. E.C. McAllister, arrived on the shores of Biscayne Bay with a vision of the “Magic City.” In a time when women could not yet vote, she constructed Miami’s first high rise building ever, situated at the heart of today’s downtown, and established the McAllister Hotel. Her devotion to others and her love of this beautiful city inspired her efforts to cultivate a reputation for world-class service. The fruits of her labors created an incredible destination for Miami’s locals and her visitors alike.

The McAllister Hotel quickly evolved into a social hub for our emerging metropolis and served as the backdrop for the lives of future generations of Miamians. It’s in that same spirit and with similar devotion to others, that I have established McAllister Spa on Miami Beach. At its inception, we contemplated what salons once were in years gone by. We yearned to recapture their unique contributions to individual aesthetics, fashion and beauty. We also believed that salons of yesteryear, like coffeehouses today, served as community meeting places. So with a nod to past elegance and with a mix of all that defines beauty today, we have simply redefined what a spa and salon should be.

Fashion & Beauty Focused…

We are passionately focused on incredible services that accentuate your physical beauty; and we tirelessly cultivate an environment that feels like a home away from home, filled with friends and family. I understand that beauty and fashion are by their very nature imperfect. And the staff at McAllister is energized by this truth. It means our work is never finished. We are excited for you to be a part of what we do. Our team of incredibly talented and friendly professionals have traveled the world over and have found a home with us in our hair salons, nail salons and esthetics programs. I can’t wait for you to experience the difference at McAllister Spa.

Incessantly Innovative,

William McAllister