January is here and it’s time to make some changes. It’s time to get rid of last year’s polish and transform your nails into something new to match the new you. Also, what better way to start the New Year than with a fresh manicure that reflects how you’ve changed?

I know you’re excited, but before you jump right into a new manicure, there’s some things to consider. While there are plenty of nail salons in Miami Beach, not all of them have your best interests in mind. Whether it’s the cleanliness of their salon or their accessibility, you should think about certain aspects first. Here are four things you should know before your next manicure to ensure it goes as perfectly as you want 2020 to!

1. How do you communicate with the salon?

It can be a bit overwhelming to choose between all the nail salons available. How can you know which one will provide the manicure you want? Fortunately, here at McAllister Spa, we aim to be as accessible as possible. We understand that prior communication is essential to making sure you get the perfect manicure!

Clients can text, call, or email us to make an appointment and discuss their nail goals. McAllister Spa appointments have two options: You can set it up in person and go visit our salon or do an online appointment.

These online consultations are an innovative feature we’ve implemented at our salon with your comfort in mind. Gone are the days when you had to drive down to the salon to discuss with the stylists, before realizing you weren’t interested anymore! Fortunately, you can stop wasting time travelling for consultations. Now, you can decide if you want to work with us or not without ever leaving your home! These consultations can occur over live-streaming video, which can be on FaceTime, Periscope, etc.

Through either appointment option, we can discuss your visions for your manicure and the best way to get it done. We are readily available to you through many different communication options. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a quick consultation!

2. How is the salon’s sterilization?

Sterilization is an important aspect to salons, one that maybe some nail salons in Miami Beach might overlook. You never know how many clients have passed by that same salon, sat in that chair, and had their nails done with the same tools currently being used on you. Sterilization ensures a safe, professional environment for you and your health.

At McAllister Spa, we consider tool sterilization to be of utmost importance. We know you deserve hygienic tools during each of our services and work hard to provide that. Our nail technicians use a research-grade autoclave to sterilize all of our tools. These autoclave pouches are commonly used in dental offices to fight any possible contamination before and after use. These pouches have a dual process indicator, allowing us to know when the correct sterilization temperature has been reached. Thanks to these internal and external indicators, we can make sure the sterilization process is done correctly for ultimate cleanliness.

Not only do we ensure that our tools are always 100% sanitized before coming into contact with your body, but our nail technicians also wear nitrile gloves during nail services. We combat contamination along every step of the way to provide a pleasant manicure experience for all of our clients.

3. How clean is the salon?

A clean environment is necessary for good hygiene, which is crucial for any nail salon. During nail services, it’s super important to provide the cleanest environment possible for clients, making sure to sanitize every tool between each one to achieve it.

McAllister Spa’s number-one priority is allowing you to have the perfect salon experience. A sterilized environment is essential for this and we take the appropriate steps to provide healthy services.

Our pedicure basins are pipeless and sanitized after each use, which means your feet will be touching a sterilized basin during every pedicure. To further ensure cleanliness, our nail technicians sanitize each pedicure tool between clients to avoid cross-contamination.

For manicures, our tables are stainless steel, providing the cleanest surface possible. They are sanitized between each client, as well as each manicure tool. All containers on the manicure tables are made from stainless steel or scientific-grade amber glass vessels, each chosen with the intent to keep your environment sanitary.

The floors at McAllister Spa are mopped each evening with hospital-grade disinfectants to eliminate any bacteria that might come in to such a delicate space. Your nails deserve nothing less than perfect hygiene and we aim to provide a healthy, safe environment to allow that.

4. What chemicals are they using on you?

Every nail salon has its own way of working, which means each one uses different products on your nails. While some nail salons in Miami Beach are perfectly fine with using harsh chemicals that might damage your nails, the nail technicians at McAllister Spa look for healthier alternatives. We save the harsh chemicals for our work environment to ensure a germ-free salon, but believe our clients deserve a more gentle treatment with our nail services.

Our most popular service, the Classic 2.0, is a manicure and pedicure service that comes with a customized salt scrub just for you. This salt scrub mixes dually-certified, 100% pure essential oils (Oregon-Tilth & USDA) with six naturally harvested salts from all around the world. This natural salt scrub will be gentle on your skin, as opposed to other rougher scrubs you might find in other nail salons.

After this scrub, the nail technicians will groom and oil your cuticles exclusively with organic 100% fractionated coconut oil, as well as shape and buff your nails. To top it all off, the nail technicians will finish with an application of your favorite Essie or OPI nail lacquer. If you want a different manicure service, check out each option we have to offer. Every service uses natural, gentle products to ensure your nails remain healthy and you stay happy with your nail salon experience.