It’s September and this coronavirus hasn’t yet gone away. We don’t know what that means for our kids, our friends, our job, our classes… All we know is that it’s time for us to start seeing people again, which means actually taking the time to work on our appearance! Now, what does this mean for our hair? Some of us have started cutting it alone at home, which may have lead to mixed results. Maybe you cut it and loved how it turned out, or maybe you instantly regretted everything and were glad people wouldn’t see it for a long time. We understand why some of you guys have taken some scissors to your hair and hacked it all off! Honestly, most of us have felt like we have no control over anything in these uncertain times. Jobs, school, outings, holidays… Nothing is set in stone anymore and we’ve all been cooped up at home. What’s one thing we do have control over, though? Our hair!

As a form of self-care and need to be in control, we start cutting our beautiful locks in some pretty unique ways. Hopefully, this has been a fun hobby to keep you entertained at home! Then, there are those of us who haven’t cut our hair at all since quarantine started! Our overgrown hair really needs a trim, or the roots need to be touched up, or we are simply just sick of having the exact same style as the beginning of the year. Let’s be real, this year has changed us more than we could have ever imagined. We definitely aren’t the same as we were back in January! So, why shouldn’t our hairstyle reflect that?

Here at McAllister Spa, we are ready to help you get back on track, despite the pandemic. We have opened for business, with many preventative measures set in place to keep our staff and our clients healthy. We are looking to keep everyone safe, while still taking care of their appearance. No need to ruin your hair at home, nor to keep looking in the mirror disheartened at your split ends. While staying at home keeps you physically safe, it’s important to keep you mentally healthy as well! Whether we realize it or not, our physical appearance affects our minds a lot. If you aren’t happy when you look at yourself, how are you going to get through this virus?

One great way to make sure our physical appearance is as great as can be is to start with our hair. It’s time for us to start treating our hair right again, and our McAllister hairstylists can help you with that. With our cleanliness standards through the roof, it is perfectly safe for you to come get a haircut with us. Book an appointment with us, leaving your worries (and dead ends!) on the floor and walking out of our salon like a brand-new person. The pandemic isn’t going to keep us from making sure you’re in style! We can turn your uneven layers cut by kitchen scissors into choppy fashionable layers! If you just went crazy on your hair, we can style it into a trendy asymmetrical bob. There’s also been a shaved head trend going on in the past few months, and we can even out the cut for you! If you shaved your hair at the beginning of quarantine, it’s most likely messily growing out now and we can turn it into a cute pixie cut. We’ve seen many people attempting to get bangs while at home, some a little better than others. With bangs being in style, we can give you beautiful baby bangs or gorgeous long ones to frame your face. Depending on your facial structure, we can go with a deep side-part and get you side-swept bangs!

With fall coming soon, you can go with burgundy hair, honey, chestnut, copper, or any other beautiful colors to match the season. If you don’t want to completely lose your hair color, any of the fall tones will look gorgeous as highlights, balayage or ombre. Our hair stylists are trained in all of these styles and can work with you to achieve the perfect balance between your hair and brown tones to match the leaves changing! If you need your roots touched up or if you want to get a whole new color, we can help you with that too. Of course, we’re sure you’ve seen the bright color trends lately! You could go with a completely new style and get bright red, hot pink, white, silver, or turquoise. In these crazy times, why not go crazy with your hair as well and have it match? And if you aren’t 100% sure of the color you are contemplating, check out our latest work on our Instagram.

If you’re not sure what you want to get yet, that’s perfectly fine. There’s many hairstyles out there, as well as different colors. Whenever you scroll through social media, you see someone else dying their hair at home or trying new layers… Maybe you’ve wanted to join them but don’t know how? We’re here for you in these difficult times! So, if you’re thinking “Where can I get a haircut near me?” Then look no further. You can text, call or email us for a consultation or book an appointment with us at McAllister Spa! Our hair stylists are just waiting to get started on your hair, giving you the perfect look you’ve been wanting all of quarantine! They’ll listen to your ideas and find the perfect haircut and color combo to make you smile any time you look in the mirror!