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'The Hair Salon' in Miami Beach

When McAllister Spa was established, the idea was to restore the lost idea of hair salons as centers of communities.  We felt that hair salons had long been a meeting place for people of diverse backgrounds yet with common ties to the neighborhoods around them.  As a pillar of McAllister's concept, we opened a traditional hair salon within our spa.  The environment is welcoming and comfortable for men and women alike and our stylists offer a full range services - from haircuts to hair color and highlights and from blowdries to keratin treatments.   Our stylists and colorists are capable of doing just about anything you can imagine with your hair.  Over time, McAllister Spa has also been recognized for its commitment to old-fashioned ideals and has forged deep relationships with incredible companies such as Goldwell, renowned for premium hair coloring and treatments, as well as KMS and Kevin.Murphy, both known for the creation of some of the best hair styling products and methods around.  We've also attracted some of the most talented hair professionals in the industry and provided them with a platform upon which to learn, to teach, to innovate and to share their artistic talents with the world.

To learn more about the wide range of hair-cutting, hair styling and hair coloring services offered by some of Miami Beach's best hair stylists, jump over to our Hair Salon's Services.  And if you are interested in learning more about the stylists at McAllister, meet our team!

The StyleLab

A few years back, the blow-dry bar concept blew up all over Miami Beach and around the US and it took us back to the drawing board - the volume of requests for inexpensive styling appointments was just incredible.  McAllister's stylists are some of the most experienced and sought-after stylists in Miami Beach and they just didn't have time for the twice weekly blowout requests for their clientele in between haircuts, highlights, keratin treatments, etc.  So the question was how do we evolve to meet the needs of our clientele?  Many stylists at other Miami Beach hair salons were relieved that blow dry bar salons popped up all over town - it relieved them of these sorts of regular, time-intensive requests.  But the stylists at McAllister wondered if we should trust our work - all those hours of precision cuts and meticulous coloring - in the hands of just any stylist working for hourly wages at a blow dry bar down the street using just any old hair care line. In the end, our aspiration to return hair salons to their yesteryear place as centers within our community resulted in the creation of our StyleLab concept.  Our StyleLab has been incredibly successful from the moment we opened, with our newest team members working hand in hand with our senior stylists to create beautiful styles at reasonable prices.

To see more about the express hair styling services McAllister offers, visit our StyleLab's portfolio. Our 'new talent stylists' are some of Miami Beach's best hair professionals and have been trained by McAllister's senior stylists in a wide range of blow-dry methods, hair styles, updos and makeup applications, so rest assured you are in great hands!