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Jessica Antonini
Jessica AntoniniJessica Antonini
Master Stylist

Master Stylist

Jessica has been a hair stylist and an accomplished colorist for more than 30 years. She trained in two of of the industry’s biggest cities – New York & Boston – and managed several popular hair salons before opening her own in Massachusetts. More than a decade ago, Jess decided to move her artistry to the warmer beaches of Miami. Along the way, she spent nearly a decade at Paula’s Salon before moving on to a brief stint at Atma Beauty, before finally deciding to make McAllister Spa her forever home!  Over the years she’s also lived & worked in Europe, which lends to her diverse skills and experiences, contributing to her unique professional style and her passion for naturally-derived hair color, treatments and products. She has a loyal book filled with great people from around the world who enjoy her superior technical skill in addition to her kind and gentle approach.

Jessica also has experience in teaching hair color theory, focusing on general beauty education and coloring techniques. She applies this experience to her clients daily; helping people to understand the color process & maintenance so they can make the best choices for their hair. She stays attuned to the latest hair trends while keeping an appreciation for classic, effortless looks.

Part of what makes Jessica’s clients so loyal is the personal and friendly manner that she uses to consult and communicate with people. She really cares and that comes across in every visit. The consultation process is a significant part of creating a style & color that clients will love and be able to maintain themselves. Many of her clients say that she is the first stylist who really listened to what they want and was able to achieve it and educate them how to maintain it.

Jessica really excels in creating natural looks through her application of color. She’s currently a fan of Redken’s professional hair color line – Shades EQ. This hair color line is among the most popular in the world, never contains irritants such as ammonia so common in hair color choices and leaves hair healthy with a shine that’s immediately noticeable. Jess is also a huge advocate for All-Nutrient color, which is derived from natural bases of certified organic ingredients and blended with fruit and vegetable oils derived from farms committed to production without the use of GMOs and synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Jess loves challenging projects as well. Unfortunately damaged hair is far too common in Miami Beach. Whether damage was caused by the sun and sandy beaches of South Beach or by previous hair highlighting efforts gone wrong, she understands just how to repair fragile, brittle and damaged hair. Through the use of hair treatments such as Olaplex and Goldwell’s BondPro or the prescription of home regimens from the likes of Phyto and Kevin Murphy, Jess knows exactly how to get your hair healthy once again! And if your hair is really struggling to attain the length you love or the thickness and fullness you desire, she is also certified in the application and maintenance of Hotheads Hair Extensions and HairTalk Extensions.

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Every member of the team here at McAllister Spa is happy to talk about a home care regimen that supports your look and amplifies your beauty.  We love emails from clients and customers (it’s just how we do things!).  If you want to discuss anything related to hair color, natural hair highlights or which of the many professional products carried at McAllister Spa might be right for you, just click the link below to send Jess an email.  Jess is really passionate about corrective color, natural hair color options and the use of Olaplex to both protect and repair hair during the coloring process.

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