Hairdressers vs Hairstylists: What’s the Difference?

Hairdressers vs Hairstylists: What’s the Difference?

For some of you, certain beauty terms and definitions can be confusing. We can’t even blame you when we see so many professionals making the same mistakes! Luckily, we are here to help educate you. One topic we want to tackle is the difference between a hairdresser and a hairstylist. Now, we know you might be thinking, “Wait a minute, aren’t those the exact same thing?” Don’t feel bad, it’s a problem even industry professionals run into! If some hair salons don’t know the difference, how can we expect you to?

The truth is, despite being used interchangeably, hairdressers and hairstylists are NOT the same profession at all! Just because they both work with hair, doesn’t mean they can both do the same thing. Not only do they each have their own professional training, but they do completely different types of work and even handle different tools during it! For example, someone can know how to cut hair perfectly, but that doesn’t mean they automatically know how to create a perfect up-do! Don’t worry, once you’re done reading, you’ll understand why it’s important to differentiate the two.


Hairdressers are in charge of processing and hair cuts, which means washing your hair, cutting your hair, applying chemical treatments and adding hair extensions. This is who you want to go to when you feel like changing up your look permanently, not just for one special event. Due to this permanent change to your hair, hairdressers might even require cosmetology licenses in some places, which can take up to two years to achieve.

At the bare minimum, they need specialized training for their profession, certificates on how to use their special products and equipment and different requirements depending on what they specialize in. You will likely find them in salons, because they use a lot of equipment and products that aren’t easily portable!


Meanwhile, hairstylists do exactly what their name states: style your hair! Styling hair means learning how to design hair and change up its look by creating curls, waves and volume, all without actually cutting or processing the hair. This is the person you want to go to when you need an up-do for a wedding, beautiful curls for prom or even fancy waves for professional events.

Hairstylists do not require a license to work, because they aren’t creating permanent changes in your hair. They will style it to create illusions of change in your hair, but at the end of the day, unlike a hairdresser, you can wash out any temporary changes. You will likely find them at special events such as a wedding, moving from one client to the next to create beautiful hairstyles on each one.

Not every hairdresser can style hair and not every hairstylist can do a hairdresser’s job… Which is why sometimes you might go to a hair salon and you’ll get passed from one person to another during different stages of the process. However, one person can receive professional training to do both, so they can wash, cut, process your hair, and then style it! Both of these professions require experience, creativity and hard work.

Hairstylists aren’t completely different from hairdressers, though. While they do different types of work, their skills can even be quite similar! For example, they are both handling your hair, which means both professions need to understand how to protect your hair from damage as much as they can. Whether it’s damage due to heat or chemicals, they want to keep your hair looking as shiny and healthy as possible.

Another skill they share is understanding the relation between hair types, hair styles and face shapes. The hairdresser will make sure to give you a cut that is perfect for your face shape, but also viable with your lifestyle. They will try to give you a hair cut that will suit every aspect of you. Meanwhile, the hairstylist does the same will styling your hair! They will ensure that your hairstyle looks good with your hair type, adding and reducing volume where needed and even creating waves and curls if you desire. For both of them, the most important thing is keeping the client satisfied!

Mark Holloway

Today, we want to highlight one of McAllister Spa’s massively talented hairstylists: Mark Holloway! If you’ve come to our hair salon in Miami Beach in the past, you might have even worked with him before and know how much he deserves this highlight! He is our creative director with decades of amazing industry experience. What first started as fun in his family’s salon in Los Angeles, quickly turned into a full-blown passion for hair and makeup that has lasted until this day!

After beginning his career in 1987, his work has graced fashion events and red carpet premieres the world over. His work has been in prestigious ad campaigns and editorial tear sheets, which means we are lucky to work alongside him at McAllister Spa! He can do wonders for your hair cut, hair color, makeup and more. However, he is most passionate about corrective color, Goldwell hair products, the use of Olaplex, as well as makeup and eyebrow threading.

