Cinderella Hair Extensions – Tape & Bonded Hair Extensions


What are Cinderella Hair Extensions All About?

Cinderella hair extensions have been around for over 20 years (first established in 1994) the company has long stood as the standard in hair extensions.  First made famous for its "organic bond" system, Cinderella has perfected the process of placing hair extensions without causing damage to your real hair through both this traditional bonding system.  With the adoption of alternative attachment methods in 2011, including their patented T-Hair Tape Extensions, I-Tip Extensions and Cinderella Hair Strips, Cinderella products now meet their mantra of "Our Hair, Your Way."

While their methods of attachment of hair extensions has expanded, their emphasis on quality hair has never wavered.  Cinderella hair extensions are carefully selected, 100% Remy hair (meaning: all the hair cuticle faces in the same direction), which prevents tangling, matting and an unnatural appearance from normal wear and styling; only the softest and silkiest hair is chosen to bear the Cinderella brand name.  Remy hair also facilitates the process of "blending," which allows your hair extensions to mirror the realistic appearance of your own healthy hair.  Cinderella hair is also responsibly sourced from several locations around the world, including Indian and Asian hair for darker colors and Eastern European hair for lighter shades, and has been certified as "Conscience Clear."

Cinderella Hair Comes in a Variety of Colors, Textures & Lengths

When you select Cinderella Hair Extensions brand, the choices you will make during the consultation with your McAllister extensions stylist, have just begun!  First, Cinderella offers over 60 different colors, including twenty different shades of blonde hair, a range of fiery red hues and an array of pastel colors and "fantasy colors," including pastel peach, dark pink, bright blue, pastel violet, bright red, pastel yellow, pastel pink, purple and bright purple.  Whatever color hair you have, whatever color you are looking to highlight, Cinderella will have the perfectly-matched hair extension for you.

Second, the length of the hair extensions you can choose from varies from as short as 8" inches to as long as 28" inches.  Your McAllister extensions stylist will review several factors related to your lifestyle, financial budget and time commitment to help you pick the perfect length to achieve a look you love at a price you can afford at a length you can manage!

Third, the hair texture can vary between any combination of four standard options.  This choice is based upon your personal preference and your natural hair, and it ranges from:

  • "Straight" - Cinderella's most popular option that is silky smooth and falls straight.
  • "Bodywave" - The Bodywave selection provides more volume, movement and texture as the hair is steamed (but not permed) to provide a gentle and temporary wave.  Bodywave extensions are available in two lengths- 18" inches & 22" inches.
  • "Curly/Permed" - The Curly or Permed option maintains the shape of permed, spiraling curls for up to three months and is an industry-exclusive product...no other company retails permed extensions as a stock item.  Curly/Permed extensions are available in only only 20" inch length, although the length of these hair extensions can be shortened to blend with your natural hair.
  • "Afro-Textured" - The Afro-texture range is slightly coarser, allowing for the hair extensions to blend with ethnic hair and is available in only 16" inch length, although the length of these extensions can shortened to blend with your natural hair. 

Fourth, the last choice to be made with your McAllister extensions stylists relates to the attachment type selected.  Cinderella offers several different attachment methods, including:

  • Classis Organic Bonding - Cinderella pioneered organic bonding over two decades ago.  Each hair extension placed in your hair is tipped with a protein-moulded bond (PMB) which is gently heated by your extensions stylists to mold around your natural hair.  The heat used during application is sufficiently low to protect your hair, whether it is fine or coarse.  
  • T-tip Tape Extensions - Cinderella embraced the tape extensions trend in 2011 and perfected it.  If the organic bonds don't work for you, the tape attachment method is a popular alternative.  Much like Hotheads Hair Extensions (another McAllister Spa favorite), Cinderella's T-tip extensions are applied by placing two adhesive tabs together, "sandwiching" your natural hair in between the two hair extension tabs.  These adhesive tabs are subtly placed and completely invisible to others when they admire your "thick, beautiful and natural hair!"
  • I-tip Extensions - These I-tip extensions are applied without the heat during organic bonding and are removed without the chemicals needed to remove the adhesive tape extensions.  The attachment method is simply mechanical!  These extensions are applied by pulling strands of your natural hair through one of very small I-link cylinders and a Cinderella tool is used to lock the I-tip extension in place.

How to Care For & Maintain Cinderella Hair Extensions

McAllister Spa loves hair extensions!  Our extensions stylists have such a passion for the beautiful results these hair enhancements provide our clientele.  During your consultation and at the end of your service, you will be provided a (nearly!) exhaustive list of suggestions on how to care for your new tresses.  No matter the brand of extensions chosen or the attachment type selected, we anticipate your hair extensions will last approximately 3 months before you'll need to either replace or maintain them.  During those three months, we usually suggest you schedule complimentary "Inspection" appointments within 4-6 weeks and we suggest you consider reserving an appointment to either repair or replace your extensions in 12 weeks.

With hair extensions, plan a little extra "me" time during your day to look after your hair extensions to keep them perfect!  We also highly suggest, you visit McAllister Spa's StyleLab once or twice a week to wash and blow-dry your hair.  Professional stylists know how to shampoo, maintain and blowout hair with extensions, and at just $35, it's a convenient and inexpensive way to ensure your hair extensions always look absolutely incredible and your investment in your appearance lasts as long as possible!

Still Thinking About Hair Extensions?

If you are still contemplating whether hair extensions are right for you, book a complimentary consultation with a McAllister stylist to discuss the wide variety of options offered by Cinderella and our other hair extensions brands.

Let's See What's Happening Over at Cinderella Hair Extensions

Cinderella Hair is a fashion-forward brand that just fits with the philosophy at McAllister Spa.  We keep in touch with Stan and his team over at Cinderella to see what's new and what's next and we think you should too!  Take a look at what they have most recently shared with the world.