Beautiful, bold eyelashes are an essential part of captivating eyes.  A recent survey conducted by Wakefield Research found that three out of four women consider their own eyelashes “inadequate.”  To boost confidence and plump up those peepers without piling on layers of mascara from a tube, many women are eyeing extensions – of the lash variety that is.

Bold & Beautiful Eyelashes

Luscious lashes are best left to the experts – like those you find at McAllister Spa in Miami Beach. Just this month, we’ve just launched our very own eyelash menu to deliver the plumped up peepers you lust after.  And since no two eyelashes are created equal, our makeup artists and full specialists break down several options offered in-salon that will give your friends a severe case of eyelash envy.

Check out the new menu by clicking here.

For Your Big Night Out…

Clustered lashes are an economical choice. These lashes can be placed the day of an event and will naturally fall out or can be removed at home after a couple of days. These clusters are great for those wanting fuller and longer lashes every now and again for a special day or weekend on Miami Beach.

For Something A Bit More Permanent…

Individual or “lash-by-lash” eyelash extensions are a great alternative that want to maintain a look week after week and month after month. These lashes are meticulously applied lash by lash between your natural eyelashes using a water-resistant adhesive that will stay attached to the lid of your eye for weeks. These weightless, wonderful lashes are ideal for those wanting a transformative look, but be advised – they do require maintenance. Plan on a visit every two to three weeks to keep those lashes look full and absolutely perfect.

…Or If You Want to Enhance What You Naturally Have…

McAllister’s eyelash menu also offers a few fluttering alternative to extensions that lets you make the best of what you already have.  Our eyelash perm…yes, the 80’s perm that made your hair big and curly is back…will help you create that wide-eyed look from the moment you get out of bed to the time your head hits your pillow at night. Eyelash perming is a semi-permanent process that creates a gorgeous curl in your lashes, which lasts up to two months.

The other option we absolutely love is DS Lab’s Eyelash product which completely won over our team and clients alike, so much so that many have dropped the use of Latisse and now use our product which is just $44 (1/3 the price!) and has the pleasant side effect of not having all those scary side effects that litter the inserts found in that other product!