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Miami Beach Massage Services


Once you step inside of our luxury massage room in Miami Beach, you will the understand the true meaning of relaxation. From the moment you arrive until you time you leave, our licensed massage therapists will make sure that you receive all pampering you need.

McAllister Spa is the only day spa concept in Miami Beach where the treatment rooms are spacious and include a full shower – perfect for washing away the day’s stress prior to your massage session or to rinse away any excesses in organic soy oil or fractionated coconut oil. Either way, you will leave refreshed and reinvigorated.

Miami Beach is considered a melting pot of cultures and our massage offerings reflect that fact with our award winning treatments like the Moroccan Oil Body Ritual and our Thai Massage.

Take a look at all of our advanced massage techniques and book your next service at McAllister Spa in Miami Beach.

Swedish Massage

A traditional massage that seeks to promote relaxation, enhance circulation and ease tension throughout the body through the use of gentle pressure.

The massage may incorporate effleurage, kneading, friction or stretching, depending upon your needs.

  • The 30-Minute Swedish $89
  • The 60-Minute Swedish $119
  • The 90-Minute Swedish $159
  • The 120-Minute Swedish $199
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The sense of smell is the most primitive of senses. It is directly connected to the limbic system, from which emotions and memories originate.

Our massage therapists will take the time to personalize your sensory journey that will either leave you either energized and refreshed or at peace and balanced- the choice is yours.

  • The 75-Minute Sensory Experience $149
  • The 105-Minute Sensory Journey $179
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Deep Tissue Massage

A type of massage that aims to reduce tension and stress at the deeper tissues and structures of muscle and fascia through the slower application of deep pressure, especially in and around areas of tension and pain.

  • The 30-Minute Deep Tissue $99
  • The 60-Minute Deep Tissue $129
  • The 90-Minute Deep Tissue $169
  • The 120-Minute Deep Tissue $209
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Hot Stone Therapy

Experience a deep sense of warmth and relaxation through the use of basalt polished over time by river currents.

Our therapists warm these iron-rich stones and utilize their heat to help tense muscles relax, allowing massage therapists to manipulate your muscles more effectively.

Hot stone therapy is especially effective at reducing muscular tension, relieving pain and improving circulation.

  • The 60-Minute Hot Stone Massage $139
  • The 90-Minute Hot Stone Massage $179
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Sports – Specific Massage

Athletes, whether weekend warriors or world-class competitors, can derive significant health and performance benefits from regular sports-specific massage sessions.

Sports-specific massage is a form of massage therapy that helps athletes recover from or avoid sports-related injuries, and typically utilizes more vigorous forms of massage to facilitate muscle healing or relaxation in specific areas.

Sports massage therapy should be performed before and especially after a competition to prevent injuries and loss of mobility and to maximize the longevity of your sporting career.

Sports-specific massages improve blood flow and nutrient delivery to your muscles, efficiently clear harmful metabolic byproducts, effectively reduce tension in your fascia, reduction of scar tissue formation, improve tissue elasticity and in your tissue’s ability to absorb nutrients.

It can also reduce stress experienced in and around your joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

  • The 30-Minute Tune-up $99
  • The 60-Minute Overhaul $149
  • The 90-Minute Reconstruction $189
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Prenatal Massage

As your pregnancy advances, your growing belly can place extra stress on your muscles and impede normal circulation.

Our unique approach is designed to address your pregnancy needs and any aches and pains that may accompany it- with special attention to areas such as your lower back, buttocks and hips.

By gently manipulating your skin through slow, kneading movements, our therapists will work to relieve stress and soothe sore muscles. Note: Expectant mother must be at least 20 weeks.

  • The 60-Minute Prenatal Massage $119
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An ancient practice first noted in hieroglyphic references in a physician’s tomb at Saqqara in ancient Egypt, reflexology is an alternative health treatment that utilizes and encourages the body’s natural capacity to heal itself, by applying pressure to specific points on the feet, hands and ears called reflex points.

Reflexology treatments are administered by applying direct physical pressure to the reflex points of the hands and feet with either finger, thumb or hand techniques.

No oils or lotions are required in the treatment. Reflex points that exhibit blockages in energy flow normally feel bruised at best and painful at worst.

Stimulating these reflexes properly can help many health problems in a natural way.

  • The 45 Minute Reflexology Session $129
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Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is rooted in ancient, holistic Oriental practices and blended with an 18th-century understanding of Western medicine. It looks beyond accu-pressure principles to incorporate stretching, regulation of breathing patterns and the use of natural body movements to help restore Chi, or energy balance.

Chi is believed to be a free-flowing energy within the body, responsible for mediating physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. When Chi is diverted, blocked, rushed or slowed, this energy disruption is believed to cause psychological and physical health issues.

After an assessment of your condition, your therapist will gently and firmly apply pressure using fingers, knuckles, thumbs, palms, or elbows, stretching and rotating your body while guiding deep breathing to restore a more natural energy flow, inducing a deep feeling of centered relaxation.

  • The 60-minute Shiatsu Massage $139
  • The 90-minute Shiatsu Massage $179
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Thai Massage

Ever wish you could relax through the art of yoga without all the effort? Guided by Buddhist teachings accumulated over the millennia, let our therapists do the work for you.

These 60-minute & 90-minute Thai sessions guide you through stretching movements and utilize methods of compression to lessen soreness and gradually lengthen tight muscles.

We consider these sessions essential to help restore a natural balance and alignment to your active body. These sessions are performed on our tables rather than traditional Thai mats. Loose-fitted clothing is recommended.

  • The 60-minute Thai Session $139
  • The 90-minute Thai Session $179
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The highly experienced massage therapists here at McAllister Spa in Miami Beach will make sure that this is an experience you will soon not forget.