Well October is here, the fall season has arrived, and Miami Beach has thankfully re-opened (kind of) for business. Some Zoom meetings are already being replaced with socially distanced South Beach chats. So now that you’ll be within 6 feet of others for the first time in a while, let’s take a look at your manicure and assess the situation. Are your hands ready for humanity? If you are way overdue for a manicure, take a look at the perfection that is Marnie’s manicures at McAllister Spa.

Marnie is one of Miami Beach’s most popular manicurists. Her manicures are nothing short of works of art. So once you’ve made the decision to get a mani with Marnie, this will prove to be the first amazing decision of many more to make. The next pondering is what day should you visit? McAllister Spa is open every day except Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day and Marnie happens to work here – one of the elusive few South Beach nail salons that are open Sundays! To book an appointment, you can call us anytime or text us at 305-604-0550. Appointments for nails with Marnie are always a good idea as walk-in appointments with her are next to impossible. 

Now the next big decision, what sort of manicure is right for you? Our classic manicure & pedicure option is a good starting point. This manicure using regular polish and includes a salt scrub from Mas Skinfood – made just for you by Marnie using fractionated coconut oil and Oregon Tilth-certified essential oils.  This is the ideal nail option for those that are looking for a weekly appointment to keep your hands & feet looking perfect. 

If you need something that is a bit more durable, the tried and true option of a gel polish manicure is where Marnie does some of her best work. Gel polish manicures – using OPI Gel or Gelish! – last for weeks. So if you are going to back to work in the hospitality or bar industry here in South Beach, this the definitely the best choice for you. This nail service is perfect for a visit with Marnie every other week at McAllister Spa

We’ve left Marnie’s best and definitely most popular mani service for last in this little discussion. Marnie excels at powder-dip nails. Her work is pure perfection! McAllister Spa uses OPI powder dip products and SNS acrylic powder dip. These powder-powered manicures are incredibly indestructible. We’ve even seen a few outlast quarantine and return 2 months later for removal and replacement! These powder dip products include naturally-derived ingredients and have actually been proven safe for your nails over time. Marnie’s favorite benefit to your nails is, unlike traditional acrylic nail enhancements, powder dip manicures are completely removed each time and replaced. It gives your natural nails a momentary opportunity to breath and a second for you to assess your nail health to ensure there’s no problems quietly lurking underneath with your natural nails.

The last thing to consider since you’re probably WAY overdue for a manicure is a post-pandemic pedi. If your hands have been feeling neglected these past few months, we’re sure your feet could use at least as much attention! And according to Marnie, you have to decide between two pedicures – the classic pedicure or the Gelish! pedi option. The classic pedicure includes the same infamous Mas Skinfood scrub and your choice of regular nail polishes from the likes of Essie and OPI. The highlight of this pedicure may be the perfect polish by Marnie, but what will keep you coming back again and again is the short massage included of your feet and calves. If you are looking for a pedicure that can take worst that South Beach sand can throw at you, you have to upgrade the pedi experience to our Gelish! option. Gel polish nails are pretty durable and brilliantly colored. And as we head into the autumn months and holiday season, the reason to celebrate will multiply and the number of open-toe shoe events will rapidly increase!

Whatever you’ve been through so far in 2020, with any luck, this coronavirus will begin to fade into Miami Beach’s rear-view mirror as we approach Thanksgiving & the holiday season. And Marnie is here for you at McAllister’s nail salon…take a moment to text or call us to book you ASAP.