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Blow Dry Bar Miami Beach – We’ll Blow You So Hard You’ll SMILE!

Get a Week’s Worth of Glam Out of Your $60 Style With These 5 Simple Steps

For Miami women, having perfectly-styled strands is a must, but who has the time (or expertise) to coif their own ”˜do to perfection week after week? While a weekly styling session may sound like an expensive endeavour, your wallet will only take a hit if you’re frequenting the wrong salons. For a blowout on a budget, look no further than McAllister Spa’s StyleLab, featuring $60 blowouts with the team’s star New Talent stylists. With proper care and a few easy hair hacks, it’s simple to make your style last all week.

Follow this timeline to keep your tresses in check:

Day 1 

Bask in all of your beautiful blowout glory following your visit to the best Miami Beach blow-dry bar. Avoid touching your perfectly-styled strands to prevent premature oil production at the scalp. Swap a traditional cotton pillowcase for a satin alternative to reduce friction known to rough up the hair and cause your style to slip out of place.

Day 2 

Your hair is still pretty clean. No need to do much! If your ”˜do looks a little flatter than you’d like, switch up your part to instantly breathe new life into your locks.

Day 3

By day three, hair will inevitably start looking a little limp. Hold off on the dry shampoo until absolutely necessary as it can create a matte effect and prematurely stifle your shiny strands. Instead, revive roots with a volumizing styling spray. Brittney Scott, our super-popular New Talent Stylist, suggests KMS California’s AddVolume Volumizing Hair Spray (available at McAllister Spa, of course) supports hair at the base for extra lift, style support and fullness.

Day 4

You’re starting to look like you’ve got a serious case of bedhead – and not the sexy kind. It’s time to break out the dry shampoo fast. New Talent phenom – Victoria Aigbogun – recommends Kevin Murphy‘s Fresh.Hair dry shampoo for just these days. In a very important effort to not overdo it on the product, remember the rule of three. Gather hair into three inch sections and holding the dry shampoo can three inches from the scalp, lightly mist the roots to soak up any excess oil. For extra volume, flip hair over and blast the underside with a blow dryer for 30 seconds.

Day 5

It’s time to attempt that Pinterest hairline braid you’ve been dying to try. Embrace your imperfect ”˜do and spritz strands with a sea salt spray for beachy, pieces separation (Client fave Jason Troy in the StyleLab recommends reaching for Kevin.Murphy‘s Hair Resort oil free hair texturiser or it’s sister spray). Create a deep side part above the opposite ear and begin French braiding across the hairline, stopping just above the opposite ear. Secure with an elastic and pin tail into place, tucked under the rest of your hair.

Time to treat yourself to a little blowout bliss at McAllister Spa’s StyleLab.  Click here to see McAllister blow-dry bar menu or request an appointment online here or schedule a live stream consultation here.