Let’s Talk About Microblading, Miami Beach…

The latest brow beauty trend revolves around semi-permanent makeup application. These processes go by a number of names – microblading, feathering, eyebrow embroidery and 3-D brows – to name a few. The techniques associated with each approach vary slightly, but each approach attempts to re-create ideally shaped and perfectly filled eyebrows.

Each methodology involves steps to deposit pigments into the upper layers of your skin to create the illusion of fuller and defined natural eyebrows. The McAllister team researched several of the most common methods and attended several classes to determine which method delivered the most natural looking effect.

Of all methodologies developed, the PhiBrows technique of semi-permanent eyebrow design consistently turns out the most beautiful and natural results.

PhiBrows: The Math Behind Beautiful Brows

Each microblading session starts with the precise calculation of the ideal shape of your eyebrows, in accordance with the “Golden Ratio.” This mathematical expression of beauty appears throughout evolutionary history and has been used since ancient Grecian to guide everyone from architects to plastic surgeons in the creation of things found pleasing to the human eye.

McAllister’s brow artists, trained in the PhiBrows method, use a combination of “old-school” Fibonacci rulers and cutting-edge technology to calculate the shape of your ideal look and then take into consideration other factors such as the shape of your face, the size and position of your eyes, as well as the color, density and growth patterns of your natural eyebrow hair.

Benefits of PhiBrows Microblading

When contemplating how to redefine your eyebrows, there are a variety of methods available, ranging from permanent tattoos to microblading to makeup pencils. Real differences exist within that spectrum and for each client the answer will differ.

The idea of “permanent” makeup causes anxiety for many clients (permanent = forever!), while regularly booking appointments to tint eyebrows and frequently freshening up lines drawn with pencils throughout the day can be exhausting.

As we see it, microblading offers the “Goldilocks” solution right in the middle of these two. Your first microblading session takes about 2 hours; you’ll need to schedule a 60 minute touch-up session about a month after your first visit, and from there, you should expect your beautifully sculpted brows to last about 12 months.

McAllister’s Medical Approach

Microblading is serious business – the process involves making microscopic incisions where pigment is deposited underneath the skin’s surface. Consequently, the McAllister team approaches this service as a medical procedure.

  • All microblading sessions are performed by team members that possess at least three required credentials – dually licensed by the State of Florida as estheticians and tattoo artists and certified by one or more respectable microblading academies known for rigorous courses of study.
  • We use disposable tools whenever possible. The stainless steel implements, which are not disposable, are sterilized in autoclaves. Autoclaves are very expensive pieces of laboratory equipment that utilize steam, heat and pressure. The use of autoclaves is considered the “Gold Standard” by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and McAllister operates in compliance with the CDC’s guidelines for disinfection & sterilization. In fact, we are the only salon or spa on Miami Beach that uses an autoclave for sterilization measures across all beauty services, including nail services, skincare treatments & eyebrow design.

Phi Brows Microblading

New Microblading Client Session with PhiBrows Artist

This service is perfect for clients with natural eyebrows and have never had permanent makeup or have not had microblading performed anywhere in the last 24 months.  This service includes the initial visit only.  One followup session is usually recommended within 6 weeks to ensure the perfect look.

  • New Microblading Session $750
  • 6 Week Followup Session $100 (For a Limited Time, Followup Session is FREE ***A $100 Value***)

Touch-Up Session with PhiBrows Artist (Within 9 months)

These Touch-Up sessions are perfect for clients that have oily skin, use exfoliating skincare products, frequently expose themselves to UV rays either outdoors or in tanning salons or whose skin naturally sheds at a faster rate than normal.

Note: After 9 months, regular rates will apply.

*This service is reserved exclusively for our existing clients who received their microblading at McAllister Spa and return within 9 months from their initial microblading session.*

  • Touch-Up Session $300*

Revision Session with PhiBrows Artist

If you have had microblading performed on your eyebrows and you are unhappy with the results, a consultation with one of McAllister’s PhiBrows Artists is a good place to start. We will take the time to listen to your concerns, examine your brows and determine the best course of action.

There will be cases where the team can perform revisions over previous work, but there may also be circumstances where we refer you out to a dermatologist or schedule a visit at a future time. We always want you to look your very best, and we have your best interests at heart.

  • Revision Session Priced by Consultation Only

Recent Microblading Sessions at McAllister Spa

Here is a sampling of microblading performed at our Miami Beach location.