The Secret to Radiant Skin: Hydra Facials in Miami Beach

The Secret to Radiant Skin: Hydra Facials in Miami Beach

Imagine this: you’re lounging by the beach in Miami, the sun warming your skin as you listen to the gentle crash of waves. Now, picture yourself treating your skin to something truly special—a Hydra Facial. It’s not your average facial; it’s like a magic potion for your skin, making you look and feel amazing.

So, what exactly is a Hydra Facial? Well, it’s a supercharged facial treatment that’s all about giving your skin some serious love. Unlike regular facials that just clean your skin, Hydra Facials go deeper, using fancy technology to clean, hydrate, and nourish your skin all at once. It’s like a mini-spa day, but just for your face!

Facials in Miami Beach

Facials in Miami Beach

Now, let’s delve into the essence of Hydra Facials. These revolutionary treatments have taken the beauty world by storm, offering a blend of advanced technology and natural ingredients to unveil radiant, youthful skin. And where better to experience this transformative journey than at McAllister Spa, a beacon of excellence in skincare nestled in the heart of Miami Beach?

But why the buzz about Hydra Facials specifically? Well, let’s talk numbers. According to a recent survey by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, non-surgical cosmetic procedures, including facials, have seen a staggering 64% increase in popularity among women aged 18 to 35 in the past five years alone. This surge in demand is not merely a trend; it’s a testament to the effectiveness of Hydra Facials in addressing a myriad of skincare concerns, from pesky blemishes to stubborn fine lines.

So, what sets Hydra Facials apart from traditional facials, you ask? Unlike conventional facials that merely cleanse and moisturize the skin’s surface, Hydra Facials delve deeper, employing a patented Vortex-Fusion technology to exfoliate, extract, and infuse potent serums tailored to your skin’s needs. Think of it as a multi-step process designed to deliver immediate results without any downtime—perfect for the busy, modern woman craving instant gratification.

Now, let’s talk benefits. Hydra Facials not only leave your skin looking and feeling refreshed but also target specific concerns such as hyperpigmentation, acne, and signs of aging. With a customized blend of antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid, these facials work wonders in promoting collagen production, restoring elasticity, and combating environmental damage. The result? A luminous complexion that radiates youthfulness from within.

But don’t just take my word for it. According to a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, participants who underwent regular Hydra Facials reported a significant improvement in skin texture, hydration, and overall satisfaction compared to those who received traditional facials. These findings underscore the transformative power of Hydra Facials in achieving long-lasting skincare goals.

Now, let’s circle back to McAllister Spa. With a team of expert aestheticians trained in the art of skincare, McAllister Spa is your gateway to youthful radiance in Miami Beach. Whether you’re seeking to address specific concerns or simply indulge in a moment of self-care, their tailored Hydra Facial treatments are designed to elevate your beauty regimen to new heights. After all, shouldn’t skincare be more than just a routine—it should be an experience?

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of beauty trends, one thing remains constant: the desire to look and feel our best. With Hydra Facials at McAllister Spa, you can bid farewell to the days of aging gracefully and embrace a future where youthfulness knows no bounds. So, why wait? Isn’t it time to unlock the secret to ageless beauty?

Hairdressers vs Hairstylists: What’s the Difference?

Hairdressers vs Hairstylists: What’s the Difference?

For some of you, certain beauty terms and definitions can be confusing. We can’t even blame you when we see so many professionals making the same mistakes! Luckily, we are here to help educate you. One topic we want to tackle is the difference between a hairdresser and a hairstylist. Now, we know you might be thinking, “Wait a minute, aren’t those the exact same thing?” Don’t feel bad, it’s a problem even industry professionals run into! If some hair salons don’t know the difference, how can we expect you to?

The truth is, despite being used interchangeably, hairdressers and hairstylists are NOT the same profession at all! Just because they both work with hair, doesn’t mean they can both do the same thing. Not only do they each have their own professional training, but they do completely different types of work and even handle different tools during it! For example, someone can know how to cut hair perfectly, but that doesn’t mean they automatically know how to create a perfect up-do! Don’t worry, once you’re done reading, you’ll understand why it’s important to differentiate the two.


