Benoni Johnson

Benoni JohnsonBenoni Johnson
Junior Stylist

A Razor-Sharp South Beach Stylist

Benoni Johnson was born and raised in the Virginia suburbs outside of Washington, D.C. and first left the beltway to serve in the United States Army. While the structure & uniformity of military life helped Benoni become extraordinarily directed, it constrained his natural creativity in ways that made his departure for the high-fashion clothing industry in Los Angeles a near inevitability (thankfully for all of us!). His passion quickly led to his migration into the beauty industry where his extroverted personality thrived, immersed in a sea of other creatives interacting with people aspiring to achieve their most confident images! His professional development as a hair stylist brought him back home to the DC area, where he worked at several notable salons such as PR Partners in Virginia & Ted Gibson Salon in Friendship Heights.

Benoni moved to Miami in 2014 and headed to Collins Avenue – South Beach’s fashion row at the time. He realized that that while the likes of Vidal Sassoon Salons were nestled between MAC Cosmetics, Intermix & Barney’s, the more intimate local & loyal clientele of Miami Beach kept to the west side of the beach. Benoni thus made the jump to McAllister, making it is home in 2018. Since his arrival here, he has thrived. His growing clientele quickly realized that Benoni loves the personal connections that develop with his clients as he helps each create their own style and look. He has an innate ability to create some of the most precise & fashionable men’s cuts we’ve ever seen; he uniquely blends the artistic capabilities only found in classically trained stylists with the meticulous exactness of barbers. His understanding of color also allows him to accentuate your look, adding depth and movement that attracts looks of admiration (and perhaps envy =)…) through the careful contemplation of hair color & highlight placement.

So if you are looking for a hair stylist who’s personality immediately makes you feel like you’ve known him for years, look no farther than Benoni. Whether you are new to the area and needing a trusted stylist or you feel that your look could use some freshening up, you’ll feel right at home with him.

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Questions, Comments & Consultations?

Every member of the team here at McAllister Spa is happy to talk about a home care regimen that supports your look and amplifies your beauty.  We love emails from clients and customers (it’s just how we do things!).  If you want to discuss anything related to hair color, natural hair highlights or which of the many professional products carried at McAllister Spa might be right for you, just click the link below to send Benoni an email.  Benoni is our ace at precision men’s haircuts & men’s grey blending and his super passionate about naturally-appearing highlights and Olaplex is a staple in his coloring processes!

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