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[fourcol_one]Kevin Murphy Products Miami Beach[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_three_last]KEVIN.MURPHY is a fashion focused range of professional hair care products created to meet the needs of editorial hairstylists. Unsatisfied with the performance of mainstream hair products, Kevin recognized the need for weightless products that provided performance, strength and longevity to support today’s ever changing looks. Born from the same philosophy as skin care and inspired by nature’s best, the KEVIN.MURPHY range of shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling aids, is an indulgence of runway looks and natural aromatherapy catered for every hair type. The products are made from renewable and sustainable resources whenever possible, using pure essential oils, plant extracts and natural antioxidants. All KEVIN.MURPHY hair products are sulphate and paraben free.[/fourcol_three_last]

[fourcol_one]Label.M Products Miami Beach[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_three_last]Label.m is an award winning, fashion-inspired haircare range developed by professional stylists under the creative eye of a dynamic international artistic team led by Toni Mascolo & Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck. label.m’s mission is to inspire and nurture creativity and individuality in our professional stylists and clients around the world.[/fourcol_three_last]

[fourcol_one]Moroccan Oil Hair Products Miami Beach[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_three_last]MoroccanOil revolutionized the hair care industry with introduction of its oil treatment containing Argan oil. Its oil infused, nutrient-rich, and innovative product line has gradually expanded as products for both hair and body needs have been introduced.[/fourcol_three_last]

[fourcol_one]Sojourn Hair Products by Elan Sassoon Miami Beach[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_three_last]Sojourn Products[/fourcol_three_last]

[fourcol_one]D'Cinque' Hair Products at McAllister Spa Miami Beach[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_three_last]D’Cinqué is a targeted, specialty hair care line resulting from over 50 years of dedicated research into effective methods of repairing damaged hair and into enhanced protection from today’s ever-changing environment. Through countless studies of the underlying causes of damaged hair, Steven & Leo Stephano created these solutions to repair hair naturally from the inside out.[/fourcol_three_last]

[fourcol_one]Difiaba Hair Products in Miami Beach[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_three_last]Difiaba[/fourcol_three_last]

[fourcol_one]Brazilian Blowout Hair Products at Miami Beach[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_three_last]Brazilian Blowout. Through the use of innovative and breakthrough bonding technologies, these treatments and products actually improve the health and condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle.[/fourcol_three_last]

[fourcol_one]Keratin Complex Hair Products Miami Beach McAllister Spa[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_three_last]Keratin Complex, this therapy is the foundation of Keratin Complex – the original, in-salon service that infuses natural keratin deep into hair’s cuticle. This revolutionary therapy reduces frizz and curl and instantly adds amazing shine, silkiness and condition to the hair. The results are astounding. Clients rave that “this is a life-changing experience”. Hair is more manageable, smoother and easier to style than ever before. It is perfect on all types of hair – including color treated and chemically processed hair![/fourcol_three_last]

[fourcol_one]DS Laboratories Hair Products McAllsiter Spa South Beach[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_three_last]DS Laboratories is perhaps the most scientifically-oriented personal care products company in the world. Its treatments are the result of the company’s focus upon countless hours of research.[/fourcol_three_last]

[fourcol_one]OPI Nail Products Miami Beach McAllister Spa[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_three_last]OPI is renowned for its fashion-forward, wearable nail colors for the modern woman who is looking for an effective, safe, environmentally conscious brand.[/fourcol_three_last]

[fourcol_one]Dr. Remedy Nail Products at McAllister Spa Miami Beach[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_three_last]Dr’s Remedy Clinical Nails. Dr’s Remedy is an alternative nail care line for clients looking for beautiful nails while avoiding formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene and DBP. These products are infused with a special blend of ingredients selected by podiatrists, Dr. Cirlincione and Dr. Spielfogel. This blend includes: wheat protein, tea tree oil, garlic bulb extract and lavender. Dr’s Remedy is vegan friendly and utilizes a blend of organic ingredients.[/fourcol_three_last]

[fourcol_one]Essie Nail Products Miami Beach McAllister Spa[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_three_last]Essie is a beauty industry standard. When it comes to polish, there are few name brands that can rival Essie’s color palette and premium quality.[/fourcol_three_last]

[fourcol_one]Gelish Nail Products Miami Beach McAllister Spa[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_three_last]Gelish is a premium natural soak-off gel polish that provides a beautiful and wearable look that can last 3 weeks without chipping or fading.[/fourcol_three_last]

[fourcol_one]Dermalogica Skin Products at McAllister Spa Miami Beach[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_three_last]Dermalogica. Healthy skin is one of the foundations of beauty. Dermalogica takes a clinical approach to skin fitness and formulates its products without common irritants and ingredients that trigger breakouts (including lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrances).[/fourcol_three_last]

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