Hairdressers are in charge of processing and hair cuts, which means washing your hair, cutting your hair, applying chemical treatments and adding hair extensions. This is who you want to go to when you feel like changing up your look permanently, not just for one special event. Due to this permanent change to your hair, hairdressers might even require cosmetology licenses in some places, which can take up to two years to achieve.

At the bare minimum, they need specialized training for their profession, certificates on how to use their special products and equipment and different requirements depending on what they specialize in. You will likely find them in salons, because they use a lot of equipment and products that aren’t easily portable!


Meanwhile, hairstylists do exactly what their name states: style your hair! Styling hair means learning how to design hair and change up its look by creating curls, waves and volume, all without actually cutting or processing the hair. This is the person you want to go to when you need an up-do for a wedding, beautiful curls for prom or even fancy waves for professional events.

Hairstylists do not require a license to work, because they aren’t creating permanent changes in your hair. They will style it to create illusions of change in your hair, but at the end of the day, unlike a hairdresser, you can wash out any temporary changes. You will likely find them at special events such as a wedding, moving from one client to the next to create beautiful hairstyles on each one.

Not every hairdresser can style hair and not every hairstylist can do a hairdresser’s job… Which is why sometimes you might go to a hair salon and you’ll get passed from one person to another during different stages of the process. However, one person can receive professional training to do both, so they can wash, cut, process your hair, and then style it! Both of these professions require experience, creativity and hard work.

Hairstylists aren’t completely different from hairdressers, though. While they do different types of work, their skills can even be quite similar! For example, they are both handling your hair, which means both professions need to understand how to protect your hair from damage as much as they can. Whether it’s damage due to heat or chemicals, they want to keep your hair looking as shiny and healthy as possible.

Another skill they share is understanding the relation between hair types, hair styles and face shapes. The hairdresser will make sure to give you a cut that is perfect for your face shape, but also viable with your lifestyle. They will try to give you a hair cut that will suit every aspect of you. Meanwhile, the hairstylist does the same will styling your hair! They will ensure that your hairstyle looks good with your hair type, adding and reducing volume where needed and even creating waves and curls if you desire. For both of them, the most important thing is keeping the client satisfied!

Mark Holloway

Today, we want to highlight one of McAllister Spa’s massively talented hairstylists: Mark Holloway! If you’ve come to our hair salon in Miami Beach in the past, you might have even worked with him before and know how much he deserves this highlight! He is our creative director with decades of amazing industry experience. What first started as fun in his family’s salon in Los Angeles, quickly turned into a full-blown passion for hair and makeup that has lasted until this day!

After beginning his career in 1987, his work has graced fashion events and red carpet premieres the world over. His work has been in prestigious ad campaigns and editorial tear sheets, which means we are lucky to work alongside him at McAllister Spa! He can do wonders for your hair cut, hair color, makeup and more. However, he is most passionate about corrective color, Goldwell hair products, the use of Olaplex, as well as makeup and eyebrow threading.

If you’d like to work with him, consult him or simply ask him a question, don’t hesitate to contact him through email. He will gladly work with you to achieve your hair goals, applying his decades of professional experience to make your dream hair a reality.

Now that you know the difference between hairdressers and hairstylists, you can come to our hair salon in Miami Beach and choose your own stylist! While today we have recommended Mark Holloway, each of our stylists has experience and is wonderfully talented. Whether you want to work with Mark or any of our brilliant stylists, we have made booking an appointment super easy.

You can text, call or email us for a consultation, while working with our stylists to decide on the perfect hairstyle for you. Our McAllister hairstylists will be happy to make your dream hairstyle come true! Book an appointment today.


Miami’s Best Facial Experience – HydraFacial SkinCeuticals

Miami’s Best Facial Experience – HydraFacial SkinCeuticals

Voted Best Facials in Miami Beach, FL

Facial Spa
Facial Spa

Now that the HydraFacial experience is available at McAllister Spa, we’ve taken our partnership with SkinCeuticals to the next level. We have handcrafted a truly unique skincare treatment -the “Antioxidant HydraFacial by SkinCeuticals.” 

This 45-minute Antioxidant HydraFacial delivers the most potent anti-aging facial treatment available in Miami, backed by the most trusted subclinical skincare line in the world. 

