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Custom Airbrush & Spray Tanning

Our approach uses all-natural ingredients to produce a perfect SoBe tan that can last up to 7 days.  Our natural formulations contain up to 14% DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) – the highest concentration of active ingredient on Miami Beach.

So whether you are gearing up for a big night on South Beach or just want to look your sun-kissed best year round, our estheticians will sculpt & define the look you desire using any of the several different spa elixir formulas, alone or in combination, to achieve the perfectly bronzed effect.

Miami Beach’s best kept spray tan secrets are at McAllister Spa.

Our Original Formulation

Our original formulation is perfect for neutral to warm skin tones and results in a considerably darker complexion.  The product dries in seconds, the application takes just minutes, it fully develops in 4-8 hours and lasts up to 7 days.

  • Custom Original Full Body Spray Tan (1 session) $59
  • Custom Original Half Body Spray Tan (1 session) $39
  • Original Face & Décolleté Only (1 session) $20
  • Exfoliating Dry Body Scrub & Original Full Body Spray Tan $79
  • Weekly Standard (4 Original sessions/month) $199
  • Extra Original Coat $10

The Express Formulation

In a rush?  Our new, “fast-developing” formulation gives you the perfect tan without the extended wait.  Application takes mere minutes, dries in seconds and fully absorbs within 30-90 minutes.

If you are looking for a light tan, wash off in just 30 minutes. For a darker tan, wash off within 60 minutes. If you are looking for maximum darkness, wash off in 90 minutes. Once you shower off the product, you’re ready for a night out!

Say goodbye to hours-long waits to shower, move about, wear light colored-clothing, etc.  Wash off in a maximum of 90 minutes and the tan will continue to develop to the perfectly bronzed hue in just a few hours.

  • Fast-Developing Custom Full Body Express Tan (1 session) $69
  • Fast-Developing Custom Half Body Express Spray Tan (1 session) $49
  • Fast-Developing Face & Décolleté Only (1 session) $30
  •  Exfoliating Dry Body Scrub & Custom Full Body Express Spray Tan $89
  • Fast-Developing Weekly Express Standard (4 sessions/month) $239

Voted Miami Beach’s Best Spray Tan Experience

Custom airbrush tanning at McAllister Spa is not your typical spray tan experience. When you schedule an appointment at McAllister Spa, kiss forever goodbye the days of being scrunched into a tanning booth in a teeny tiny little room with small mirrors and lighting hanging from the ceiling – or worse… like standing on a shower curtain inside a pop-up tent in the middle of your living room! Eek!


At McAllister Spa, you are booked for 30 minutes in a spa treatment room. When you arrive, the room is yours to take a quick shower to fully exfoliate every last inch of your body to prepare for the highest quality spray tan possible.

When it’s time to receive the spray tan, your dually-certified cosmetologist or esthetician and spray tan technician will carefully apply the perfectly mixed organic spray tan under a combination of down lighting, forward-facing lighting and horizontal lights designed to ensure that your spray tan is perfectly even.

Even the most difficult to reach areas of your back will be receive the same attention as the rest of your body. This is great news for when you decide the hit the beach in your bikini or go out in a backless strapless dress or top. An evenly applied spray tan is a natural looking and safe tan.

Once the spray tan is completed, the spacious treatment room remains yours to air dry for a few minutes and carefully admire your newly bronzed tan in a GIANT MIRROR and under a variety of lights.

Want to know more about the do’s & don’t of our customized tanning experience?  Keep reading.

Even More Incredible Benefits of Custom Airbrush Tanning…

A Truly Even Spray Tan

There are plenty of tanning creams and lotions available that can easily be applied at home. But what’s the advantage of a spray tan or airbrush tan? Even application.

No matter how careful you are about how you rub a bronzer into your skin yourself, nothing can match the even results of a custom airbrush spray tan.

Even the most difficult to reach areas of your back will be receive the same attention from McAllister professionals as the any other area of your body. We think an evenly applied tan is a natural looking tan.

Natural Shades of Bronze

If you are new to the world of sunless tanning, be advised that the color you see in the tube of self tanning cream may not be the color of your skin following its application.

One advantage of having a professional apply your sunless tan for you is greater assurance that too light, too dark, or bright orange results are much more likely to be avoided.

Because our estheticians are familiar with the process and products, you are much more likely to end up with a natural bronze glow from a spray tan applied by a professional.

A Painless, Perfect & Healthy Miami Tan? It’s recommended by your doctor!

Who hasn’t experienced a painful sunburn, especially under the powerful rays of Miami’s summer sun? The application process for airbrush tanning is pain free and takes just minutes.

And it is the only tanning method that is both FDA-approved and recommended by the American Cancer Society. Sun exposure accelerates the aging-process and increases the probability of skin disorders and potentially deadly types of cancer.

The Best Tans are Available Rain or Shine, Anytime of Day

Tan when you want with custom airbrush tanning. If you’re only day off happens to be rainy and cloudy, don’t worry.

Schedule your Airbrush Tan Today

Contact us today to schedule your next airbrush tan. We will be delighted to answer any questions you may have about airbrush tanning, so please do not hesitate to ask!

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