If you’d like to work with him, consult him or simply ask him a question, don’t hesitate to contact him through email. He will gladly work with you to achieve your hair goals, applying his decades of professional experience to make your dream hair a reality.

Now that you know the difference between hairdressers and hairstylists, you can come to our hair salon in Miami Beach and choose your own stylist! While today we have recommended Mark Holloway, each of our stylists has experience and is wonderfully talented. Whether you want to work with Mark or any of our brilliant stylists, we have made booking an appointment super easy.

You can text, call or email us for a consultation, while working with our stylists to decide on the perfect hairstyle for you. Our McAllister hairstylists will be happy to make your dream hairstyle come true! Book an appointment today.


Dreisy Reyes is Miami Beach’s Best Hair Extensions Stylist

Dreisy Reyes is Miami Beach’s Best Hair Extensions Stylist

Miami: Voted best hair extensions in Miami Beach! McAllister Spa – where South Beach locals go for Miami hair-extensions, color and clip-in hair-extensions and the best service possible.

What are Hair Extensions?

So you asked us and we have Miami Beach’s best hair extensions stylist answering! While there are many types of hair extensions, the overall purpose is to add length and thickness to the hair. Hair extensions can be taped, glued, bonded, clipped, or microlinked to your natural hair. The difference between a wig and a hair extension is that a wig is placed on top of the entire head, while extensions lay on the hair roots. You must have some hair in order to have extensions, usually at least 3-4 inches.

Many people assume that all hair extensions are for adding length to a shorter cut. And while many people choose extensions for a longer look, some women with thin hair choose extensions with the same length as their natural hair to add  volume for a thicker, healthier-looking mane for those legendary nights along Lincoln Road. Because there are so many choices to suit your particular hair goals, chatting it up with Dreisy at McAllister Spa is usually best.

best miami beach hair extensions salon near me

When you are contemplating the best hair extensions near me in South Beach, there is only one place you should consider, and that is McAllister Spa Miami Beach.

What Type of Hair Extensions is Best for My Miami Beach Lifestyle?

Everybody wants great hair in Miami’s South Beach. Shine, volume, and the perfect color each go into the ‘do, but if you want longer hair, more hair, or add a pop of dimensional color, hair extensions might be for you. If you’ve never heard of extensions or just want to learn more about the different types (not all hair extensions are created equal), keep reading! McAllister Spa is one of Miami Beach’s best hair salons and they have you covered. And there’s no one better hair stylist at McAllister Spa than Dreisy Reyes.

Which is Better for Miami Beach’s Heat & Humidity – Synthetic vs. Natural Hair Extensions?

Synthetic hair is made out of plastic. It is shinier than natural hair (meaning that it is often obvious that it’s fake hair), tangles easily, cannot be dyed, and is near impossible to style. However, synthetic hair is much cheaper than genuine human hair, which is why some women opt for it in their extensions. Natural hair has normal levels of shine, doesn’t tangle as much, can be dyed, and is easily styled, but it is in a much higher price range than synthetic hair. Is it worth it? Yes. Synthetic hair cannot be styled because the plastic is formed in a permanent manner. Additionally, attempting to use a curling iron, for example, will result in a melted clump, ruining the hair and potentially your heat tool.

What are Clip-on Hair Extensions & Which Are Best to Wear in Miami Beach?

Clip-ons are the most popular type of hair extension. They are reusable, easily clipped in, and easily removed, making them popular with people who do their hair at home. Clip-ons add length, volume, and potentially a pop of color to a head with minimal effort. However, the downside is that they are not at all permanent and must be removed before going to sleep. Additionally, some people find the clips bulky, and it is challenging to complete up-dos unless you are a professional. If taken care of correctly, clip-ons can last you upwards of 6 months.

Tape-in Hair Extensions


McAllister Spa is where Miami Beach locals go for hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are an effortless way to add (and remove) length and volume any time you want. It’s a perfect accessory for the fabulous and sexy South Beach lifestyle.

