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McAllister Spa is one of Miami Beach’s best spas & salons, offering a full range of professional hair services in our hair salon & a colorful variety of options in our full-service nail salon. Our spa is also home to some of Miami’s most sought after estheticians specializing in eyelashes, eyebrows & skincare treatments, including facials, body treatments, Hydrafacials, airbrush tanning & body waxing. Our medical spa offers a menu of wellness treatments & cosmetic procedures, such as IV infusions, IM injections & Botox. McAllister Spa is conveniently located on South Beach’s busiest street & is emerging as a hub for fashion & beauty. Whatever the beauty need, Miami Beach comes to McAllister Spa to look their very best. Open 7 days.Open 7 Days. Free Consultation – View Our Menu of Services – at our Spa & Salon near South Beach in beautiful Miami Beach Florida. Great Prices and Amazing Service.

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Eyelash Extensions, Eyelash Tinting & Eyelash Perms Miami Beach



So About Those Eyelashes…

Long eyelashes have long been considered a sign of vibrant youth and universal attractiveness, and this embrace has spanned the course of human history – from the Bronze Age when “kohl” (a black putty derived from nasty elements like antimony and lead) was all the rage to Ancient Egypt where the affluent and well-connected used it to both enhance beauty and protect the eyes from sandy dust and bugs.

Fast forward to more recent times, and you’ll find the invention and widespread use of eyelash curlers, permanent lash tints and a wide variety of eyelash extension types – from simple clusters designed to last the evening for a special event to “lash-by-lash” extensions that last weeks at at time.

Whatever your interest, whether to color, curl or add length and volume, our estheticians at McAllister Spa have the experience and training to deliver the results you are hoping for.

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Eyelash Extensions

Thicker, longer & fuller eyelashes are among the latest “beauty-musts” in Miami.  We offer several types of lashes based upon your needs and your budget.

If you’ve never extended your eyelashes, not to worry – the team at McAllister Spa is always happy to offer a free consultation, either in-person during a scheduled salon consultation or virtually through a number of smartphone apps.

Individual Lash Extensions

Individual or “lash-by-lash” eyelash extensions, by contrast, are carefully placed lash by lash between your natural eyelashes using a strong, water-resistant adhesive that results in a more permanent attachment to the lid and typically last weeks.

These weightless lashes are ideally suited for a client prepared for maintenance visits every 2-3 weeks and are looking for a long-term commitment to beautiful, full and luscious eyelashes.

  • Natural Full Set (Up to 70 individual eyelashes) $195
  • Natural Touch-Up (Returning Client Discount within 14 days or 1/3 Fill) $75
  • Natural Touch-Up (Returning Client Discount within 21 days or 2/3 Fill) $115
  • Mixed Volume New Set $250
  • Mixed Volume Touch-Up (Returning Client Discount within 14 days or 1/3 Fill) $95
  • Mixed Touch-Up (Returning Client Discount within 21 days or 1/3 Fill) $150
  • Russian Volume Full Set (Dramatic 6-D & 8-D Volume!) $350
  • Russian Volume Touch-Up (Returning Client Discount within 21 days) $195
  • Removal of Individual Eyelash Extensions By Consultation Only

Eyelash Perms & Eyelash Tinting

Tired of using lash curlers and all those “volumizing” products to get those perfectly curled, beautiful eyelashes day after day, week after week?

Eyelash perming is a semi-permanent process that re-creates a naturally beautiful cruel in your lashes that lasts for the life of that eyelash.

And since lashes typically have a life-span of about 90 days, you’ll only require an eyelash perm once every 6 weeks to keep that wide open, voluminous and beautiful look.

  • Eyelash Perm $50
  • Eyelash Tint $30
  • Eyebrow Tint $25

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