How To Keep Hair From Frizzing in Florida

Nov 18, 20 • hairNo Comments
Control frizzy hair in florida

How to Control Hair From Frizzing in Florida and Miami Beach! 1. Shampoo Less Often 2. Use Quality Conditioner More 3. Leave Good Treatment in Over-Night? 4. Less Heat (Irons & Blow Dry) & More Healing 5. Protect Hair With Quality Products While we all love summer, the season is home to myriad of beauty challenges we often struggle to overcome. Between unsightly tan lines, painful sunburns and enough bug bites to…

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HydraFacial + SkinCeuticals Miami’s Best Facial Experience

Nov 1, 20 • skin and bodyNo Comments
Preventing Future Skin Damage

Now that the HydraFacial experience is available at McAllister Spa, we’ve taken our partnership with SkinCeuticals to the next level. We have handcrafted a truly unique skincare treatment –the “Antioxidant HydraFacial by SkinCeuticals.”  This 45-minute Antioxidant HydraFacial delivers the most potent anti-aging facial treatment available in Miami, backed by the most trusted subclinical skincare line in the world.  SkinCeuticals Clean! This customized HydraFacial treatment starts with preparing the skin to receive the…

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What is Balayage, ombre, sombre… Huh?

Oct 27, 20 • hairNo Comments
blonde hair highlights on South Miami Beach model

We’ve all seen this hair trend where everyone seems to achieve this perfect blend of colors in their hair… And we’re sure more than a few of you have not only wondered how to get the same look, but also what it’s even called! After all, you could struggle to ask a hairstylist to give you a new hairstyle if you don’t even know the name of it. You might even think…

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Extend the Lash Love with Eyelash Extensions in South Beach

Oct 25, 20 • NewsNo Comments
volume lash extensions salon tagline in Miami Beach, FL

Are You in Miami Beach asking “Where Are the Best Eyelash Extensions Near Me?” Where does Miami Beach go for all things related to eyelashes? There’s only one place according to South Beach locals and that is McAllister Spa, located in an historic home on Alton Rd. Lash maintenance can take many forms – from lash tints & eyelash lifts to natural lash extensions & dramatic volume sets. Whether you are looking…

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Fall in Love with Autumn-Inspired Manicures at McAllister Spa

Oct 1, 20 • NewsNo Comments
best manicure in miami beach

Well October is here, the fall season has arrived, and Miami Beach has thankfully re-opened (kind of) for business. Some Zoom meetings are already being replaced with socially distanced South Beach chats. So now that you’ll be within 6 feet of others for the first time in a while, let’s take a look at your manicure and assess the situation. Are your hands ready for humanity? If you are way overdue for…

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Best Spa in South Beach is Open!

Oct 1, 20 • NewsNo Comments
McAllister Spa Miami Beach Exterior

UPDATE: WE ARE OPEN! As we all know, our world is going through a crisis right now. COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, has impacted every aspect of our lives. Many businesses have been forced to close their doors until everything settles down, and our hair salon in Miami Beach is no exception. At our McAllister Spa, our clients and employees deserve nothing but the best. For your safety and for ours, our…

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Miami’s Best Nail Trends Miami Beach – South Beach FL

Sep 30, 20 • NewsNo Comments
Best Miami Beach Nail Salon Manicure

What’s Next for Your Nails, Miami Beach peeps! Nails are the perfect canvas for self-expression. They can feel like the perfect finishing touch to an outfit, a simple way to extend your personal style without going overboard on accessories. So what’s “in” and what’s “out” for 2021? We’ve rounded up our top three predictions to keep you current on the chicest trends in nails. Prediction: Moody Metallics The chrome craze is on…

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Yulia Tyan is South Beach’s Best Blonde Hair Colorist

Sep 26, 20 • NewsNo Comments
blonde hair color with Yulia Tyan

There are so many different names for blonde highlighting techniques tossed around in Miami Beach’s best hair salons. Each way of achieving blonde hair color is slightly different in approach, but the result is nearly always a brighter and blonder hair color at the end of a visit. If you are contemplating a visit to a local beauty salon to achieve a single color of blonde hair, the decisions abound as the…

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McAllister Spa makes the COVID cut in SoBe- We are Lyft’s best salon in Miami Beach

Sep 25, 20 • NewsNo Comments

It’s September and this coronavirus hasn’t yet gone away. We don’t know what that means for our kids, our friends, our job, our classes… All we know is that it’s time for us to start seeing people again, which means actually taking the time to work on our appearance! Now, what does this mean for our hair? Some of us have started cutting it alone at home, which may have lead to…

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Hairdressers vs Hairstylists: What’s the Difference?

Jun 25, 20 • hairNo Comments
Difference between hair stylists and hairdressers

For some of you, certain beauty terms and definitions can be confusing. We can’t even blame you when we see so many professionals making the same mistakes! Luckily, we are here to help educate you. One topic we want to tackle is the difference between a hairdresser and a hairstylist. Now, we know you might be thinking, “Wait a minute, aren’t those the exact same thing?” Don’t feel bad, it’s a problem…

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