Tape-ins are another popular version of hair extensions. And McAllister Spa has all the best brands of tape extensions – from Bellami to Glam Seamless and from Hotheads to HairTalk. This type of hair extensions is placed similarly to clip-ons, but a professional like our very own Dreisy uses a heat-activated tape-looking glue that is stuck to the natural hair. Tape-ins are less heavy than clips and are more accessible to style. They are also semi-permanent.

The principal thing you have to watch out for is to ensure you’re not stripping the glue with hair products; you should use special shampoos and conditioners designed for extensions. Tape-in hair extensions will typically last you around 4-8 weeks, but it depends on how quickly your hair grows and how careful you are with the glue. Glue remover is used to take off the extensions, and if they are still in good condition, they can be reglued closer to the roots.

Bonded Hair Extensions

A favorite at Miami Beach’s favorite hair extensions salon are fusion/bonded/keratin extensions. They are perhaps the most natural-looking of all varieties of extension. Small hair bundles are glued via heat-activation to strands of your natural hair in discrete areas around your head. While this method might look the best, it’s also the most damaging to your natural hair and may cause hair loss, breakage, scalp irritation, or heat damage. Once you start with these extensions, you won’t want to stop.

Bonded extensions are probably the easiest to manage because you don’t have to do anything special with them. Unlike the other methods, you can style and wash your hair as usual. They also last longer, about 2-3 months, without needing to be removed and rebonded closer to the roots. And McAllister Spa works with quality brands like Cinderella Hair Extensions.

Microlink Hair Extensions

Dreisy is a big advocate for maintaining healthy hair, and sometimes a healthier alternative to bonded extensions are microlink hair extensions. Tiny strands of your natural hair are pushed through a small silicone bead with the extension. The bead is then crimped to your hair without glue or heat, making them much less damaging than microlink hair extensions. Just like bonded extensions, microlinks can be styled and washed like normal. However, you must be careful not to accidentally rip the links out with a brush or hands. These extensions will last you around 2-3 months before being uncrimped and moved up to the roots.

Weaves & Sew-in Wefts


When you are in Miami Beach and you contemplate “where can I get hair extensions near me” – there’s just one answer – McAllister Spa.

Technically, weaves and hair extensions are different things, but the terms are often used interchangeably. Weaves are often used for 4C and other coily hair types but can be done on anybody. The natural hair is first braided into cornrows. Then, the weave is sewn into the braids. Sew-in weft hair extensions are a variety of weave, except only one braid is made under the bulk of the hair.

The weave is sewn into the braid, leaving no trace of a tiny braid. This hair isn’t damaging since there isn’t any heat, glue, or other chemicals. With a sew-in weft, you can care for your hair as normal. Full weaves, however, are a little more complicated, and caring for them depends on the texture of your weave and natural hair. The weft extensions will last around 6-8 weeks before needing to be moved closer to the roots

Where Can I Get Hair Extensions Near Me in Miami Beach?

If you’re in the South Beach area, you’re in luck! McAllister Spa provides top-of-the-line extension installations and hair. You can learn more about our specific extension services by viewing our hair services. We’ll even give you a free consultation with all your options. If you’re on the market for a complete makeover, McAllister Spa is the place for you in Miami Beach. We have hair, massage, nail, skincare, waxing, tanning, eyelash, eyebrow, and more services available. So go to our homepage and check us out! We’d love to see you.

Who is Miami Beach’s Best Hair Extensions Stylist?

And before you book, take a moment to appreciate Dreisy Reyes’ amazing artistry as she places hair extensions of all sorts in the recent images posted on our Instagram. Her work is nothing short of absolute perfection in our. When it’s time for an appointment with Dreisy, send us a text at 305-604-0550. If you would like to schedule a virtual consult via Facetime, particularly during COVID, send us an email by clicking this link and she will reach out ASAP.

How To Keep Hair From Frizzing in Florida

How To Keep Hair From Frizzing in Florida

How to Control Hair From Frizzing in Florida and Miami Beach!

