This is Miami Beach’s Best Airbrush Spray Tan Experience. Period.

This is Miami Beach’s Best Airbrush Spray Tan Experience. Period.

Airbrush Spray Tan

Achieving your best tan can be a time-consuming experience – whether you’re dangerously exposing your skin to those summer-y sun rays or using “fake-n-bake” tanning creams. Overdoing those UV tanning attempts sometimes leaves you sunburnt, increasing the likelihood of skin cancer & that’s never a fun experience. Then again neither is ending up a mix-and-match orange because you applied tanning creams unevenly or just plain wrong! So Goldilocks…what can you do? 

If you’re looking for a natural, bronzed look without all the hassle and the skin damage, look no further. McAllister Spa offers a unique, fast spray tan experience you won’t find in any other salon in Miami Beach. And to top it off, the environment is unlike any other spray tanning experience. No tiny booth here…No ma’am (or sir)!  This spa-quality treatment room is expansive and includes a full shower and an 8-foot mirror that stretches all the way up to the ceiling. Through a consultation with our technicians, we can help you reach your spray tanning goals. We will show you our whole range of colors and figure out the perfect bronzed color to match and enhance your natural skin tone. Once we’ve picked the perfect tone, you’re just minutes away from bronzed perfection! 

Spray Tan Tips

A couple of tips to help us achieve your best spray tan ever. Before we get to work, you must prepare your skin. This is a simple process, but it must be done properly. Shaving and exfoliation should happen the evening before your appointment. Wear darkly-colored, loose-fitting cotton clothing and bring flip-flops.  If you don’t have time to exfoliate before you arrive, we can upgrade your appointment to include a dry body buff and a quick shower using a pecan shell exfoliating scrub by Aviva Tanning. From there, our spray tanning techs will get to work on that full-body tan, half-body spray, or a quick bronzing of the face and décolleté.

Our traditional option is ideal for anyone looking to have a considerably darker complexion; the typical time to fully develop is approximately 4-6 hours before showering. If you’re short on time, however, we do offer a unique menu of Express Tan options. The express formulations were created for anyone in desperate need of a quick tan. Depending on the intensity of the tan you’re looking for, you can shower in 30 to 90 minutes! No other salon in Miami Beach can give you such amazing results in such a short time. All of our natural formulations contain up to 14% organic DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), which ensures a long-lasting tan.

A couple more tips related to the longevity of spray tans. Do not shower until FOUR hours minimum after the tan – ideally six! Avoid any type of exercise, avoidable sweating or rain until then. After your first shower, you should moisturize using one of Aviva Labs lotions available here. Exfoliation is the ultimate “no-no,” whether it’s shaving, using a loofah, showering with body scrubs, even rubbing a towel to dry off (always pat dry =). By following these tips and others found here, you will be gorgeously tanned for up to 7 days!

Let’s book an appointment for your next spray tan in Miami Beach. Contact us by sending us a text, giving us a call or sending an email!