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Rated the Best Spray Tan Experience in South Beach

McAllister Spa is the quintessential destination for the best custom airbrush tanning in Miami Beach. From the moment you arrive, you realize you are in for an entirely different experience.

When you spray tan at McAllister, you don’t just rush into a micro-sized booth with a mini-mirror affixed to the wall for mere minutes.

There’s no “pop-up” tanning tent here.  When you’re appointment begins, you will escorted to our treatment room and offered an opportunity to shower away the day’s dirt, sweat and makeup (all those impurities that result in a less than ideal sunless tan).

The option is also yours to upgrade to an express exfoliating body treatment to further prepare your skin for your spray tan.

Customized Approach to Your Airbrush Tan

When you’ve finished showering off using a non-oil-based soap, your spray tan can then begin!  You’ll step out, back into our beautiful skin treatment room, and our seasoned technicians will apply the perfectly matched solution to your natural skin tone.

We are obsessed about the art of application – we always strive to leave you with just the right hue of rich, natural, UV-free color – never any orange tones.

From the palest of pale to the darkest of dark, our dually-certified estheticians will custom blend a solution to meet your unique tanning goals, while employing unparalleled sculpting techniques to instantly trim and tone.

When your application is complete, your technician will step away and leave you in your expansive treatment room to admire your new bronzed look in an 8 foot mirror that stretches to the ceiling!

Our team at McAllister Spa sees sunless tans a differently…it’s not merely a spray tan appointment, it’s a body treatment experience.

So whether you are gearing up for a big night on South Beach or just want to look your sun-kissed best year round, our seasoned technicians will deliver the perfect bronzed look for you.

Natural, Skin Care Quality Tanning Ingredients

As innovators and leaders of the South Beach sunless tanning culture, we’ve carefully crafted our own, all-natural formulation derived of sugar cane to deliver a safe and effective tropical glow.

Our proprietary solution contains up to 14% DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) – the highest concentration of active ingredient on Miami Beach – so you can rest assured your golden glow will last.

The product dries in seconds, the application takes just minutes. Your tan fully develops in 4-8 hours and lasts up to 7 days. And we are the only salon in Miami Beach that also has an express alternative for those moments when you have only minutes to spare and just can’t wait the recommended 4-8 hours that our traditional option offers.

Ready for Your Sunless Tanning Experience?

You can start by clicking this orange link to peruse our “Menu of Airbrush Tanning Services.”  You should also take a moment to review our “Prepare & Care” page by clicking the link before you arrive at McAllister Spa for your appointment.

This page is chock-full of information on what you should (and shouldn’t) do before your appointment; it also provides some great tips on what you can do in the days after your spray tan to extend it’s beautiful golden lifespan!