Goldwell Hair Color

Professional stylists & hair colorists have thousands of color lines to choose from, and for over 60 years, hair stylists in more than 40 countries around the world have chosen to forge exclusive partnerships with Goldwell.

goldwell kerasilk treatment

Over the years, Goldwell has developed technologies, processes and products that have empowered salon professionals to exceed the expectations of salon clients.

McAllister Spa has built an incredible relationship with Goldwell over the years and is proud to be an exclusively Goldwell color salon, with a full complement of coloring options, including:

  • TopChic
  • Nectaya
  • Colorance
  • Elumen
  • Oxycur
  • SilkLift and the New Blonde Series

Goldwell TopChic

The TopChic series delivers a wide range of colors – from cool and classic shades to intense and and patented and rapidly expanding Elumenated Naturals color collection. TopChic is known to provide unmatched gray hair coverage and evenness in color application from regrowth to the ends.

TopChic is also renowned for its unparalleled gentleness on the hair without sacrificing incredible durability, lasting wash after wash and week after week.

Goldwell Nectaya

The Nectaya series is the first-ever permanent hair color that replenishes lost lipid molecules within the hair.  It is the result of over 6 years of research resulting in 7 pending patents and McAllister Spa has embraced the full line.

Nectaya is 91% organic and ammonia-free – without compromising up to 100% gray coverage and is capable up to 3 levels of color life.  The end result is noticeably softer and healthier hair after color application.

Goldwell Colorance

The Colorance series sports a dynamic demi-permanent color process that actually repairs hair as it enhances natural color.  It refreshes colored bases and provides up to 50% gray coverage using a Goldwell-patented IntraLipid technology.

It’s a very popular choice for McAllister stylists looking to alter the color without the the consequence of permanent color.

Goldwell Elumen

The Elumen series achieves vivid and memorable physical color with long-lasting results that don’t fade away quickly as commonly found in other oxidative permanent hair color lines. It is ammonia-free and non-oxidative and leaves the hair incredibly shiny. Elumen is ideal for McAllister’s clients who seek dramatically bold hair color.

Goldwell Kerasilk Control Series

Goldwell introduced the first customizable Keratin smoothing treatment and McAllister Spa was the first Miami Beach salon to offer this incredible service. This treatment leaves the hair as smooth as silk for up to 5 months.  It also reduces your daily styling time significantly.

Kerasilk smoothing treatment is also the first to incorporate the use of Glyoxylic acid in a  groundbreaking new formulation that transforms unmanageable and damaged hair. The ingredients used are also formaldehyde-free.

The Kerashape technology penetrates the hair structure and creates a matrix of new keratin bonds that reinforce and stabilize hair for months at a time.

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