Blowouts, Manicures & HydraFacials Top Miami Beach’s NYE Beauty Plans at McAllister

Blowouts, Manicures & HydraFacials Top Miami Beach’s NYE Beauty Plans at McAllister

New Year’s Eve is almost here, which means it’s time to start worrying about beauty preparations! Whether it’s your hair, nails or makeup, we can help you achieve the perfect holiday look to start the New Year in fashion! #2020

Choosing your hairstyle for this holiday might be one of the biggest decisions, but it doesn’t have to be difficult! Our McAllister stylists use Oribe hair styling products to manage even the most difficult hair types.  Whether it’s heat-damaged, dry or dull, this product will make it look healthier and rejuvenated. From gorgeous updos to amazing blowouts, our stylists will weave Oribe’s magic into your hair to keep it moisturized & shiny throughout all of your New Year’s plans! Our McAllister stylists also offer intricate braids for a picture-perfect hairstyle on the 31st. Stop by our salon or call for a free consultation & we will find the right look for all your holiday plans.

Nothing is worse than breaking out right before a holiday, but we are here to ease your worries. With a HydraFacial treatment, you can get perfect skin just hours before your evening’s events. This treatment only takes 45 minutes to clear any imperfections or blemishes. That’s right!… 45 minutes to erase a bit of sun-damage from summer tanning sessions or dry skin spots from the recent cold winter weather. Get rid of those aging lines, making it seem as if this past year never happened! HydraFacial offers different treatment plans, depending on your skin type. With a quick skin analysis, we can recommend the best one for you. Each facial treatment provides immediately visible results with no discomfort or downtime. It’s the best facial treatment to get your skin glowing right before the holidays. Start 2020 with younger, fresh, clear skin.

With your skin looking healthier than ever, our McAllister makeup artists can create the perfect make-up look to pair with your New Year’s outfit. With your personal style in mind, they will apply the matching make-up for your event. The combination of HydraFacial and make-up applications will make sure you look back on your New Year’s pictures with a smile! To top it off, our nail technicians are always available to polish off your image with an immaculate manicure and perfect pedicure.

If any of these options interest you, come by for a free consultation to prepare your ideal look for SoBe’s New Year’s Eve festivities! If you’re ready to book an appointment with a McAllister stylist, do it ASAP because our team’s schedules are filling up fast! Call or text us for more information or to book an appointment.

Tape Extensions – Your Ticket to Kardashian-Worthy Hair

Tape Extensions – Your Ticket to Kardashian-Worthy Hair

Ever wonder how your favorite celebs mix up the color, style and length of their hair so frequently? It’s no magical, star-powered secret reserved for the elite – Hollywood’s leading ladies have hair extensions (and some fabulous stylists) to thank for their lengthy locks.


Scheduling with Mark Holloway

Scheduling with Mark Holloway

Where in the World has Mark Holloway been?

It’s been a common question over the past few months regarding our Creative Director- Where is Mark?! Mark has been traveling much more frequently because of his relationship with Goldwell. When he isn’t starring in Goldwell Live Webcasts, he’s been teaching future Master Colorists and Stylists at the Goldwell/KMS academies in New York City and Santa Monica. You might even catch a snapshot of him on stage here and there during Goldwell’s “HairPlay On Tour 2016” or as a Featured Artist in the Cosmoprof/BSG shows all over the country.

What Is Mark Doing This Summer with Goldwell?

Mark is now the Lead Artist for Goldwell’s Master Stylist Haircutting program and he is diligently working on his vision of “What’s Next?” with his contributions to the Celebrity Trend program. His co-created design haircuts from his Master Stylist Trend series will be inspiring looks all over North America this fall and he expects to continue intermittently traveling to inspire salons all over to grow and try new things.

So When Can I Schedule my Next Appointment?

Mark’s here every week, but it’s important to schedule ahead of time as he is fully committed days in advance. To help you better plan out fabulous hair, these are the days he is currently scheduled to travel in August, September and October. Otherwise, Mark is hard at work Tuesday – Saturday here at McAllister Spa!

August Travel Schedule

Unavailable 8/5-8/6
Unavailable 8/19-8/29

September Travel Schedule

Unavailable 9/30

October Travel Schedule

Unavailable 10/1
Unavailable 10/7-10/8
Unavailable 10/11
Unavailable 10/15
Unavailable 10/28-10/29

Here’s what Mark Holloway has been up to recently on Instagram…