Marlene Fonticoba

Marlene FonticobaMarlene Fonticoba
Full Specialist

Full Specialist

Marlene is A licensed cosmetologist that has 7 year’s experience in doing facials, waxing, manicures and pedicure. She is passionate about her work, and takes pride in treating each client with the personal attention they deserve and believes when you’re passionate about what you do, you don’t feel like your working at all. (habla español)


Marlene’s Recent Work

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Marlene’s Certifications


Questions, Comments & Consultations?

The entire team at McAllister Spa is happy to talk with you regarding your esthetic needs. Marlene loves to receive emails from clients and customers (it’s just how we do things!).  If you want to discuss anything related to manicures & pedicures, problem skin, waxing services or which of the many professional products carried at McAllister Spa might be right for you, just send Marlene an email by clicking the orange link below.  Marlene enjoys providing facials to her clients and is particularly well-known for pore cleansing facials (gotta love those extractions!). She also is a big advocate of serums and sunscreens like those offered by SkinCeuticals and Dermalogica’s AgeSmart line.

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