  • 1. Shampoo Less Often
  • 2. Use Quality Conditioner More
  • 3. Leave Good Treatment in Over-Night?
  • 4. Less Heat (Irons & Blow Dry) & More Healing
  • 5. Protect Hair With Quality Products

While we all love summer, the season is home to a myriad of beauty challenges we often struggle to overcome. Between unsightly tan lines, painful sunburns, and enough bug bites to make a girl go insane, perhaps the most daunting challenge during the muggy months is fighting off frizzy hair.

Not to worry. With a bit of preplanning and strategic beauty routine swaps, it is possible to tame a misbehaving and frizzy mane.

We’ve tapped our top talent for their simple solutions for taming tresses in the South Florida humidity:

Spring For a Goldwell Kerasilk Treatment

Kick off the summer with smoother, more manageable strands by treating yourself to a Goldwell Kerasilk treatment. The miracle, two-component system redefines traditional keratin treatments, by making them suitable for all textures. Gone are the days of one uniform look. From curly to pin straight, depending on the way your stylist builds the formula, Kerasilk can be used to make your everyday style a little less frizzy. Best of all, the treatment lasts up to five months – enough to get you through summer and then some!

Hair Treatment

Sport a Humidity-Friendly Style

Braids are your new best friend and the secret weapon for fending off frizz. Avoid flyaways by securing your style with a touch of flexible hold wax (nobody likes hairline frizzies). DIY with one of the many YouTube tutorials out there, or (better yet) leave it to the professionals and drop by McAllister Spa’s StyleLab for a quick and simply hair braid for a budget-friendly $25 style.

hair braid

Embrace Your Natural Hair Texture

Try working with your natural hair texture, not against it. Since hair has natural memory, you can blow, curl, and straighten ”˜till the end of time, but your style will immediately revert to its natural texture the moment it’s exposed to humidity. Save yourself time and a huge headache by going au naturale. For a chic, beachy style, spritz damp strands with a salt spray (try Kevin.Murphy HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY), divide hair into four sections, twist from root to end, and tie back into a low bun. Let hair loose once it’s dry to reveal effortless, South Beach-approved waves.

natural hair texture

Practice Good Technique

If you absolutely must blow dry your own hair (never recommended but we knows it’s inevitable sometimes), be sure to do so with proper technique. A good blowout starts with the right brush. Look for a round option with dense, natural, uneven bristles, which will provide enough tension on the hair to provide smooth end results. Pull hair taut with the brush and point the dryer down the hair shaft to avoid fluffing up the cuticle. Blast with cool air to set the style and spritz with a light hold hairspray (try Kevin.Murphy SESSION.SPRAY) to lock in your hard work.

What is Balayage, ombre, sombre… Huh?

What is Balayage, ombre, sombre… Huh?

We’ve all seen this hair trend where everyone seems to achieve this perfect blend of colors in their hair… And we’re sure more than a few of you have not only wondered how to get the same look, but also what it’s even called! After all, you could struggle to ask a hairstylist to give you a new hairstyle if you don’t even know the name of it. You might even think just showing a hairstylist a few pictures of what you want will suffice, but here at our Miami Beach Spa, we think knowing the name of what you’re doing to your hair is important. After all, you’re the one that will have to look at it every single day!

With so many trends and styles, it can be a little confusing to keep up with all the terms. Let us help you out with this… We’re going to explain the difference between balayage, ombre and sombre. Before you say it, no, they’re not the same thing. And definitely no, they’re not all just called highlights! It’s easy to put a broad term on all of these styles and say they’re simply highlights, but they’re not. Each one has its own specific style and look, which we are going to talk about below.

Before we get started on each definition, we’d like to highlight the owner of our spa in Miami Beach, William McAllister. Born and raised in Florida, he has a background in neurophysiology and business. Additionally, he’s the fire captain of one of the biggest fire departments in the country. This extensive background grants him the expertise to calmly manage any emergency, whether it’s a house fire or a hair disaster!

Following in his great-great-grandmother’s footsteps, he set out to offer a world-class service comparable to her McAllister Hotel. He redefined what a regular hair salon should look like, creating the one-of-a-kind McAllister Spa. By cultivating a homey environment with incredible services, he has built a hair salon with a professional reputation that Miami Beach is proud of.