SkinCeuticals Clean!

This customized HydraFacial treatment starts with preparing the skin to receive the maximal benefits of the HydraFacial. Eye makeup and lip color is gently removed with SkinCeuticals Gentle Cleanser & soft, pre-moistened gauze pads. 

A small amount of Gentle Cleanser is then massaged onto a damp face and neck until your esthetician determines your skin is thoroughly clean!

HydraFacial Perfect Skin

Exfoliation is the first step, gently removing debris and dead skin cells, to reveal soft, supple skin. A mixture of glycolic & salicylic acids is then applied, delivering the benefits of a mild chemical peel without a post-peel. 

The final step is where the dirt hits the road! Using HydraFacial’s patented vortex suction tip, your esthetician cleans out your pores and removes the surface debris from your skin.

SkinCeuticals “C”

Now that the HydraFacial process has revealed your flawlessly clean face, your esthetician will customize a Vitamin C masque. This facial masque contains a well-mixed combination of SkinCeuticals products such as Vitamin C Firming Masque, Equalizing Toner and Phyto Corrective Gel.  It is gently applied to your face, allowed to set and then gently removed with cool water.

Preventing Future Skin Damage

Based upon your esthetician’s evaluation of your skin’s condition, your face is primed to absorb one of several serums. A mainstay of any SkinCeuticals treatment is the use of CE Ferulic. If fine lines, uneven skin texture or wrinkles are noted, your esthetician may elect to use one of HydraFacial’s booster serums, such as Dermabuilder Boost or Growth Factor Boost.

To top of this antioxidant facial feature, your esthetician will apply SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2, finishing with Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50. And with this last step, you are ready to face the world, face refreshed and flawless.

Last 2 Steps…

On your way out, there’s only two steps left…pick up your home care regimen and book next month’s HydraFacial appointment. Discounted packages for monthly HydraFacials are available in limited quantities so ask your esthetician about these specials.

Want to Book A HydraFacial Now?

If you haven’t yet experienced a HydraFacial, and you’re super-excited to give it a shot now after reading this little blurb about the antioxidant option powered by SkinCeuticals, click this link HERE and we can schedule you ASAP!

Miami’s Best Facial Miami Miami Beach – South Beach FL

Mcallister Spa:

  • Voted Best Facial in Miami
  • Top-rated Service in SoBe
  • Best Ingredients for Your Skin
  • Highest Quality Products
  • Voted Best Esthetician In Miami Beach
  • Located near South Beach
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  • Skinceuticals & Hydrafacial

Mcallister Spa: Voted Best Facial in Miami · Top-rated Service in SoBe · Best Ingredients for Your Skin · Highest Quality Products · Voted Best Estheticians.

Dreisy Reyes is Miami Beach’s Best Hair Extensions Stylist

Dreisy Reyes is Miami Beach’s Best Hair Extensions Stylist

Miami: Voted best hair extensions in Miami Beach! McAllister Spa – where South Beach locals go for Miami hair-extensions, color and clip-in hair-extensions and the best service possible.

What are Hair Extensions?

So you asked us and we have Miami Beach’s best hair extensions stylist answering! While there are many types of hair extensions, the overall purpose is to add length and thickness to the hair. Hair extensions can be taped, glued, bonded, clipped, or microlinked to your natural hair. The difference between a wig and a hair extension is that a wig is placed on top of the entire head, while extensions lay on the hair roots. You must have some hair in order to have extensions, usually at least 3-4 inches.

Many people assume that all hair extensions are for adding length to a shorter cut. And while many people choose extensions for a longer look, some women with thin hair choose extensions with the same length as their natural hair to add  volume for a thicker, healthier-looking mane for those legendary nights along Lincoln Road. Because there are so many choices to suit your particular hair goals, chatting it up with Dreisy at McAllister Spa is usually best.

best miami beach hair extensions salon near me

When you are contemplating the best hair extensions near me in South Beach, there is only one place you should consider, and that is McAllister Spa Miami Beach.

What Type of Hair Extensions is Best for My Miami Beach Lifestyle?

