Goldwell Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment – the first customizable Keratin treatment – is now at McAllister Spa

Apr 16, 14 • hair2 Comments

As we all noticed this week, summer’s humidity has arrived. We all know what that means for hair!  It’s time to tame that unruly and frizzy hair or soften those curls before it all becomes unmanageable.

Goldwell Kerasilk Miami Beach

Goldwell introduced the first customizable Keratin treatment this month and McAllister Spa is the first Miami Beach salon to offer this incredible service.  This treatment will leave your hair feeling smooth like silk for up to 5 months.  It also reduces your daily styling time significantly!

Kerasilk smoothing treatment is also the first to incorporate the use of Glyoxylic acid- the  groundbreaking new formulation that transforms unmanageable and damaged hair.  These ingredients are also formaldehyde-free so they’ve taken the worry out of the treatment as well!

The Kerashape technology penetrates the hair structure and creates a matrix of new keratin bonds that reinforce and stabilize hair for months at a time.

Schedule a hair salon appointment today with a McAllister Spa to book your Kerasilk Keratin Smoothing treatment today.


william mcallister- owner of popular salon and spa in miami beach

More than a decade ago, William McAllister hatched an idea to disrupt the beauty salon industry in Miami Beach. He contemplated what salons once were in years gone by. He yearned to recapture their unique contributions to both personal beauty & community. In the past 10 years, he’s forever changed the industry, and according to him, he’s just getting started! He draws from a unique background – encompassing everything from neurophysiology, business to firefighting- and built South Beach’s busiest & most reviewed beauty concept in South Florida.

2 Responses to “Goldwell Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment – the first customizable Keratin treatment – is now at McAllister Spa”

  1. giovanna serpa says:

    I am interested in the kerasilk smoothing treatment. I have long wavy hair….I wanted to have an idea of the price range. Also, I will like to know if its better to do my highlights before of after the treatment.

  2. Hi Giovanna- It looks like this comment was missed when we first launched our revamped website. I hope you are loving Goldwell’s Kerasilk treatment. Right now is the PERFECT time to get one of if it’s been 4-5 months. With the summer heat and humidity at it’s highest, Kerasilk is definitely the quick fix that will carry all the way to the holiday season. You can request an appointment through and we will book you within 12 hours.

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