Now, before you come experience this spa for yourself, you should know the name of the look you want! Let’s start with the term balayage. This might be the most common one you’ve seen, but you’re not completely sure what it is or even confuse it for other styles. This coloring technique means “to sweep” in French, which means the hairstylist will freehand sweep color over swatches of hair before covering it, allowing the dye to take effect. These swatches of hair do not start at the crown of your head, instead it can start a little below it or at the middle of your head. Due to this, it creates a more natural look for your hair, since there is not harsh contrast between one color and the other. Usually, you’ll need to bleach or lighten your hair to properly create the balayage look.

This hairstyle creates a casual look and works with many different hair colors, as well as looking good on long, medium or short hair. This is a great option for anyone that isn’t interested in doing too much maintenance on their hair. This technique doesn’t require regular touch-ups at the salon. Actually, growing out your hair adds to the gorgeous effect created by the technique! If you’re low maintenance but still want to jump on this hair color blend trend, balayage might be perfect for you! 


The next coloring technique we’re going to discuss is ombre! This hairstyle simply has an ombre of colors in your hair, which means you’ll see a gradient on your hair with the lightest color being at your ends. The balayage technique of freehand sweeping paint on your hair is used as well sometimes, to achieve that natural smooth gradient and avoid awkward harsh lines between colors. Due to this, this style looks best on curly or wavy hair. On completely straight hair, the gradient will be interrupted by bold contrasting lines of colors. After all, the smooth blend of colors gradually increasing in lightness is what ombre is all about!

Since the lightest part is at your ends, you probably only need to lighten the bottom half of your hair, depending on what color you’re going for. If it’s a natural color, there’s no need for too much bleaching. However, ombre is popular with some vibrant, wild colors, which would require all of your hair being bleached. This coloring technique requires more maintenance than balayage, since it’s easy to lose the color quickly. Vibrant colors get washed out much faster than natural colors, so keep that in mind when choosing yours! You will need to get touch-ups and get the color refreshed every once in a while, but a lot of the maintenance is on you as well! Choosing the right shampoo to maintain and refresh the color at home will be a lifesaver. You spent a lot of time and money getting this perfect hairstyle, don’t ruin it with a bad quality shampoo!


At last, we have a mix of our two first techniques: sombre. Subtle ombre, also called sombre, uses the balayage technique to create a more natural-looking ombre. Instead of using vibrant colors with a drastic gradient, sombre usually plays off of your natural haircolor and goes lighter, without making any intense changes. The hairstylist will start lightening swatches of hair starting mid-head, using the balayage technique. Sombre tries to create the illusion that your hair simply got lighter in the sun, as some of us like to call “sun-kissed hair”.

Sombre typically looks best with wavy or curly hair, but straight hair can also pull it off. The sombre effect will look great in any way, because it’s a more natural look than the previous options, providing a softer result. This is a low maintenance option, only needing to be retouched every few months. If you’d like, you can simply grow it out and cut off the ends to go back to your original color. 

Miami Beach Hair Stylists

Our hair salon offers the most talented stylists in all of Miami Beach. If you’re looking for balayage, ombre or sombre, one of our stylists can achieve that perfect result for your hair. Even if you’re still not sure which of the three you want to do, our hairstylists will use their years of experience to consult you on the best option for your hairstyle and color.

If you’re looking for a consultation to brainstorm hair ideas or an appointment at our hair salon in Miami Beach, reaching us has never been easier. Shoot us a text or an email, or even call us if you prefer! Our hairstylists will get in touch with you as soon as possible to start working towards your dream hairstyle. What are you waiting for? Book an appointment with us!

Balayage Miami Beach Ombre Sombre South Beach Hair Stylists

Balayage Miami & South Beach Experts – McAllister Prides itself in being voted best hair salon in Miami. Schedule a Free Consultation and talk to experts now.
Miami’s Best Blowouts Miami Miami Beach – South Beach FL

Miami’s Best Blowouts Miami Miami Beach – South Beach FL

Miami’s Best Blowouts Miami Miami Beach – South Beach FL

Are you looking for the Best? Check out our full menu of Blowout Specials!

