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Trisha McConaghy
Trisha McConaghyTrisha McConaghy
Senior Stylist

Senior Stylist

Without question, Trish has quickly become one of Miami’s most talented hair stylists. She hails from Rhode Island and began her beauty career as an esthetician. After spending years laboring to perfect her clientele’s skin, Trish’s artistic side yearned for a more creative outlet. The hair side of things called to her in the beauty salon, and she made the move to Miami to grow her technical capabilities and hair artistry. Working at a couple other respected South Beach salons, most recently Salon Vaso, Trish gained her confidence and the reputation for mastering two of the most difficult skills in the hair salon: the curly haircut and the correction of bad hair color. Her clients love her calm and friendly personality and the beautiful work she turns out in no time flat.

Trish is energized by the challenges that walk in to the salon each day. She is most excited by the opportunities to create dramatic transformations, accomplished in just a few hours, that immediately change a client’s mood and last for weeks and weeks (until their next visit, of course!). As a member of the McAllister Team, she’s really happy to do work that she loves, surrounded by a supportive team that stimulates her to expand her abilities in this ever-evolving salon industry, and most importantly, to help people everyday realize their most beautiful version of themselves.

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Every member of the team at McAllister Spa – especially Trisha! – enjoys chatting it up about the esthetic needs of Miami Beach locals. We enjoy receiving emails from clients & customers (it’s just how we do things!). If you want to discuss anything related hair coloring, ombre, balayage, hair color correction, curly haircuts or which of the many professional products carried at McAllister Spa might be right for you, just drop Trish an email by clicking the orange link below. With her background in skin health and hair care, Trish is a uniquely knowledgeable member of the team who can guide you to your best hair care decisions as easily as she can discuss SkinCeuticals and Dermalogica skin care products that might be uniquely suited for your skin type.

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