Best Skincare and Facials in Miami Beach, FL

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South Beach Skincare Treatments

Incorporating a mind and body focus, McAllister Spa offers a tranquil place to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect right in the heart of South Beach, just steps from Lincoln Road. The spa offers unsurpassed service and sophistication, delivering an elevated experience with remarkable results. Our all-encompassing menu of skin and body treatments spans a range of menu choices, including customized skincare and facial services backed by SkinCeuticals, eyelash treatments ranging from lash tints and perms to clustered or individual lash extensions, technique-driven body waxing and eyebrow or facial threading and expertly-executed airbrush tanning.

Customization is key at McAllister Spa. We appreciate your uniqueness and work meticulously with each guest to custom tailor your spa services and techniques used to truly address your individual concerns to compliment your natural beauty. From choosing the perfect shade of bronze for spray tans to prescribing the ideal home skin care regimen after your facial, our estheticians and technicians are experts in contemporary spa techniques and approach their craft as an art, delivering high-performance treatments with immediate and long term results.

Escape the South Beach hustle and bustle and join us for the quintessential health and beauty spa experience — and the best facial and esthetic treatments that Miami has to offer.

More About Our Skin Care and Facials

Our team of skin care specialists are among the best in Miami, each is licensed & experienced, and all have attended advanced skin care training from the likes of Dermalogica’s International Dermal Institute and SkinCeuticals Pro Academy.  Their passions extend far beyond simple spa services – they are excited by the science of skin care.  Each facial is customized by our estheticians, tailored to your dermal deficiencies and skin care needs, and is mapped along a timeline.  Skin care is not a luxury … just as you regularly revisit your hair stylists for cuts and color, you’ll find your skin tone, dermal suppleness and overall appearance actually improve with the passage of time.  Take a few minutes to peruse our Menu of Skin Care services to get better idea of the range of modalities offered – from anti-aging treatments that reduce the appearance of fine lines and photo-aging to the care of problematic skin in both teenaged and adult acne, you’re in good hands with our skin care specialists.

More About PhiBrows Microblading

So many issues can arise that result in less than perfect eyebrows.  And for millennia, all one could do was fill them in with various forms of makeup…makeup that washes away, smudges and requires numerous applications a day to keep a well-defined look.  Tattoo artists stepped in and tried to offer up a more permanent solution, but those tattooed brows seldom look all that natural.  The latest trend, commonly referred to as microblading, seems to have found the perfect combination of hyper-realistic looks combined with durability that lasts and lasts.  Our PhiBrows eyebrow artists take the time to map out the perfectly shaped eyebrows and then deposit micro pigmentation just underneath the surface of your skin, yielding a beautifully full and natural looking eyebrow shape.  To read much more about this procedure, check out our Menu of Microblading services.

More About Eyelashes

If your eyes are the windows to your soul, your eyelashes are ornate tapestries framing them!  We have several options to enhance your natural lash look.  Our eyelash experts can tint those lashes a perfectly bold shade that takes in to consideration the colors of your eyes, hair and complexion.  If you’re looking to make those baby blues appear bigger and brighter, then you might want to consider an eyelash perm.  This simple process adds a dramatic yet convincingly natural curl to your natural lashes, moving them out and away from your eyes.  And lastly, if you want to add a truly dramatic pop, we also offer clustered eyelash extensions – perfect for a night out – as well as individual or “lash-by-lash” extensions that add both length and fullness in just an hour or two!  Check out all the options available in our Menu of Eyelash services.

More About Body Waxing

We offer a full menu of waxing services for both women and men.  Our comfortable atmosphere is medically clean and our licensed estheticians are among the best waxing technicians in Miami Beach.  We use high-quality, European wax, we don’t double-dip our disposable spatulas and we never use recycled wax during body waxing sessions.

More About Facial Threading & Eyebrow Threading

Threading is a great alternative to facial waxing and this ancient Middle Eastern hair removal technique has become increasingly popular over the past decade in Miami Beach.  Our threading team has been practicing this art for years and make use of disposable 100% cotton thread.  Many clients love this service because it is rather precise when threading eyebrows and the process is much gentler on the skin than waxing as the passage of twisted thread removes hair while leaving the top layers of your skin, typically removed by wax, intact.

To find out more about our waxing and threading services, click here.

More About Airbrush Spray Tanning

Looking to add a bronzed glow to your complexion?  While many in Miami Beach regularly worship the sun along South Beach, our team recommends a safer alternative to sun-kissed skin.  Our spray tanning process is the best on Miami Beach.  Each visit starts in our treatment room where you have the option to shower away a day’s sweat, oil, perfumes and other body products using a gentle exfoliant.  Your esthetician then matches your natural skin tone to your desired tan color using one of several of the best tanning solutions on the market – each is free of fragrance, oils, alcohol and nut allergens.  Check out our Menu of Airbrush Tanning services now!