It’s summer time and while many salons welcome the “break” from the usual craziness, we here at McAllister Spa are too “Type A” for that.  We are staying busy with our many dedicated and loyal local clients that come back every few weeks like clockwork, but we are also making great use of of those few moments of spare time to grow, educate, teach and improve the quality of our services.  Over the next 6 weeks, many of our team members will be traveling to attend classes or to teach other stylists how to be incredible (just like us)!

Mark Holloway will be away, working as a national platform artist with Goldwell, August 1st – August 18th and again August 25th – September 7th.  Book ASAP since August first is around the corner and he will only be in the salon August 18 – August 22nd

Laura Bernal will be in other parts of Florida teaching Goldwell color classes and will return July 31st.