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Constance Tatarov
Constance TatarovConstance Tatarov
Full Specialist

Full Specialist

Constance is originally from Nisporeni in the Moldova Republic where she studied History and Archeology.  She moved to the US in 2011 and immediately fell in love with the beauty industry – it was the perfect outlet for artistic expression.  She became a licensed nail technician and virtually overnight built a clientele drawn to her combination of impeccable work and and worldly conversations.  Constance completed her schoolwork in esthetics and is now helping improve McAllister’s training program to improve the quality of service provided by our Full Specialists.


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The entire team at McAllister Spa is happy to talk with you regarding your esthetic needs.  Constance has fun responding to emails from clients and customers (it’s just how we do things!).  If you want to discuss anything related to gel polishes like Gelish! and Shellac and Vinylux, microdermabrasion and skin resurfacing or spray tanning, Constance is your girl! And if you have any questions about which of the many professional products carried at McAllister Spa might be right for you, just drop her an email by clicking the orange link below.  Constance is consistently recommends SkinCeuticals serums to correct the signs of aging & Dermalogica’s moisturizers like Skin Smoothing Cream and Active Moist.

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