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WeWork has arrived in Miami Beach & We are looking forward to working with them

Jun 25, 15 • News2 Comments

  WeWork is the platform for creators and it provides physical work spaces and a litany of much-neededservices that entrepreneurs, small businesses and freelancers need to create a thriving business and their envisioned lifestyle. With weekly events, support and access to 25,000+ members around the world, WeWork is the place to grow your business in 2015 and beyond. WeWork is thrilled to join the vibrant Miami community and plans to open the doors of…

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Introducing the Dermalogica Summer Sun Facial at McAllister Spa

Jun 25, 15 • NewsNo Comments

McAllister Launches Dermalogica Après-Sun Skin Treatment Keeping your skin in shape during the ultimate bare-it-all season can be a struggle, especially in South Florida. Between bikinis, short shorts and strappy sundresses, even the most meticulous sunscreen-appliers will likely acquire an uncomfortable sunburn at some point this season. When overexposure strikes, soothe your skin with a customized Dermalogica Après-Sun skin treatment at McAllister Spa. As opposed to a facial, which Dermalogica classifies as…

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Prejuvenation to Rejuvenation with SkinCeuticals Metacell Renewal at McAllister Spa

Jun 4, 15 • NewsNo Comments
metacell-b3-skin rejuenvenation-miami-beach

Introducing Metacell Renewal B3 The sizzling South Florida summer is finally upon us. The sun is strong, the days are long and it’s the perfect opportunity to catch some quality, outdoor R&R and a great tan to match. While we would never infringe on the right to revel in all things sun-drenched, McAllister is committed to keeping South Florida’s radiant skin shining bright and thus, would like to introduce you to the…

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Live Streaming Consultations Now at McAllister Spa!

May 26, 15 • NewsNo Comments

Introducing Live Streaming Consultations! If you haven’t heard of Periscope and Meerkat yet, it’s time to hop on out from under that rock and prepare to be amazed. These brand new live-streaming video apps, which allows users to broadcast a real-time video feed to followers, is taking the social media world by storm. While early adopters are taking full advantage of the app to broadcast their personal day-to-day dealings, the tech-savvy team at McAllister Spa…

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Exclusive Vitamin Sea Facial Now at McAllister Spa, Formulated with SkinCeuticals

May 8, 15 • NewsNo Comments

It’s a Vitamin Infusion for Your Face! The Vitamin Sea clinical facial treatment is only offered at Miami Beach’s most beloved spas, McAllister Spa and is the “must-have” treatment for all skin types looking to jump start their skin care routine. This facial is meant to detoxify, rebalance, and heal all skin types with the use of SkinCeuticals scientifically tested ingredient formulations with the added benefit of botanical extracts and minerals. A…

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Book The First Customizable & Safe Keratin Treatment – Kerasilk at McAllister Spa

May 5, 15 • NewsNo Comments

Sleek – and Safe – Summer Strands Imagine: it’s a sweltering July afternoon in Miami at 97 degrees and 99 percent humidity; you’re baking in the sun on the sandy shores of South Beach; your skin is glistening as you earn your sultry, summer glow and your hair is soft, sleek, and totally fuzz-free. Fantasy? Not anymore thanks to our groundbreaking Goldwell Kerasilk keratin treatment. Once touted as a miracle treatment, keratin…

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Find your Best BLONDE in Time for Summer at McAllister Spa (Powered by Goldwell)

Apr 24, 15 • NewsNo Comments

The summer months are quickly approaching – ‘tis the season to switch up your hair color. Welcome in the warmer weather with a refreshing blonde hue to compliment your skin’s sunny, summer glow. Picking the perfect shade can be a challenge, but we’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation with these simple tips from McAllister Spa’s Creative Director and renowned Goldwell Master Colorist Mark Holloway. The key to successfully transitioning to…

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McAllister Stylist Destiny De La Paz Discusses Updos

Jan 30, 15 • NewsNo Comments
destiny_mcallister_spa_salon_best_stylist_miami_beach_alton_road_hair color_updo

Check out Destiny’s YouTube debut as she takes a couple of minutes to discuss how simple updos can dramatically transform your look in no time at all.  Whether you book an Express Updo with the New Talent in McAllister’s StyleLab or you take an appointment with one of the members of our hair salon such as Destiny, you will leave with the look that fits the event and accentuates your natural beauty

Part One: Olaplex Introduction @ McAllister Spa

Nov 17, 14 • News1 Comment
Olaplex_Experts_United States_Florida_Miami_Beach_Hair_Salon

A Hair Color Revolution is Transforming Miami Stylists in Miami –and the world over – have long acknowledged the Holy Grail of hair coloring, yet no one has ever been able to answer the seemingly unanswerable- how do you color and lighten hair without damaging it in the process?  For decades, it was thought that some damage was unavoidable when attempting dramatic hair coloring, particularly bleach-blonde highlights, serious balayages and crazy ombres. …

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OLAPLEX is now at McAllister Spa

Nov 11, 14 • NewsNo Comments

The Olaplex Revolution Begins Meet Olaplex – the revolutionary hair color additive coveted by sought-after celebrity stylists, changing the game for hair professionals and color junkies alike. While traditional hair color penetrates the shaft and alters the bond structure of the strand, Olaplex utilizes polymers (the same used in transplant surgery to prevent rejection) to maintain bond structure throughout the process, leaving strands in their natural state from start to finish, resulting in…

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