  • Blow Dry Bar Miami
  • Blow Dry Bar Miami Beach
  • Blow Dry Bar South Beach
  • Blow Dry Miami
  • Dry Bar Miami
  • Blow Dry Bar South Miami
  • Blow Dry Miami Beach
  • Blow Dry Bar South Beach Miami
  • Dry Bar Miami Beach

Blow Dry Bar Miami

Blow Dry Bar Miami Beach – We’ll Blow You So Hard You’ll SMILE!

Get a Week’s Worth of Glam Out of Your $60 Style With These 5 Simple Steps

For Miami women, having perfectly-styled strands is a must, but who has the time (or expertise) to coif their own ”˜do to perfection week after week? While a weekly styling session may sound like an expensive endeavour, your wallet will only take a hit if you’re frequenting the wrong salons. For a blowout on a budget, look no further than McAllister Spa’s StyleLab, featuring $60 blowouts with the team’s star New Talent stylists. With proper care and a few easy hair hacks, it’s simple to make your style last all week.

Follow this timeline to keep your tresses in check:

Day 1 

Bask in all of your beautiful blowout glory following your visit to the best Miami Beach blow-dry bar. Avoid touching your perfectly-styled strands to prevent premature oil production at the scalp. Swap a traditional cotton pillowcase for a satin alternative to reduce friction known to rough up the hair and cause your style to slip out of place.

Day 2 

Your hair is still pretty clean. No need to do much! If your ”˜do looks a little flatter than you’d like, switch up your part to instantly breathe new life into your locks.

Day 3

By day three, hair will inevitably start looking a little limp. Hold off on the dry shampoo until absolutely necessary as it can create a matte effect and prematurely stifle your shiny strands. Instead, revive roots with a volumizing styling spray. Brittney Scott, our super-popular New Talent Stylist, suggests KMS California’s AddVolume Volumizing Hair Spray (available at McAllister Spa, of course) supports hair at the base for extra lift, style support and fullness.

Day 4

You’re starting to look like you’ve got a serious case of bedhead – and not the sexy kind. It’s time to break out the dry shampoo fast. New Talent phenom – Victoria Aigbogun – recommends Kevin Murphy‘s Fresh.Hair dry shampoo for just these days. In a very important effort to not overdo it on the product, remember the rule of three. Gather hair into three inch sections and holding the dry shampoo can three inches from the scalp, lightly mist the roots to soak up any excess oil. For extra volume, flip hair over and blast the underside with a blow dryer for 30 seconds.

Day 5

It’s time to attempt that Pinterest hairline braid you’ve been dying to try. Embrace your imperfect ”˜do and spritz strands with a sea salt spray for beachy, pieces separation (Client fave Jason Troy in the StyleLab recommends reaching for Kevin.Murphy‘s Hair Resort oil free hair texturiser or it’s sister spray). Create a deep side part above the opposite ear and begin French braiding across the hairline, stopping just above the opposite ear. Secure with an elastic and pin tail into place, tucked under the rest of your hair.

Time to treat yourself to a little blowout bliss at McAllister Spa’s StyleLab.  Click here to see McAllister blow-dry bar menu or request an appointment online here or schedule a live stream consultation here.

7 Spring Hot Hair Styles

7 Spring Hot Hair Styles

Birds are chirping, the days are getting longer, and it’s finally getting warmer… Could it be? We’re finally saying goodbye to dark, heavy winter days and saying hello to bright spring days. That’s right, spring is in the air!

The flowers are blooming at last, and maybe it’s time for you to bloom along with them! There’s no better way to greet a new season than by changing up your hairstyle. New season, new you, right?

