Prepare & Care Spray Tan

Introducing the McAllister Spray Tan Process

If you have never experienced an airbrush tan, there are a few ground rules to follow when booking a beautiful, healthy, sunless tan.

Preparing for the Spray Tan

  • Shave any body parts prior to your visit, preferably the evening before your appointment.  Shaving is a form of exfoliation!
  • Book all other services first.  Hair services, manicures & pedicures, waxing etc. can all ruin newly applied spray tans.  Plan your other salon & spa appointments 5-7 days ahead whenever possible.
  • Wear darkly-colored and loose fitting cotton clothing to your appointment.  If not tanning in the nude, bring a swimsuit or other clothing to wear while being sprayed.  Tanning solutions usually wash out of natural fibers but may stain blended fabrics and nylon.  Alternatively, bring your change of clothes with you so that you can change into it when you are ready to leave.
  • Do not wear socks and shoes.  Have flip-flops to wear as you leave.
  • If you choose to shower at home before your arrive, make sure to take a warm shower and take time to deeply exfoliate every inch of your body where you will have spray tan solution applied.  Loofahs are perfect exfoliating implements.
  • Again, if you choose to shower at home before you arrive, choose a body wash that is 100% oil-free and contains no “moisturizing” agents.  These products may leave a transparent film- reducing your skin’s ability to receive the spray tan.
  • The shower before your spray tan application must remove all oils, lotions, deodorants, perfumes etc from your skin.

During the Spray Tan Application Process

  • McAllister team members are all either cosmetologists or estheticians by licensure.  They are trained to evaluate your skin tone and discuss with you the best possible formulation to achieve your desired result.  So let us know whether you are looking for a very subtle effect, a bronzed glow for a weekend out or a look that will have all your friends jealously asking about your apparently recent, unannounced exotic vacation.
  • Take time to understand our customized range of colors.  The team at McAllister Spa Miami Beach have spent hundreds of collective hours researching and testing many of the hundreds of spray tan solutions available.  The solutions used at McAllister Spa are formulated to give you a safe, healthy and natural tan using differing concentrations of organic DHA derived from cane sugars.  Each was formulated by a team of dermatologists to be hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, each is 100% free of oils, fragrance, alcohol, erythrulose, harsh dyes and chemicals, and each contains FDA-approved ingredients and organic DHA.  …And they are vegan & cruelty-free!
  • Don’t rush to get dressed.  You have time!  Air dry for 10 minutes in the comfort of the treatment room.
  • Stay off your phones while drying!  Pressing an iPhone against your ear or sandwiched in your shoulder is the fastest was to totally ruin a perfectly applied spray tan.

How to Maintain Color Longer After the Spray Tan

  • Do not get wet.  If your skin becomes wet, you can stop the natural tanning processes involving DHA.
  • Do not apply lotions or moisturizers until after your first shower.
  • Do not exercise or otherwise become sweaty until after you shower.  Your body sweats across body surfaces in an uneven fashion, which can seriously alter the color, result in a streaky appearance and disrupt an otherwise perfect spray tan.
  • You can wash your hands – and only your hands – 1 hour after you leave McAllister Spa.  Do not shower, bathe, work out vigorously or swim for at MINIMUM of 4 hours after your departure.  We recommend waiting at least 6 hours before any of these activities whenever possible.  It is normal to see some cosmetic color wash off during your first shower; this is added to some formulations so you see an immediate result.  The underlying bronzing process resulting from DHA application is unaffected.
  • Do not use any body scrubs or exfoliating soaps on areas you have spray tanned.   These products will cause your skin to more quickly shed- taking your perfectly bronzed spray tan with it.    In particular, avoid products containing sulfates or parabens which can hasten your tan’s departure.
  • It is okay to lather soap with a loofah with your hands when showering at home; never place the loofah against your skin however. Create soapy suds using the loofah and gently wash your body with soapy hands.
  • When drying off after showering, pat dry- do not rub your body with the towel, as this is a form of exfoliation.
  • Always apply your favorite moisturizer immediately after showering to keep your skin beautifully hydrated.
  • Apply sunscreens containing an SPF when in Miami’s Beaches.  Sun exposure can cause your skin to dry, itch and peel, taking your spray tan with it!
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to chlorinated environments like pools and jacuzzis whenever possible.  Chlorine has a drying effect on human skin.
  • Environments that are very, very hot, such as steam rooms, saunas, hot yoga studios and hot baths can reduce the longevity of spray tans.
  • Take care not to sit on light-colored fabrics or leather as some color may transfer to these materials.  For convenience, before your first shower, sit on a something that you can easily launder.