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Wig Styling @ McAllister

Your sheitel is precious (and expensive!). To whom do you entrust your wig styling to on Miami Beach? Consider the team at McAllister Spa. Dyann Michele Alvarez worked side-by-side with the illustrious Oribe Canales at his famous salon on Lincoln Road. For those that may be unacquainted with this celebrity hair dresser to the stars, Oribe curated the appearances of supermodels such as Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell, and as Cindy Crawford once said, …”the type of hair that Oribe adored was super high-maintenance…it was beautiful…and it was definitely all about the hair.” Dyann breathes new life into Oribe’s vision of beautiful hair and her work is quickly earning her a proper place as one of the South Beach’s coveted sheitel machers.

And Dyann also works with one of the hair industry’s most sought-after hair experts, Mark Holloway. Mark literally grew up in his family’s wig shop in Los Angeles.  His passion for hair styling started at this early age and has elevated him as one of the most respected hair experts around. He first brought his talents as a hair colorist & stylist to Miami over 3 decades ago. He has honed with skills over his last 10 years as a Creative Director of the McAllister team, and has been named as a platform educator for Goldwell North America. Mark frequently travels around to other revered salons in the US, where he instructs on advanced coloring techniques and precision haircuts.

This duo is definitely the best thing that has ever happened to wigs in Miami.

Points of Difference

Wigs can be an extraordinary investment, and the decisions related to its regular care should be carefully considered. McAllister’s pricing is not the least expensive, so if bargains are the only point of concern, keep reading…because we are going explain why it shouldn’t your deciding factor.

Wig Coloring with Goldwell

The stakes are high when considering whom to trust to color your wig. The quality of hair color products must be your first consideration. McAllister uses Goldwell hair color exclusively on wigs. Nectaya hair color is ammonia free, as is the colorance toner series. Harsh and less expensive pigments, dyes & hair color can be disastrous for wigs. And if quality of product is the first thought when considering hair coloring, the natural second thing to consider is the experience of the hair colorist formulating the color and deciding on its direction. McAllister salon team, as previously mentioned, frequents the Goldwell Academy in Manhattan not only to perfect their craft, but to teach there as well.

Wig Cuts in the Hands of Masters

The stakes are even higher when it comes to cutting wigs to blend naturally with your look. Color can be corrected (sometimes!) but haircuts on wigs never “grow out.” Dyann & Mark have the years of experience that can put your mind at ease. Dyann worked alongside Oribe, one of the best this generation inspired, and Mark not only obtained Goldwell’s elusive title as a Master Stylist – he’s also a program developer and instructor for stylists who seek his talents out the world over.

Talk about a Top Gun team…the team at McAllister really is the best of the best when it comes to wigs.

Wig Styling with Luxurious Oribe Haircare Products

All wigs at McAllister Spa are shampooed and conditioned using the Oribe products suitable and most appropriate for the wig’s hair color & hair texture. The hair is always first gently hand-dried using Acquis microfiber towels. It is then allowed to air dry for 24 hours to minimize the application of heat during this process.  Hair is then smoothed and styled using Dyson Professional & Varis blowers and hot tools, which produce carefully calibrated heats that won’t damage hair integrity.  Oribe styling products such as Royal Blowout, Anti-Humidity Spray and Superfine Hair Spray, are then used to perfect a look that lasts and lasts. Best of all? Oribe’s haircare products are known for their light & airy intoxicating fragrances!

Wig Cases

Wigs don’t belong in recycled plastic bags! We also offer wig cases at reasonable prices to keep your wigs looking their absolute best and to protect them from everything life can throw at it.  The cases are also perfect to protect your valuable wigs when you travel about.

Turn-Around Times

Most wigs are returned to you within 4 days. Expedited service is available at a reasonable added cost.

Menu of Services

Prices range based upon hair density & length.

Dry Styling $30-$40

Wash, Condition, Blow-dry & Style $60-$90

Haircut & Dry Style $125

Goldwell Single Color $65

Miami’s Best Wig Styling Miami Beach – South Beach FL

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