Forget about whatever hairstyle you’ve had for this winter season, and let’s look into some new hairstyles for you to show off. If you feel like coming to our hair salon in Miami Beach, but aren’t sure what to get, don’t worry! Here are seven gorgeous hairstyles for you to show off this spring in 2020:

1.   Braided Top Knot

This unique hairstyle combines a French braid, a ponytail and a top knot all in one! This braided top knot can easily conceal greasy or messy, knotted hair. You start off with a French braid, making your hair look voluminous and abundant. Once the gorgeous braid is done, it’s brought up into a high ponytail to make sure it’s secure on your head. The high ponytail is then wrapped into a top knot, finishing the look with an elegant touch. This style is not only comfy and easy to do, but it provides special details to turn regular, boring top knots into a beautiful hairstyle.

2.   Floral Ponytail

This floral ponytail gives a common ponytail a new spring-inspired look. Giving your hair a floral touch will make you look perfectly in style for this new season. This hairstyle starts with a low ponytail, which will be braided down simply. Pull out the loops on only one side of the braid, making that side look fluffy and filled with volume. The braid will then be wrapped around itself to mimic a flower, tucking in the last bit and securing it with bobby pins. The loops you pulled out will be similar to petals, which can then be adjusted to create a gorgeous floral look.

3.   Asymmetrical Bobs

Asymmetrical bobs add a little twist to simple short hairstyles! This bob is short and uneven, with one side being longer than the other. This hairstyle is a classic, because it fits with many different hair types and facial structures. It can be worn wavy or blunt straight, with a fringe or even different colors in your hair. The most important thing here is to choose the right length to suit your face shape, but lucky for you, the stylists in our hair salon at Miami Beach can work with you to figure out just that! Asymmetrical bobs are easy to modify to fit you, leaving you with a new, manageable hairstyle to keep you fresh this spring season!

4.   Haze Glazing

If you’re truly tired of the cool winter tones, haze glazing might be the best hairstyle for you right now! Haze glazing gives your hair a warm wash of color, illuminating it to make it seem sun-lit. Doesn’t that sound perfect for these long spring days? This hairstyle picks up on any lightened areas of your hair, in order to make the warm colors look as natural as possible. This new style is suitable for many different types of skin colors, so consult with our stylists to decide if it could be a good fit for you.

5.   The Money Piece

If you want to make your face pop, the Money Piece could be a great new look for you. It consists of contrasting lighter streaks of hair along your front hairline with the rest of your darker hair, creating a frame of blonde streaks for your face. The best part about this hairstyle is that it doesn’t require too much upkeep, since the soft highlights will grow out and look natural. These blonde streaks will bring warmth to your face, giving you an illuminated look.

6.   Blunt Collarbone Cut

Hairstyles that end at your collarbone tend to be a safe look for just about anybody, considering it fits any face shape! The base hairstyle will look great at that length, plus it can be styled in different ways to flatter your specific facial structure. This classic hairstyle is easy to do, simple to maintain and it’s hard to go wrong with it. While long enough to play around with it if you please, it makes sure to be short enough so that your hair doesn’t require much maintenance. It’s the perfect length for versatility, allowing you to decide what you want to do with it each morning. Make your life easier this spring season by choosing the blunt collarbone cut!

7.   Big Shoulder-Grazing Curls

If your curly hair is taking too long to style, your curls aren’t holding up well anymore or you’re just looking for a change, this might be the hairstyle you’ve been looking for. Cutting your curls up to your shoulders will make them healthier, giving your curls a more voluminous look. This hairstyle with big shoulder-grazing curls will leave your curls long enough to be held down by their own weight and avoiding frizz, but short so they still spring up beautifully. This is a great hairstyle for any curly-haired girl and will surely get you many compliments! If you’re looking for big shoulder-grazing curls, our stylists can do that for you.

While those are our seven picks for hairstyles this spring 2020, our stylists can help you come up with whichever style fits you best. If one of these beautiful styles caught your attention, you can book an appointment with us and get your look ready for spring.

However, if you have something else in mind, don’t hesitate to consult our stylists! Through text, call or email, we can decide on the best hairstyle for your face shape, color and comfort! No matter which style you decide on, the McAllister hairstylists will provide the best service to prepare you for the new season.