This Generation’s Beauty Breakthrough

It’s no secret that style is king along the sandy shores of South Beach. From Lincoln Road to Miami’s bustling Design District, the women of South Florida never fail to maintain a polished appearance from fingers to toes. For the busy moms and boss babes that run this town – we get it! – hectic schedules simply aren’t agreeable with consistently polished pointers…until now.

Arguably one of the most exciting beauty innovations of the last few years, gel polishes like Gelish! and durable nail polishes like Vinylux offer a low-maintenance solution for those unable to carve out time for a weekly mani/pedi. These high-tech hues offer shiny, glossy, chip-resistant pigment, guaranteed to stay put for at least two weeks.

So, how do these high-tech hues work? After cleaning, shaping and prepping nails with base coat, McAllister’s highly-trained nail technicians go to work applying several coats of brilliantly-colored, gel-like varnish from our broad selection of Vinylux and Gelish polishes. After each layer is painted on, nails are flashed with a small Ultra Violet (UV) lamp for several seconds to cure the polish. The nail technician ends by applying a clear top coat to seal and protect the nails.

The Benefits of Durable Nail Polishes

Gel polishes boast benefits that standard nail polishes (even chip-resistant and fast-drying formulas) simply do not. As if you need additional convincing, here’s a few of our favorite features:

Reduced Drying Time

A scenario we all know too well: You’ve carved out “me time” for a lunch-hour mani/pedi, but a mid-lacquer work call, babysitting SOS, etc. leaves you rushing for the door – wet nails in tow. Enter gel polish, the fast-drying solution to end the days of what we less than fondly refer to as the “half-dry and dip.” Thanks to powerful UV technology, gel manicures and pedicures dry as you go. Nails are treated to a 30-second UV zap between each layer to instantly harden lacquer and prep for the following coat. Upon the nail technicians last swipe of top coat, guests are able to get up and go directly from their service. No more 15-minute drying sessions post-polish!

Improved Staying Power

As much as we love to see our client’s smiling faces back in our Miami Beach salon on a weekly basis, we recognize that busy schedules make this a difficult reality. Professional gel manicures and pedicures provide flawless, glossy coverage for a minimum of 14 days, with most applications lasting upwards of three weeks.

Bye Bye Breakage

Whether you’re a mom chasing around toddlers, a student toting books to class or a business woman constantly pounding away on a keyboard, there’s no escaping the fact that nails take a fairly brutal beating on a regular basis. Constant trauma to nail beds makes it hard (if not impossible) to grow digits out to your desired length. Fret no more, busy bees. Gel varnish offers fingers a lasting breakage barrier, allowing nails to grow naturally throughout the duration of polish life. A bi-weekly gel manicure is a guaranteed way to achieve the elegant, natural nails you’ve been lusting after.

Have we piqued your interest? Here’s a few of our recent gel nail polishes done by some of Miami’s best nail technicians….OURS!

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