Everybody wants great hair in Miami’s South Beach. Shine, volume, and the perfect color each go into the ‘do, but if you want longer hair, more hair, or add a pop of dimensional color, hair extensions might be for you. If you’ve never heard of extensions or just want to learn more about the different types (not all hair extensions are created equal), keep reading! McAllister Spa is one of Miami Beach’s best hair salons and they have you covered. And there’s no one better hair stylist at McAllister Spa than Dreisy Reyes.

Which is Better for Miami Beach’s Heat & Humidity – Synthetic vs. Natural Hair Extensions?

Synthetic hair is made out of plastic. It is shinier than natural hair (meaning that it is often obvious that it’s fake hair), tangles easily, cannot be dyed, and is near impossible to style. However, synthetic hair is much cheaper than genuine human hair, which is why some women opt for it in their extensions. Natural hair has normal levels of shine, doesn’t tangle as much, can be dyed, and is easily styled, but it is in a much higher price range than synthetic hair. Is it worth it? Yes. Synthetic hair cannot be styled because the plastic is formed in a permanent manner. Additionally, attempting to use a curling iron, for example, will result in a melted clump, ruining the hair and potentially your heat tool.

What are Clip-on Hair Extensions & Which Are Best to Wear in Miami Beach?

Clip-ons are the most popular type of hair extension. They are reusable, easily clipped in, and easily removed, making them popular with people who do their hair at home. Clip-ons add length, volume, and potentially a pop of color to a head with minimal effort. However, the downside is that they are not at all permanent and must be removed before going to sleep. Additionally, some people find the clips bulky, and it is challenging to complete up-dos unless you are a professional. If taken care of correctly, clip-ons can last you upwards of 6 months.

Tape-in Hair Extensions


McAllister Spa is where Miami Beach locals go for hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are an effortless way to add (and remove) length and volume any time you want. It’s a perfect accessory for the fabulous and sexy South Beach lifestyle.

Tape-ins are another popular version of hair extensions. And McAllister Spa has all the best brands of tape extensions – from Bellami to Glam Seamless and from Hotheads to HairTalk. This type of hair extensions is placed similarly to clip-ons, but a professional like our very own Dreisy uses a heat-activated tape-looking glue that is stuck to the natural hair. Tape-ins are less heavy than clips and are more accessible to style. They are also semi-permanent.

The principal thing you have to watch out for is to ensure you’re not stripping the glue with hair products; you should use special shampoos and conditioners designed for extensions. Tape-in hair extensions will typically last you around 4-8 weeks, but it depends on how quickly your hair grows and how careful you are with the glue. Glue remover is used to take off the extensions, and if they are still in good condition, they can be reglued closer to the roots.

Bonded Hair Extensions

A favorite at Miami Beach’s favorite hair extensions salon are fusion/bonded/keratin extensions. They are perhaps the most natural-looking of all varieties of extension. Small hair bundles are glued via heat-activation to strands of your natural hair in discrete areas around your head. While this method might look the best, it’s also the most damaging to your natural hair and may cause hair loss, breakage, scalp irritation, or heat damage. Once you start with these extensions, you won’t want to stop.

Bonded extensions are probably the easiest to manage because you don’t have to do anything special with them. Unlike the other methods, you can style and wash your hair as usual. They also last longer, about 2-3 months, without needing to be removed and rebonded closer to the roots. And McAllister Spa works with quality brands like Cinderella Hair Extensions.

Microlink Hair Extensions

Dreisy is a big advocate for maintaining healthy hair, and sometimes a healthier alternative to bonded extensions are microlink hair extensions. Tiny strands of your natural hair are pushed through a small silicone bead with the extension. The bead is then crimped to your hair without glue or heat, making them much less damaging than microlink hair extensions. Just like bonded extensions, microlinks can be styled and washed like normal. However, you must be careful not to accidentally rip the links out with a brush or hands. These extensions will last you around 2-3 months before being uncrimped and moved up to the roots.

Weaves & Sew-in Wefts


When you are in Miami Beach and you contemplate “where can I get hair extensions near me” – there’s just one answer – McAllister Spa.

Technically, weaves and hair extensions are different things, but the terms are often used interchangeably. Weaves are often used for 4C and other coily hair types but can be done on anybody. The natural hair is first braided into cornrows. Then, the weave is sewn into the braids. Sew-in weft hair extensions are a variety of weave, except only one braid is made under the bulk of the hair.

