Makeover Gallery

The team at McAllister Spa takes great pride in their work.  Years of serious study and decades of professional experience guide our hair stylists, hair colorists, nail technicians and estheticians as they touch the hair, nails and skin of every one of our clients.  Through our Instagram account, we now have an outlet through which we can share our results with both prospective new clients and the fashion & beauty industry in general.  If you want to see the things that inspire us to create while reviewing the artistry and expertise expressed through our hair styles, make up applications, nail art and nurturing of flawless skin, follow us.

As you review the recent images here, if you have questions for any one of our team members, send them an email through our staff page and they will get back to you as soon as they aren’t working to perfect their next client’s look (which might be up to 48 hours!).   And if the images in our Makeover Gallery inspire you to book an appointment, simply request it here on the site to schedule your own makeover!