Fix It With Massage – South Beach Style

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Massage Near Miami Beach

The Hidden Health Benefits of Massage Therapy Massages are more than just occasional indulgences. Sure, they are staples while you relax while on vacation, but massage therapy is also a proven health and mood treatment found to remedy a host of chronic health problems, from blood pressure to PMS and everything in between. Take a moment to consider read these six additional hidden health benefits, which are bound to motivate you to…

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Make a Massage Part of Your Monthly Routine

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Health Benefits of South Miami Beach Massage

So often Breast Cancer Awareness overwhelms our health consciousness in October, but National Massage Therapy Awareness Week shouldn’t be ignored this October 23-29. Take a moment to listen to what your body is telling you. Is there a frustrating kink in the muscles of your neck that you just cannot massage away? Do you feel pain between your shoulder blades that you physically can’t reach no matter how you stretch? Is your…

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Massage 101: What Modality Is Right For Me?

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miami beach massage therapy

Read on to Get the Lowdown Before Your Next Rubdown With so many techniques and so little time, choosing the massage style to suit your needs can be a challenge. From stress-melting to tension-busting and everything in between, the art of massage therapy has long been revered for its ability to keep the body and mind at peak performance. Variations in pressure, technique, areas of focus and desired outcome set the various…

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Tape Extensions – Your Ticket to Kardashian-Worthy Hair

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hotheads hair extensions

Ever wonder how your favorite celebs mix up the color, style and length of their hair so frequently? It’s no magical, star-powered secret reserved for the elite – Hollywood’s leading ladies have hair extensions (and some fabulous stylists) to thank for their lengthy locks

Rehab your Summer Skin with A Facial

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Miami Beach Facials

Post-Summer Skin Rehab Between the sun, wind, chlorine, saltwater and endless hours in the sand, summer has likely left your skin in need of some serious TLC. We rounded up the best beauty fixes to tend to your biggest summer skin bummers. Fall, our facials will have us ready for you! Hyperpigmentation Hyperpigmentation occurs when UV rays kick melanin production into overdrive, resulting in dark spots on areas overexposed to the sun…

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McAllister is South Beach’s Biggest Hotheads Hair Extensions Salon

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South Beach Miami Hair Extensions Salon

Miami Beach’s Hair Extension Destination Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend obviously hasn’t experimented with hair extensions! The absolute best accessory, extensions allow you to test drive a new ‘do with little commitment. From long to short, short to long, and back again, extensions let you play with different colors, textures, or simply add some extra oompf to otherwise limp locks.  And now McAllister now stocks a wide variety of Hotheads…

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Scheduling with Mark Holloway

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Mark Hollway - Master Stylist

Where in the World has Mark Holloway been? It’s been a common question over the past few months regarding our Creative Director- Where is Mark?! Mark has been traveling much more frequently because of his relationship with Goldwell. When he isn’t starring in Goldwell Live Webcasts, he’s been teaching future Master Colorists and Stylists at the Goldwell/KMS academies in New York City and Santa Monica. You might even catch a snapshot of…

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Summer Hair Updos at McAllister

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Miami Beach Salon Hair Updo

Yulia’s Hair Styling Tips McAllister’s amazing stylist, Yulia Tyan, took a little time last week to give us a quick lesson on how to style a few eye-catching simple summer updos. These step-by-step instructions will help you create a fun summer hair style that suits you just perfectly. And as always, if it doesn’t quite work out like the pictures, Yulia is available Wednesday-Sunday to recreate these hairstyles (and many more) in…

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Stay Foxy, Not Frizzy This Summer

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Summer Hair Frizz

5 Simple Solutions for Keeping A Manageable Mane in Miami’s Humid Climate While we all love summer, the season is home to myriad of beauty challenges we often struggle to overcome. Between unsightly tan lines, painful sunburns and enough bug bites to make a girl go insane, perhaps the most daunting challenge during the muggy months is fighting off frizzy hair. Not to worry. With a bit of preplanning and strategic beauty…

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All-American Beauty – Ring In July 4th In Style With These Patriotic Beauty Hacks

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Hair Salon Highlights and Haircuts

All-American Beauty Ring In July 4th In Style With These Patriotic Beauty Hacks The Fourth of July is right around the corner – let the celebration begin! Between BBQs, pool parties and firework displays, there will be plenty of opportunities to show off your patriotic spirit by incorporating red, white, and blue into your beauty routine. Here’s a few of our favorite patriotic beauty looks to get festive for the Fourth without…

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