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If you are looking for the best nail spa in Miami Beach with the most options to pamper your nails, then you do not need to look any further.

McAllister Spa has become synonymous with cutting edge nail services and techniques that will prepare your nails for full display whether a day on South Beach or a girls night out. Please take a look below at all of the nail treatments we offer and book your reservation today.

The Express Mini Mani & Pedi

If you are in a mad rush but absolutely need to pay a few minutes' attention to your hands and feet, we have an express option just for you. Our Express Mini Mani & Pedi Combination provides you with just the bare essentials.  For your hands, our skilled nail technicians remove your existing nail lacquer, shape your cuticles (no time for trimming here!) and smooth your heels, trim and file your nails & apply a perfect coat of your favorite Essie or OPI lacquer. This manicure & pedicure option will get you in and out in no time!

  • The Express Mini-Manicure $15
  • The Express Mini Pedicure $25
  • The Express Mini Combination $39

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The Classic 2.0 Mani & Pedi

Our most popular Classic Manicure & Pedicure has been improved for 2016 and it incorporates the first of its kind Salt Bar. When you arrive, you'll be introduced to at least six sea salts from the world over - from the Punjab region of the Himalayans to sandy, black volcanic beaches of Hawaii.

You'll then choose your favorite scent from a range of relaxing to invigorating essential oils from our collection of 100% pure, therapeutic grade extracts and watch as your nail technician whips up a customized salt scrub just for you. During your service, our nail technicians will also remove your existing lacquer, groom and oil your cuticles, shape and buff your nails and finish with the application of your favorite Essie or OPI nail lacquer.

  • The Classic Manicure $22
  • The Classic Pedicure $37
  • The Classic Combination $55

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Soy Smooth Callus Treatment

Do your hands and feet need a little extra attention? Our Soy Smooth selections pick up where our popular Classic Combination ends, softening your skin with soy oil and eradicating those pesky calluses with our callus elimination treatment.

The service begins with your selection of any one of 12 different fragrant Soy Delicious moisturizing candle tins. The ultra-hydrating soy oil is warmed and used during your massages.  Best of all...the candle tin is yours to keep.

  • The Soy Smooth Spa Manicure $30
  • The Soy Smooth Spa Pedicure $45
  • The Soy Smooth Combination $69

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The Weekly Vinylux Polish

The nail technicians & full specialists at McAllister Spa Miami Beach fell in love with Vinylux by CND this past fall. It's a revolutionary weekly polish system that dries quickly and lasts longer than traditional nail polishes. It requires no base coat and the top coat hardens when exposed to natural light, reducing the chances that your nail polish will chip or scratch within those 7 days.

And best of all, our Vinylux options all include cuticle care and nail grooming, an aromatic and exfoliating massage of your hands and feet and your choice of any of 71 different durable nail polish shades!

  • The Vinylux Manicure $27
  • The Vinylux Pedicure $41
  • The Vinylux Combination $65

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For those who get caught up and go too long between visits, we definitely suggest Gelish! This unique GEL polish is resistant to chipping, maintains an incredible shine and can last up to 21 days. We begin this option with a purifying and thorough soak to soften your nails and cuticles. We remove your existing laquer, groom and oil your cuticles, shape your nails and finish with your chosen Gelish! colors.

  • Gelish! Manicure $39
  • Gelish! Pedicure $59
  • Gelish! Combination $85
  • Gelish! Removal $5
  • Gelish! Polish Change Only $29

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The Ultimate Spa

If you want to give your hands and feet a quite a bit of extra attention, you have to experience our exclusive spa treatment using combinations of rare earth salts and some of the world's most sought after essential oils.

Ambito No Moshio is the earliest known mineral sea salt first produced by the ancient Japanese nearly three thousand years ago and is rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium and iodine. This traditional salt ash has long been produced using pristine salt waters and fresh Hon'dawara seaweed from the Seto-uchi Inland Sea.  Nail technicians at McAllister combine this salt with Hawaiian Sandalwood or Myrrh (the choice is yours!) to create an unmatched salt scrub that leaves skin naturally smooth and refreshed while these essential oils enhance circulation and elevate mood and promote a deep sense of relaxation.

And like our Classic treatment, we remove your existing polish, groom and oil your cuticles, shape and buff your nails and finish with the application of your favorite nail lacquer. In between, we pamper you with a gentle exfoliation, a relaxing massage of your forearms and hands and provide your hands with lavender paraffin before moving on to a relaxing massage of your calves and feet and finishing your pedicure with your choice of paraffin or callus removal.

  • The Ultimate Manicure $40
  • The Ultimate Pedicure $55
  • The Ultimate Combination $89
  • Gelish Polish Upgrade $20

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SNS Nails - Gelous Color

Move over Shellac...there's a new, healthier trend in manicures that has taken the beauty salon industry by storm! This two-step process known as SNS (short for Signature Nail Systems) is a nail dipping system that uses a gel base brushed on to the nail, which is then dipped in one of dozens of colored powders.

Everything from a natural pink and white set to bright and funky colors are available. The colored powders contain organically-processed ingredients that will not damage your natural nails, are remarkably durable, appear much thinner than traditional gel nails, and - best of all - it doesn't require a UV light to cure a polish or gel base.

  • The SNS Manicure $49
  • SNS Removal $5

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Minx Nails

Looking for something different? Minx Nails is the latest trend among celebrities and a glamorous way for women to extend fashion to their very fingertips. Minx is made with flexible film strips that come in shiny foils, metallic colors, photo-quality designs and practically any color you can think of!  Minx is applied using only heat during the application process.

And unlike toxic nail polish, no chemicals are used during application or removal.  What's truly remarkable is Minx Nails last for days, never chip, never smudge, repair cracks, applies quickly and has no drying time!

  • Minx Manicure $59
  • Minx Pedicure $79
  • Minx Combination $129
  • Minx Application, Per Nail $7

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Nail Enhancements

Use of natural nail overlays allows your nails to grow, prevent damage and maintain a beautiful look. Let our experienced and expertly-trained nail technicians recommend the overlay that fits your lifestyle, occupation and desired look.  McAllister Spa uses a variety of traditional gel sculpting brands so that we have the tools to create the exact look you seek.

Note: Due to serious health concerns we have regarding the use of acrylics and the processes required to prepare, maintain and remove, we no longer use acrylic powders.

  • Traditional Gel Full Set $69
  • Traditional Gel Fills $49
  • Pink & White Traditional Gel Full Set $79
  • Pink & White Traditional Gel Fills $59
  • Gelish! Polish Upgrade $20
  • Nail Art $4 (Intricate or 3-D Designs Vary $5-$10)
  • Nail Repair $7
  • IBD Gel Sealant Add-on $5
  • Artificial Nail Removal from Hands/Feet with New Set $15/$20
  • Artificial Nail Removal from Hands/Feet without New Set $20/$25

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Additional Nail Services

Additional services from our Miami Beach nail bar.

  • French Polish Add-on $5
  • Nail Repair $7
  • Paraffin Treatment $10
  • Callus Removal $10
  • 15-minute Extended Massage Session $15
  • 15-minute Reflexology Session $30

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