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McAllister Spa is recognized as one of Miami Beach's best hair salons. Our commitment to creating amazing hair color in our Goldwell hair salon & designing beautiful hair styles in our StyleLab sets us apart from South Beach's multitude of beauty salons.

Some of SoBe's most talented stylists and best colorists call McAllister Spa home - want to meet them? Take some time to see the team's biographies or scroll down to see their work!

Best hair color highlights in Miami Beach FL

Women's Haircuts, Hair Styling & Blowouts

The McAllister hair salon team is composed of Miami Beach's best stylists and colorists.  Our educational programs are steered by stylists trained by the likes of Sassoon and Horst, so whether you are seeking a classic women's haircut or something a bit more edgy and artistic, you've found the right place to trust your tresses.

Women's Haircuts & StylingJuniorSeniorMasterDirector
Women's Haircut with Free StyleLab Blow Dryfrom $59from $69from $85from $95
Women's Haircut with Stylist Blow Dryfrom $75from $90from $110from $125
Stylist Shampoo & Blowout / Blow Dry & Stylingfrom $35from $45from $55from $65
Stylist Extensions Blowoutfrom $55from $65from $75from $85
To see New Talent menu for Express Styling Services starting at $25 in StyleLab, click here.

Women's Single Hair Color Services & Gray/Grey Coverage

Miami's best hair coloring happens at McAllister Spa.  Whether you are seeking to change your base color or cover up those pesky gray roots, our wide range of professional Goldwell hair color has just the hue for your look. And best of all, our color clients walk out looking their best with a complimentary blowout from the team in our StyleLab.

Women's Hair ColoringJuniorSeniorMasterDirector
Single Process Goldwell TopChic Colorfrom $65from $75from $85from $95
Single process Goldwell Nectaya Organic Colorfrom $75from $85from $95from $105
Single Process Goldwell Colorance (Gloss/Toner)from $65from $75from $85from $95
Single Process Goldwell Elumen Colorfrom $75from $85from $95from $105
Double Process Goldwell TopChic Colorfrom $115from $125from $135from $150
Double Process Goldwell Elumen Colorfrom $145from $155from $165from $175
Goldwell Colorance Overlayfrom $25from $25from $25from $25
Goldwell Elumen Overlayfrom $35from $35from $35from $35
Olaplex Color Additivefrom $20from $20from $20from $20
Olaplex Bond Multiplier Servicefrom $50from $50from $50from $50
StyleLab BlowoutComplimentaryComplimentaryComplimentaryComplimentary
Stylist Add-On Blowout$15$20$30$45

To learn more about Goldwell Color and the differences between TopChic, Colorance, Nectaya, Elumen & more, click HERE.

Women's Hair Highlights, Ombre & Balayage

McAllister Spa is home to some of Miami Beach's best colorists.  From platinum blondes to weaving in just a few honey-blonde highlights, our team will formulate the perfect color to brighten your look, taking the time to understand the hair color you hope to achieve.

Our salon is - in particular - known for its amazing variety and diversity of hair highlighting techniques, from sombres and colored ombres to balayage highlighting, we can customize the look that fits you.

Highlighting ServicesJuniorSeniorMasterDirector
Sixpack of Highlights (6 foils)from $65from $75from $85from $95
Partial Highlightsfrom $120from $150from $180from $200
Full Highlightsfrom $170from $200from $250from $270
Sombrefrom $160from $200from $230from $260
Traditional Ombrefrom $200from $230from $260from $290
Balayage Unfrom $160from $200from $230from $260
Balayage Deuxfrom $200from $230from $260from $290
Olaplex Color Additivefrom $20from $20from $20from $20
Olaplex Bond Multiplier Servicefrom $50from $50from $50from $50
StyleLab BlowoutComplimentaryComplimentaryComplimentaryComplimentary
Stylist Add-On Blowout$15$20$30$45

Corrective Color & Damaged Hair Treatments

Bad hair happens, right?  The B-I-G question is "Where to go when it happens to you?"  The Directors & Senior Stylists at McAllister Spa have the answers for you.  Our Senior team trains for these challenging moments and works together to resolve your hair challenges, whether bleached or brassy, damaged or unnatural.

The solution to damaged hair may be as simple as a customized hair treatment, a women's haircut and a StyleLab blowout, while other cases of hair coloring gone horribly wrong may require an intensive hair coloring session with our team.

Every appointment is different & each is priced during consultation.---

Women's Keratin, Smoothing & Straightening Treatments

Brazilian Keratin Treatment...Japanese Keratin Treatment...South Beach Keratin Treatment...Hair Relaxers...Brazilian Blowout...It seems everyone has a different name for the process of eliminating frizz, smoothing hair and reducing blow-dry times, doesn't it?

McAllister stylists review and rigorously test at least 3-5 "new" keratin treatments annually and select only the very few smoothing treatments that meet our lofty standards.  Our stylists will help you choose the right hair treatment during your consultation and customize it to your hair, styling preference and lifestyle.

So when it's time to book a Keratin treatment to tame the South Beach humidity, you can book an appointment with the McAllister team with confidence.

