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It would seem these days that so many women are genetically blessed with perfect, thick, long & flowing hair.  But McAllister stylists know that so many of these leading ladies and and Instagram “models” have a little secret!  While a few girls here and there may have naturally healthy, thick and long hair, many more girls have turned to popular hair extensions brands like Hotheads.  There are many types of extensions – from fusion or bonded hair extensions like Great Lengths Hair Extensions to a wide variety of sew-in extensions – yet few can match the benefits and advantages of tape hair extensions like from Hotheads.  

The Process – What to Expect…

First – and rather importantly – Hotheads hair extensions will never never result in hair loss or otherwise damage your natural hair after the removal of the hair extensions.  Tape extensions are placed in the hair near the root using adhesive tabs that stick directly to the hair and “sandwich” your natural hair between two adhesive tabs.  These extensions remain securely attached to your hair and gradually grow out with your natural hair.

In 8-12 weeks, your hair will have grown out to a length where you will need to schedule a “Repair & Maintenance” session with your McAllister Stylist.  Your stylists will remove your hair extensions with a naturally-derived professional solvent, color or cut your hair if requested, re-tape the extensions with brand new adhesive tabs (…they can usually be recycled 2-3 times before the purchase of new hair extensions is necessary…) and place them back in your hair – good as new!

Is Hotheads the Best Hair Extensions Available?

Hotheads Extensions is widely recognized as an industry leader by having the best quality 100% Remy hair from Indian, Asian and Eastern European sources and through the development of a dependable and solid attachment system.  They have created some of the best ways to provide volume, length, highlights and dynamic color simply, fast and without the use of heat during the application process.  When considering tape extensions, Hotheads is THE answer.

Why Choose McAllister Stylists?

McAllister stylists are all Hotheads-Certified stylists.  Many stylists will claim to know how to install and maintain tape hair extensions while few have gone through the required training Hotheads offers partner salons.  You can trust McAllister stylists to deliver unbelievable volume, color consistency and selected contrasts, quickly and professionally.  In most cases, your McAllister stylist will have your hair extensions installed in under an hour, with repair & maintenance appointments taking just a bit longer.

Still On the Fence?

We can always sweeten the deal since McAllister Spa takes special care of its extensions clients.  Our StyleLab – Miami Beach’s new blow-dry bar alternative – offers Hair Extensions blowouts for just $39!

Check out the latest from Instagram Posts from Hotheads Hair Extensions

We want you to have up-to-the-second news about Hotheads so here are their latests posts.  While our writings attempt to explain the in’s and out’s of hair extensions, theres nothing like seeing what is possible and how beautiful Hotheads hair can be.  So here are the latest 15 images posted by Hotheads and shared with the world on Instagram.


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