Trendy Tones Talk from Our Hair Salon

Trendy Tones Talk from Our Hair Salon

It’s only March, but 2017’s latest hair color trends have already presented themselves in full force. This year is all about warmth and comfort – something we can definitely get behind – with buttery blondes, interesting oranges and rich browns taking center stage.

Step Up Your Hair Game This Spring 2017

We’ve consulted our veteran color gurus right here at McAllister to breakdown what’s hot and what’s not for 2017:

1. Bronde Hair

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Aptly named “2017’s BIGGEST hair color trend” by Instyle Magazine, “Bronde” is a happy medium between bombshell blonde and rich brunette that women can’t seem to resist. While the color is nothing new to the world of hair, it’s showing no signs of going anywhere anytime soon, with trendsetting celebs like Gigi Hadid breathing new life into the ”˜do.

The trend fuses brown and blonde hues to create a sun-kissed look that instantly warms up winter-worn skin, yet won’t look out of place come spring. Bronde is universally flattering for all women as your stylist can play with levels of warm and cool tones to find the best combination to suit your skin.

2. Blorange Color!

blorange, hair color

The funkier, edgier cousin to the “Bronde” hair-do, “Blorange” (blood and orange) is the latest color craze to sweep Instagram, making it the color mix to watch this season.

Offering a fun alternative to the more subdued warm peaches, rose golds and strawberry blondes hues popular in 2016, Blorange (recently referred to as a “sunset on your head” by Refinery29) offers a beautiful shade somewhere between blonde and ginger. Its reddish undertones make it especially complimentary on fair and golden skin.

3. Hair Eclipting

hair eclipting, hair color

A term coined by Aveda’s global artistic director for hair color, Ian Michael Black, “eclipting” translates the art of makeup contouring to the hair, using strategic color placement for added definition and dimension. And according to NYLON, it’s going to be the next ombre!

To achieve the look, stylists first color the whole head a deep, darker base, prior to artfully placing lighter highlights in strategic sections to accentuate the shape of the hair, while simultaneously contouring the face. Looking to thin out the cheeks?

A darker hue drawn down the lengths of face-framing pieces will do the trick! Rather concentrate on making your eyes pop? Nothing a bit of darker fringe can’t fix. The possibilities are endless!

Ready to Mix Up Your Color?

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Is Your Hair Ready for Miami Beach Days?  Here are the Best Ways to Grow Out Your Hair Quickly

Is Your Hair Ready for Miami Beach Days? Here are the Best Ways to Grow Out Your Hair Quickly

Beach Body? Check. Swimsuit? Check. Beachy Hair? Hmm…

While winter 2016 in Miami Beach saw the height of the lob trend (we loved every second of it, don’t get us wrong!), with summer quickly approaching, lengthy locks are about to see their moment in the limelight. Perfect for tossing into a pool-ready braid, or sporting effortless, beachy waves, long strands are on every lady’s warm-weather wish list. Only issue? Waiting for hair to grow can make watching paint dry seem like an exciting activity by comparison. Not to worry! We’ve tapped our our best hair stylists to provide five fool-proof tips guaranteed to grow locks to luscious lengths by summer – sayonara, hair envy!

Fool The Eye with Styling Tricks

There’s no denying that the “growing-my-hair-out” stage can be (very) awkward. Load up on decorative accessories including eye-catching hair bands, chains, pins and wraps and get creative with a few new transitional styles. We love these styles for a seamless transition!

Trim Your Hair and Trim It Often

Your hair’s ends have been put through the ringer and all that styling, coloring, and more can take a serious toll. Prevent ends from splitting and breaking prematurely by seeing your hair stylist for a trim every six weeks. The longer you wait, the more visible the damage to your hair, and – consequently – the more length you’ll have to chop off.

Color With Care

Calling all hair color junkies – you too can grow your locks to luscious lengths thanks to Olaplex. Where traditional hair color penetrates the shaft and alters the bond structure of the strand, Olaplex, a color additive used at McAllister’ Miami Beach, utilizes polymers (similar to those used in transplant surgery to prevent rejection) to maintain bond structure throughout the process, leaving hair strands in their natural state from start to finish. The result? ZERO damage and longer-lasting hair color.

Show Your Scalp Some Love

Dirt, oil, and dead skin cells congregate and form a barrier on the scalp (yuck!), making it difficult for new hair growth to break through. Shampoos with peppermint and tea tree oil create a tingling sensation to stimulate blood flow promote hair growth. Alternately, a daily two-minute scalp massage has a similar effect and is equally effective at promoting scalp health and increased circulation.

Pop Some Pills

Proper nutrition is the key for a healthy, shiny, and strong mane. While a well-rounded diet provides the majority of your body’s necessary vitamins and minerals, added supplements have been proven to fortify and accelerate hair growth. Our Miami Beach hair stylists recommend stocking up on these three key players:
• Folic acid – stimulates scalp cell turnover and hair growth
• Biotin – promotes healthier texture by protecting against dryness, scalp flaking
• Keratin – increases elasticity of the hair’s cortex to prevent breakage

So Let’s Book Something!

Are you ready to get started on your hair growth journey? McAllister’s top stylists and best hair colorists are available on demand to answer any and all of your questions. Request an appointment online here or schedule a live stream consultation here.