Body Scrubs and Facial Peels to Prep Your Complexion for Bikini Season

While a huge congratulations isn’t necessarily in order, you’ve officially survived another South Florida winter! As temperatures are on the rise, it’s the perfect time to give your skin a well-deserved seasonal overhaul – a “spring cleaning” perhaps!  Cooler weather, natural aging and lack of exfoliation are to blame for the lackluster complexion you experience this time of year – winter after winter. As dead skin cells clog up pores and the dry air has sapped your skin of its natural moisture, skin tends to lose its natural glow, appearing dull and grey. The first step in sloughing away winter skin? A good exfoliation to peel old layers and clear the pores. While at-home treatments, peels and scrubs scratch the surface, a professional service is guaranteed to go deeper and achieve better results. Have we peaked your interest yet? Here’s a few of our most popular exfoliating treatments designed to have you sporting beach-babe status skin in no time flat…

Peeled to Perfection: SkinCeuticals Alpha-Beta Peel

McAllister Spa Best Miami Salon Esthetics Facials SkinCeuticals Dermalogica Body Treatments

One of the most effective means for brightening up dull, dry winter skin is a chemical peel.  The SkinCeuticals Alpha-Beta Peel at McAllister Spa employs strong acids and enzymes to slough away dead skin cell layers, stimulate collagen production, and instantly ramp up your skin’s radiance. The Alpha-Beta treatment is an intermediate peel, ideal for a wide range of skin types. And according to our Facial Specialist Jeanette Gonzalez, in addition to brightening, these non-medical peels effectively “minimize the appearance of surface lines, smoothes out rough texture, aids in clearing acne and helps fade hyper pigmentation.”

The Lunch-Hour Pick Me Up: Dermalogica Microzone Flash Exfoliation

McAllister Spa Best Miami Salon Esthetics Facials SkinCeuticals Dermalogica Exfoliation Microdermabrasion

When your skin needs a timeout but you have little time to spare, the Dermalogica MicroZone Flash Exfoliation treatment is the ultimate solution. This cost-effective, express treatment takes just minutes in the hands of McAllister Spa’s own Dermalogica Expert, Nafsika Karavasili, and it is ideal for targeting dull skin in between your 60-minute full-service skin treatments. This MicroZone treatments are also great for spa newcomers wanting to ease their way into professional exfoliation. Our Dermalogica Flash Exfoliation treatment offers an immediate, profound impact on your skin fitness. The treatment works to gently resurface skin to reveal a soft glow in just 30 minutes.

The Head to Toe Treat: The MoroccanOil Body Ritual


Show your body some love – it is your temple after all. This 75-minute MoroccanOil body treatment, found only in a select few North American spas, kicks off with a thorough dry brushing session to remove dead, dry skin.  This process immediately improves your skin’s appearance and allows the MoroccanOil Intense Hydrating Treatment to be more easily absorbed as it is lightly massaged across the body. Once skin is refreshed, MoroccanOil Body Buff is used to gently exfoliate and soften winter-worn hands and feet – an ideal preparation for flip-flop season.  The spa treatment concludes with a thorough scalp massage using Moroccan Oil Scalp Treatment, which – while it won’t contribute to a glowing complexion – does feel pretty darn good!

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