Are You Ready to Reach Your #BrowGoals?

It’s no secret that eyebrows can make or break your beauty look. From arched and feathered to straight and bold, brows are undeniably one of your face’s most defining features. If you’ve tried every pencil, powder, pigment, gel, and stencil and you’re not satisfied with the ones you have, microblading – a more permanent solution for sparse brows – may be just the thing for you. McAllister Spa is bringing the PhiBrow eyebrow embroidery technique to Miami Beach.

While a slew of celebs and beauty insiders including Olivia Palermo and Bella Hadid have brought the microblading craze to the limelight over the past year, the technique is far from new. Asian women have been indulging in this form of eyebrow artistry for hundreds of years and the technique has more recently gained a loyal following across Russia and Europe.

So, What is Microblading Exactly? Let Us Explain…

Offering a natural, undetectable fringe in stark contrast for the sharpie-esque aftereffects of brow tattooing of years past, microblading uses a special sterilized pen to manually deposit pigment under the superficial layers of the skin in individual, hair-like strokes to mimic the pattern of the eyebrows natural hairs. The results can last up to eighteen months with minimal maintenance.

How is Microblading Accomplished?

Prior to application, McAllister’s PhiBrow certified artists carefully calculate the shape of the eyebrow according to the “golden intersection” and face morphology to determine the look most complementary to each individual client’s facial structure. This process is conducted while the client’s eyes are closed to relax muscles that can affect the eyebrow’s symmetry. When a client has very few natural hairs, the artist will employ the PhiFusion technique, combining machine technique with manual application, to create the illusion of shadows and improve perceived volume.

Once the ideal eyebrow structure has been determined, McAllister’s PhiBrow professional will take to the PhiBrush with a custom mix of high-quality pigment to match each client’s skin and hair. Each artist undergoes intensive PhiBrow training and possesses a masterful knowledge of color theory to ensure a perfect shade every time.

You may be thinking this process sounds a bit painful, but think again! Before treatment begins, a McAllister’s brow guru will apply a topical liquid anesthetic to the area to minimize most discomfort.

Why is Microblading the Best Eyebrow Solution Around?

Perhaps microblading’s most appealing selling point, the process yields no down time, leaving you with instantly selfie-status brows. Immediately following microblading treatment, eyebrows will appear sharp and dark, but will fade over the first two weeks to a natural, makeup-free look. The treatment is low maintenance and minimal special care is required with the exception of a brief touch-up every now and again (this varies based on the skin’s oil production).

Long story short, whether you’ve got a little or a lot of hair, microblading can help you achieve your ultimate #BrowGoals in a matter of minutes.

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