5 Tips Before Your Next Hair Appointment

5 Tips Before Your Next Hair Appointment

If you’re bored with your look and hoping to change it up soon, getting a hair appointment at our hair salon in Miami Beach is the first step! Whether it’s changing the style up, dying it a different color, or simply adjusting the length, your hair makes a huge impact on the way you look. A hair appointment is the fastest way to drastically change your look for the better!

Blowouts, highlights, ombre, keratin, no matter what you decide on, we will make sure it looks perfect on you. We know you’re excited to change your hairstyle as soon as possible. But, before rushing to make an appointment with us, read these five tips we’ve outlined for you to get the best hairstyling experience possible.

Arrive on time!

When you make an appointment with us, you decide the time and day you want to come get your hair done. Once our appointment has been set up, it’s essential that you show up on time!

Unfortunately, arriving late enough means you could even lose your time slot in the salon. We will set aside an appropriate amount of time for your hairstyle, so if you show up late, you are cutting that time short. And think about it, do you really want your hairstylist to be rushing through your haircut? Hopefully not!

It’s best to arrive a few minutes before the determined time and allow the stylist to get the work done in the proper time scheduled for it. The stylist will be able to put all the care in the world into your hair to leave it looking gorgeous and you will be satisfied when you leave. The time will be worth it, we promise!

Dress normally!

When you’re going to a salon, there’s no need to get all dressed up. By wearing an outfit you wouldn’t normally wear, the stylist might end up suggesting a hairstyle or color that doesn’t really suit your real clothing style!

To avoid this, just dress how you do on a day-to-day basis. The stylist can see your usual wardrobe and help you decide on the right hairstyle or color that’ll suit your clothes and color scheme, making sure you will look great everyday afterwards.

However, don’t forget that hair appointments can sometimes take a while, so wear one of your more comfortable daily outfits. Make sure it’s something you’re willing to sit in for a few hours, because like we mentioned before, you really don’t want to rush this process!

Eat before you come!

Depending on what your hair appointment is for, the process might vary in time. No matter how short or long the process might be, the smartest move is simply to eat beforehand. You don’t want to be sitting in a salon for hours while your stomach is growling!

If you’re planning to dye your hair, it’s even more important to eat beforehand, since it can take a while for the dye to settle in. If you don’t feel like eating before your appointment, you can order at a restaurant and have them deliver it to our hair salon in Miami Beach. This way, you can eat while your hair color or treatment is processing.

You decide whether you want a full meal or simply a snack, but we always keep your comfort in mind and want you to be as comfortable as possible while getting styled in our salon.

Bring a picture!

If you want a certain style, it’s best to bring a picture of it. Spend some time researching to find someone with the exact style or color you want, then bring us a picture of it. A picture is always better than a description of a style, because our stylists will be able to visualize your dream properly and make it come true.

You can text or email us to plan your style. With a picture, we will be able to schedule the timing of your appointment correctly, so you know how much of your time will be taken up that day.

If you’re contemplating a new style or color and aren’t sure if it’s the proper fit for you, you can text or email us a picture of you and a few pictures of the styles you’re thinking about. With these visuals, we can help you decide which style and color will work for you. Together, we can tweak any details and find the perfect hairstyle for you!

Make it last!

When all the planning and processing is done, you’ll be left with a gorgeous hairstyle we will make sure you love. But, once you finally have the hairstyle you’ve been dreaming of, you need to maintain it to keep it looking healthy and beautiful. 

Your old hair routine might have worked for your last hairstyle, but this new one might need a brand-new routine. Ask your hairstylist or colorist what homecare they might recommend to ensure the best lifespan for your hair color.

Be prepared to buy their recommended shampoo and conditioner, as well as any hair creams or oils they might suggest. It might sound like a pain, but to make sure your hair gets the best it deserves after its appointment, it’s necessary to follow all their recommendations to keep it looking as if you’re fresh out of the salon.

If you follow all of these tips, you will get an optimal experience before, during, and after your hair appointment. Not only will the planning for the appointment be a breeze, but you’ll be as comfortable as possible while the stylist works on your hair. Afterwards, you will feel as spectacular as your hair will look! To make an appointment or have a consultation with the McAllister hairstylists at our hair salon in Miami Beach, you can text, email, or call us. We will get back to you as quickly as possible to provide suggestions, tips, and recommendations for your dream hairstyle, as well as book an appointment for you to finally get it!