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What’s This All About?

We understand that your decision to allow us to shape & mold your appearance, to cut & color your hair and to perfect your skin & esthetic beauty is an important one – one that is based upon your trust in the McAllister brand and a familiarity with our professionals.

That’s why at McAllister Spa, we have always offered complimentary consultations to all of our new clients. We know how hectic personal schedules can be however, and we understand how difficult it can be break away to our salon & spa as soon as you would like.

So with the continued growth of “live streaming” applications Apple’s FaceTime, we realized we had an opportunity to connect with all of our clients in a brand new way – on a virtual level.

Instead of waiting until you have the time to visit us for that consultation, why not book a complimentary virtual consultation?  Instead of making the trip, you can chat with our team from anywhere in the world, from your desk at work, or while driving in Miami’s traffic (as a passenger of course) or even from the comfort of your home.

Have a destination wedding this summer and you are looking to finalize the details in Miami while still in Toronto?…just book that consult with us on FaceTime…click and done! Slammed all week at work but contemplating something different with your hair to really “wow” your Saturday night date

Our team at McAllister Spa has you covered with a lunchtime consultation. Just browsing our website and feel the impulse to talk about whether an ombre or balayage is right for you? Just request a consult via FaceTime and we can talk about it right from the comfort of your couch.

How to Live Stream with Us

Okay, so you are ready to book that virtual consultation with one of our stylists, nail technicians or estheticians…so what’s next?

1. Choose the FaceTime application you will be streaming to us with.

  • FaceTime: Available on Apple Products (including your iPad and iPhone)

2. Fill out the request below so that we can schedule you with the right member of the McAllister Spa team.  Try to be as specific as possible regarding what you want to discuss with our team member.  If you have a preference for a certain level of stylist or a particular professional, please let us know.

3. Once you have submitted the form, check your email.  A manager or receptionist will respond within 24 hours and provide you with a scheduled time to live stream with McAllister Spa.

4. Make sure you’re available at the requested time for our call.

All requests are read within 24 hours.  If service is requested within 24 hours, please call (305) 604-0550

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