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Jessica Sarkis Antonini
Jessica Sarkis AntoniniJessica Sarkis Antonini
Master Stylist

Master Stylist

Jessica’s biography is coming soon. With more than 25 years of industry experience, there’s plenty of good stuff to share about Jess!

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Every member of the team here at McAllister Spa is happy to talk about a home care regimen that supports your look and amplifies your beauty.  We love emails from clients and customers (it’s just how we do things!).  If you want to discuss anything related to hair color, natural hair highlights or which of the many professional products carried at McAllister Spa might be right for you, just click the link below to send Jess an email.  Jess is really passionate about corrective color, natural hair color options and the use of Olaplex to both protect and repair hair during the coloring process.

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