The weave is sewn into the braid, leaving no trace of a tiny braid. This hair isn’t damaging since there isn’t any heat, glue, or other chemicals. With a sew-in weft, you can care for your hair as normal. Full weaves, however, are a little more complicated, and caring for them depends on the texture of your weave and natural hair. The weft extensions will last around 6-8 weeks before needing to be moved closer to the roots

Where Can I Get Hair Extensions Near Me in Miami Beach?

If you’re in the South Beach area, you’re in luck! McAllister Spa provides top-of-the-line extension installations and hair. You can learn more about our specific extension services by viewing our hair services. We’ll even give you a free consultation with all your options. If you’re on the market for a complete makeover, McAllister Spa is the place for you in Miami Beach. We have hair, massage, nail, skincare, waxing, tanning, eyelash, eyebrow, and more services available. So go to our homepage and check us out! We’d love to see you.

Who is Miami Beach’s Best Hair Extensions Stylist?

And before you book, take a moment to appreciate Dreisy Reyes’ amazing artistry as she places hair extensions of all sorts in the recent images posted on our Instagram. Her work is nothing short of absolute perfection in our. When it’s time for an appointment with Dreisy, send us a text at 305-604-0550. If you would like to schedule a virtual consult via Facetime, particularly during COVID, send us an email by clicking this link and she will reach out ASAP.

How To Keep Hair From Frizzing in Florida

How To Keep Hair From Frizzing in Florida

How to Control Hair From Frizzing in Florida and Miami Beach!

  • 1. Shampoo Less Often
  • 2. Use Quality Conditioner More
  • 3. Leave Good Treatment in Over-Night?
  • 4. Less Heat (Irons & Blow Dry) & More Healing
  • 5. Protect Hair With Quality Products

While we all love summer, the season is home to a myriad of beauty challenges we often struggle to overcome. Between unsightly tan lines, painful sunburns, and enough bug bites to make a girl go insane, perhaps the most daunting challenge during the muggy months is fighting off frizzy hair.

Not to worry. With a bit of preplanning and strategic beauty routine swaps, it is possible to tame a misbehaving and frizzy mane.

We’ve tapped our top talent for their simple solutions for taming tresses in the South Florida humidity:

Spring For a Goldwell Kerasilk Treatment

Kick off the summer with smoother, more manageable strands by treating yourself to a Goldwell Kerasilk treatment. The miracle, two-component system redefines traditional keratin treatments, by making them suitable for all textures. Gone are the days of one uniform look. From curly to pin straight, depending on the way your stylist builds the formula, Kerasilk can be used to make your everyday style a little less frizzy. Best of all, the treatment lasts up to five months – enough to get you through summer and then some!

Hair Treatment

Sport a Humidity-Friendly Style

Braids are your new best friend and the secret weapon for fending off frizz. Avoid flyaways by securing your style with a touch of flexible hold wax (nobody likes hairline frizzies). DIY with one of the many YouTube tutorials out there, or (better yet) leave it to the professionals and drop by McAllister Spa’s StyleLab for a quick and simply hair braid for a budget-friendly $25 style.

hair braid

Embrace Your Natural Hair Texture

Try working with your natural hair texture, not against it. Since hair has natural memory, you can blow, curl, and straighten ”˜till the end of time, but your style will immediately revert to its natural texture the moment it’s exposed to humidity. Save yourself time and a huge headache by going au naturale. For a chic, beachy style, spritz damp strands with a salt spray (try Kevin.Murphy HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY), divide hair into four sections, twist from root to end, and tie back into a low bun. Let hair loose once it’s dry to reveal effortless, South Beach-approved waves.

natural hair texture

Practice Good Technique

If you absolutely must blow dry your own hair (never recommended but we knows it’s inevitable sometimes), be sure to do so with proper technique. A good blowout starts with the right brush. Look for a round option with dense, natural, uneven bristles, which will provide enough tension on the hair to provide smooth end results. Pull hair taut with the brush and point the dryer down the hair shaft to avoid fluffing up the cuticle. Blast with cool air to set the style and spritz with a light hold hairspray (try Kevin.Murphy SESSION.SPRAY) to lock in your hard work.