Make a Massage Part of Your Monthly Routine

Make a Massage Part of Your Monthly Routine

So often Breast Cancer Awareness overwhelms our health consciousness in October, but National Massage Therapy Awareness Week shouldn’t be ignored this October 23-29. Take a moment to listen to what your body is telling you. Is there a frustrating kink in the muscles of your neck that you just cannot massage away? Do you feel pain between your shoulder blades that you physically can’t reach no matter how you stretch? Is your lower back stiff, making it difficult to move left and right or to go about your daily activities? Are your legs super sore after your latest weekend warrior sports activities? Massage may be the way to alleviate much of the stress, tension and pain that accompanies your usual routine.

While some may see massage as a luxury treat while on vacation, or a spa service that you indulge in when someone gifts it to you, it can be an invaluable part of your routine – just as sleeping nightly, working out daily and eating healthy foods and drinking adequate amounts of water throughout the day.

Whereas 20 years ago, massages were relegated to luxury South Beach hotels and to the homes of the wealthy; these days, massage therapists are all around you – in the gyms you frequent, in the terminals of the airports you traverse and even in day spas like McAllister Spa. Take a moment to consider the many health benefits that have been well-established by everyone from the medical professionals in the hallways in hospitals at the Mayo Clinic to the comfy couches of Oprah.

Top Four Health Benefits of Massage

Massage Relieves Stress & Encourages Relaxation

Body massage has been scientifically shown relax a chaotic mind. It has been repeatedly shown to induce the body’s relaxation response, which occurs when the nervous system directs the body to “rest and digest.” This mentally rejuvenating period of time lasts LONG after the massage session is over, and the mind finds a greater sense of calm through the lens of an improved mental state. This typically leads to a happier mindset while inspiring creativity and an improved ability to manage the challenges of every day living.

Massage Improves Flexibility & Relaxes Muscles

Therapeutic massage is known to maintain and improve range of motion and flexibility. Regular working and manipulation of muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints also makes bodily movements more fluid and much less prone to injuries. The natural outcome of making the body more limber and less prone to strains and sprains is enhancements in athletic performance and the encouragement of active lifestyles.

Massage Strengthens the Immune System & Encourages Bodily Repair

One of the most beneficial effects of massage therapy is its profound effects upon the body’s defenses. The most obvious and immediate improvement noted by many massage clients is the reduction in fatigue and the consequent increase in energy. This is one of the results of more restful sleep. Over a longer term, scientific studies demonstrate that massages increase white blood cell count and lymphocyte activity. This, in combination with stimulation of the body’s lymphatic system, aid in the fight against bacteria and infection.

Promotes Long-Term Health & Wellness

Regular massage therapy sessions have a wide variety health effects. Neurologically, regular sessions have been shown to increase serotonin levels (the “feel good” neurotransmitter!) and modulate the release of dopamine within the brain. Massage also is noted to have a profound effect on cardiovascular health, including reductions in average blood pressure readings, a lessening of the stress hormone, cortisol and positive changes in cholesterol levels and ratios.

Ready, Set, Massage

The team at McAllister Spa typically can fulfill most massage requests within an hour.  Our licensed massage therapists are among the best on South Beach, and our treatment room is without parallel. We are the only day spa on Miami Beach (outside of the luxury hotels, that is) that has a shower right in the room. …It’s perfect to stop in, shower off a day’s sweat and massage away a day’s stress. Sound like a plan? Just fill out the form to the right and we will respond within 24 hours! If you are requesting the same day, to receive an immediate response, just give us a ring by calling us directly at 305-604-0550.

Massage 101: What Modality Is Right For Me?

Massage 101: What Modality Is Right For Me?

Read on to Get the Lowdown Before Your Next Rubdown

With so many techniques and so little time, choosing the massage style to suit your needs can be a challenge. From stress-melting to tension-busting and everything in between, the art of massage therapy has long been revered for its ability to keep the body and mind at peak performance. Variations in pressure, technique, areas of focus and desired outcome set the various massage styles apart, but which one is right for you? We’ve put together a quick guide help you figure out which massage style best suits your needs.

Read on to get the lowdown before your next rubdown.

South Beach Swedish Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish Massage

Best for: Relaxation, stress relief, first massage

The most common form of massage therapy, the Swedish massage is designed to warm up the muscle tissue to release toxins, tension and general soreness. The therapist will use hands, fingers and sometimes forearms to perform long, gentle, soothing strokes with light to medium pressure.

The Swedish massage is revered for its ability to kickstart circulation and eliminate lymph and metabolic waste often stored deep within the muscle tissue. This technique is ideal for those seeking relaxation and first time spa-goers.

Deep Tissue Massage

Best for: Relieving acute tension

A deep tissue massage is much like the Swedish with an increased level of pressure. This technique hyper-targets deeper layers of muscles and tendons to eliminate toxic waste, blockages and tension in the body. Expect muscle-melting movements utilizing friction to generate heat and stimulate blood flow and deep kneading and muscle manipulation to release chronic muscle tension and knots.


Best for: Improving energy blockages

Feeling drained, lazy or grumpy? Improve your flow of energy while detoxifying the body by treating yourself to an aromatherapy massage custom built to cater to your mood. Aromatherapists interview each guest to determine goals for the session and craft a unique blend of essential oils accordingly to help relieve stress, ease anxiety or eliminate toxins.


Best for: Boosting immune function, stress relief, detoxifying

Reflexology is the ancient art of applying pressure to reflex points on the soles of the feet, hands and ears as an alternative health treatment, utilizing the body’s natural capacity to heal itself. Each pressure point corresponds with an organ and system of the body and can be manipulated to promote overall well being and release blocked energy throughout the body.

Sports massage

Best for: Preventing and treating injury and enhancing athletic performance

Whether you’re sore from beach yoga, biking the MacArthur Causeway or jogging the sandy shores of South Beach, a muscle-melting sports massage pinpoints your most painful parts with deep muscle work to target problem areas causing pain and inhibiting performance training.

McAllister’s professionally trained therapists identify the exact location and intensity of discomfort and employ a variety of firm stroking techniques to break down scar tissue and improve elasticity to effectively increase mobility, stimulate blood flow and relieve chronic pain. Sports massages can be performed prior to a bout of heavy exertion to prime muscle tissue or after to flush the system after a race or sporting event.