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As holiday season strikes, the need for a trusty, long-lasting lacquer is at an all-time high in nail salons in Miami Beach. Until now, most of us have defaulted to the ever-reliable gel manicure. While gel polish does have substantially more staying-power than the traditional variety, it doesn’t always last the touted full two weeks as promised. Between family affairs, office parties and friendly get togethers, your busy holiday social schedule leaves little time for doctoring up unsightly chipping or peeling. Meet the SNS manicure, a non-damaging option able to withstand even the most compulsive polish-peeling tendencies.

A fan-fave alternative to the gel, during the SNS manicure process, your nail tech paints a clear coat on each nail, dips it into a tinted powder and sets it, resulting in nails with serious staying power (two to four weeks!) without the permanence or damage of acrylics.

As if that wasn’t everything you were already looking for, the treatment does boast a ton of additional benefits.

Most Noteworthy Benefits of an SNS manicure

Dip Powder Manicures Don’t Require UV Lights Like Gel Nail Polishes Do

While skin cancer is probably not the first thing you’re thinking about when hitting the nail salon for a fresh set of gels, some doctors are sounding a warning on the UV lamps used to cure gel manicures. UVA rays (those used to harden the gel) are known for their role in photo-aging the skin and contributing to skin cancer. While hard evidence to prove that manicure lamps are not strong enough to cause serious damage, those wanting to err on the safe side will be thrilled to know that SNS manicures require no UV curing whatsoever.

Free of Three Common Nail Polish Chemicals: Formaldehyde, Toluene & DBP (aka “3-Free)

This toxic trio, found in the majority of nail polishes, has been linked with health and environmental concerns, including cancer, reproductive disorders, asthma and severe allergies. As your nails come into contact with just about everything you ingest, freeing your mani of these common culprits is definitely something worth considering.

This Manicure Process Can Actually Strengthen Your Natural Nails

SNS products are fortified with Calcium, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, D3 & B5, all essential for growing, strengthening and maintaining thickness of healthy nails.

SNS Manicures Are More Lightweight and Flexible Than Shellac & Gelish!

The final result of a SNS manicure can be compared to a security blanket for the natural nail. The durable coating can withstand the elements, yet is designed to mimic the feeling of a real nail.

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