Hair TreatmentsJuniorSeniorMasterDirector
Express Keratin Blowout by Keratin Complexfrom $229from $249from $269from $279
Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatmentfrom $229from $229from $269from $279
Keratin Treatment by Keratin Complexfrom $250from $275from $300from $350
Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Smoothing Treatmentfrom $300from $300from $325from $350
Permfrom $110from $130from $150from $160
Affirm Hair Relaxers for Women or Long Hairfrom $100from $110from $120from $130
Affirm Hair Relaxers for Men or Short Hairfrom $65from $65from $75from $75
LANZA Ultimate Treatmentfrom $25from $25from $25from $25
Olaplex Color Additivefrom $20from $20from $20from $20
Olaplex Bond Multiplier Servicefrom $50from $50from $50from $50

Women's Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are an easy way to add length, body & thickness to your existing hair.  Whether your hair is naturally thin or you are looking to achieve a glam, fabulous look -or somewhere in between- McAllister stylists have been professionally trained to place the type of hair extensions you choose.

We specialize in Hotheads Hair Tape Extensions and Cinderella's Bonded Extensions & Microlink Hair Extension options. We use the finest-quality Remy hair extensions, derived from Asian & Indian sources for darker hues and from Eastern European sources for lighter shades of blondes.

Prices listed below do NOT include hair - hair is charged separately at our wholesale cost plus sales tax - and these wholesale costs vary based upon color requested and length of hair.

Hair Extensions TypesSeniorMasterDirector
Hotheads Hair Tape Extensions Placement (10"-16")$499$499$499
Hotheads Hair Tape Extensions Placement (18"-20")$549$549$549
Hotheads Hair Tape Extensions Placement (22"+)$599$599$599
Hotheads Extensions Retape & Maintenance (10"-16")$399$399$399
Hotheads Extensions Retape & Maintenance (18"-20")$449$449$449
Hotheads Extensions Retape & Maintenance (22"+)$499$499$499
Cinderella Organic Keratin Bonded ExtensionsNot Available$1099$1099
Cinderella I-tip Hair Extensions PlacementNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Cinderella I-tip Hair Repair & MaintenanceNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Cinderella T-Tip Extensions Placement (10"-16")$499$499$499
Cinderella T-Tip Extensions Placement (18"-20")$549$549$549
Cinderella T-Tip Extensions Placement (22"+)$599$599$599
Cinderella T-Tip Hair Retape & Maintenance (10"-16")$399$399$399
Cinderella T-Tip Hair Retape & Maintenance (18"-20")$449$449$449
Cinderella T-Tip Hair Retape & Maintenance (22"+)$499$499$499
Extensions Removal (1 hr min. & rounded to 1/2 hr) $105/hour $105/hourNot Available
To see New Talent menu for Extensions Blowouts for just $35 in StyleLab, click HERE.

Formal or Traditional Updos & Special Events Styling Sessions

Wedding preparations are about more than just updos & makeup; it's about McAllister stylists & artists taking the time to understand your personal style and your vision for your wedding day.

We understand that our work will live forever in photographs and in films of those special wedding moments.

So while the bride's makeup and hair will be be our obvious focus, you can trust that not a detail will be missed as we prepare the rest of the wedding party; from the floral girls to the mother of the bride, the McAllister team will ensure that each member of the wedding party looks their very best.

Special Events, Weddings & MoreJuniorSeniorMasterDirector
Traditional Updofrom $75from $85from $95from $125
Wedding Hair Trial (1 hr min, rounded to 1/2 hr, 2 hr max)from $105/hrfrom $105/hrfrom $125/hrfrom $150
Bridal Makeup Trial (1 hr min, rounded to 1/2 hr, 2 hr max)-from $75/hrfrom $100/hrfrom $125
Bride's Wedding Day Hair & Updofrom $75from $85from $95from $125
Bride's Wedding Day Makeup-from $75from $80from $100
Wedding Party Hair & Updosfrom $75from $85from $95from $110
Wedding Party Makeup Application-from $75from $80from $95
To see New Talent pricing for prom, homecoming & bachelorette parties in StyleLab, click HERE.

Men's Haircuts & Styling Services

McAllister stylists excel at men's haircuts and styles in our fashion-forward hair salon. Our team covers a wide range of looks - from the best in timeless, classic cuts that never go out of style to the latest featured fads, fades and trends.

Whether you're a working professional or South Beach's next hot DJ, McAllister stylists will deliver the ideal cut and recommend the perfect styling products to consistently look your very best.

Men's HaircutsJuniorSeniorMasterDirector
Men's Hair Cut & Stylingfrom $29from $35from $45from $55

Men's Color & Men's Highlights

McAllister Spa excels at men's hair coloring, regularly testing the latest hair coloring products and alternatives. Whether your goal is to lighten up your look or to cover up & blend the natural graying process, you can trust that McAllister Spa stylists will send you on your way with a natural look you're looking for.

Men's Color ServicesJuniorSeniorMasterDirector
Men's Single Colorfrom $50from $60from $70from $80
Men's Gray/Grey Hair Coveragefrom $35from $40from $45from $45
Men's Highlightsfrom $55from $70from $85from $90
Olaplex Color Additivefrom $20from $20from $20from $20
Olaplex Bond Multiplier Servicefrom $50from $50from $50from $50

Other Services

Not a detail is overlooked.  Tinted & permed eyelashes dramatically enhance your natural beauty and really make your eye color pop.  And don't forget to tint those eyebrows- whether you have naturally blonde eyebrows or just want to more closely match your new hair color, our cosmetologists and full specialists have you covered.

Children's HaircutsWhile we aren't a kid's barbershop, we know that the clients who love our haircutting skills and eye for color might not entrust their children's image to anyone else but their beloved stylist at McAllister Spa.

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Eyebrow Tintingfrom $20from $20from $20
Eyelash Tintingfrom $30from $30from $30from $30
Eyelash Permingfrom $50from $50from $50from $50
Children's HaircutsJuniorSeniorMasterDirector
Children's Haircuts (12 and under)from $25from $35from $45from $55