Beat-The-Heat Summer Hair Styles

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Beat-the-Heat Summer Hairstyles

The summer hair struggle in South Florida is real. We’ve all been there – spending hours brushing, ironing, curling, spraying and smoothing strands into the perfect position, only to walk outside and have your carefully-crafted creation blow up into a hot, frizzy mess.

All too familiar to South Floridians, humidity takes a toll on your tresses by penetrating the hair shaft, causing swelling of the outer layer (the cuticle) and altering the interactions between keratin proteins – all of which bring about a headful of frizz.

Not to worry – with a few simple fixes, it is possible to have a good hair day during the warm-weather months.

Here are our stylist’s favorite tips and tricks for sleek summer strands:

Stay Hydrated

“Dehydrated hair is extra porous and absorbs moisture in the air at a rapid rate. To keep your hair healthy, hydrated and fuzz-free, treat yourself to a deep conditioning mask one or twice a week. Apply the mask to towel-dried hair and let sit for 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.” – Mark Holloway, Creative Director

“Alcohol-Free” is the Way to Style

“Avoid styling products with a high alcohol content, which are known to induce swelling of the hair cuticle. Choose an alcohol-free formula or skip their application altogether.” – Eddie Altaweel, Senior Stylist

Go Au Naturale

“Cut back shampooing to once or twice a week. The natural oils produced by your scalp are surprisingly fantastic frizz-fighters. If you can’t bare the idea of not lathering up on a regular basis, opt for a co-wash, which gently cleanses hair without stripping essential oils.” – Laura Bernal, Senior Stylist

Test Drive a New ‘Do

“Summer is the perfect time to test out a festive braid. These intricate styles are meant to be tastefully messy, so a flyaway here and there is actually a good thing. Our Style Lab can fix you up with a one-of-a-kind braid in a matter of minutes. Stop by and visit us today!” – Destiny De La Paz, Senior Stylist

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