There are so many different names for blonde highlighting techniques tossed around in Miami Beach’s best hair salons. Each way of achieving blonde hair color is slightly different in approach, but the result is nearly always a brighter and blonder hair color at the end of a visit. If you are contemplating a visit to a local beauty salon to achieve a single color of blonde hair, the decisions abound as the term “blonde” is merely the starting point of a beautiful and wide-ranging hair Goldwell color palette. It is so important to pick a hair colorist like Yulia Tyan you can trust – a beauty professional who is very well-educated and dedicated to realizing your perfect look.

Hues of blonde range from deep, chestnut blonde colors to light honey color blondes at the darker end of the spectrum; it extends all the way through the range to the lightest varieties of blondes. At the lighter end of the blonde color range is where some subtle hair color fun can happen. Very light, platinum shades of blonde can be shifted with hair color overlays, exclusive to our beauty salon, to emphasize light golden blondes or can shift your hair into an entirely different color range, with nearly any other color you can imagine, with violet or rose tones being very popular of late. Having a consultation with a hair stylist like Yulia at McAllister Spa, widely known as South Beach’s best hair salon, is key to picking the right blonde color to match your skin tone, your eyes and your smile.

If the goal is not a single shade of blonde, the choice in variations in blonde highlighting can lead to selfie-perfect beautiful result that is uniquely you. Hair colorists at McAllister – like the acclaimed Yulia Tyan – emphasize hair color consultations at the outset to see what suits you and your style, along with your schedule and budget. Highlights go by many names, from balayage to ombre and from babylights to spotlights. The recent rage is air-touch highlights and the results Yulia has produced using this highlighting technique are show-stopping gorgeous. She will tell you that traditional foil highlights are precisely beautiful but require a commitment to regular appointments. If you aren’t quite so structured in your calendar, she will likely steer you toward one of nearly a dozen blonde balayage techniques. These techniques allow for you to visit a bit more irregularly without the obvious lines of regrowth, with inches of naturally darker hair telling the world like rings of a tree how long it’s been since your last visit to the hair salon.

Take a moment to appreciate Yulia Tyan’s amazing blonde work in the recent images inside our hair salon. Her work is nothing short of perfection in our eyes. When it’s time for an appointment with her, send us a text at 305-604-0550. If you would like to schedule a virtual consult via Facetime, particularly during COVID, send us an email by clicking this link and she will reach out ASAP.