Summer in South Beach

With another warm-weather weekend behind us and a full South Beach summer ahead, your skin may already be feeling the effects of the summer’s rays. While sunscreen is the proactive step we all know is a mid-day must, what is your plan for when your “sun kissed bronze” dreams turn into a painful and blotchy red sunburn nightmare? Don’t run to the drugstore and grab the old school Aloe Vera gel. This summer, the McAllister Spa team has several much more effective – and less sticky, “ooey-gooey” – sunburn solutions just for you.

First – Protection by Dermalogica

Summer sunshine is no match for the sunscreens at McAllister Spa. Dermalogica offers a variety of protective balms that suit most skin types while working to combat the aging processes accelerated by the scorching sun. For men, check out Dermalogica’s Shave Daily Defense formulated with a “broad spectrum” SPF 15 or Dermalogica’s water-resistant Protection Sport SPF 50. And women, talk with our resident Dermalogica Expert, Nafsika Karavasili, and she might just introduce you to Solar Defense Booster SPF 50 – an amazing little “broad-spectrum” sun screen that can be added to any daily moisturizing regimen.

dermalogica daily defense spfdermalogica solar defense boosterdermalogica protection sport

skinceuticals physical matte uv defense spf50

Targeted Skin Protection by SkinCeuticals

The hottest new skincare product this summer is definitely SkinCeuticals‘ Physical Matte UV Defense SPF 50. This handy little product have a “broad-spectrum” sun screen formulated from a proprietary blend of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

These potent little compound is then enhanced with aerated silica, which keeps an even, matte complexion even on South Florida’s hot and humid summer days.

Ouch! I’m Toasted!

Drop the drugstore Aloe. It’s a moment of relief and hours of sticky burning! There are better solutions to squelch your screaming, burning skin. Constance Tatarov, one of our Dermalogica Specialists – recommends After Sun Repair. This little balm calms irritated skin, hydrating it and thus speeding the recovery process.  And when your skin is really red, incredibly itchy and peeling, Jeanette Gonzalez, one of our SkinCeuticals experts has just two words for you – Hydra Balm. SkinCeuticals’ medical grade product has become an instant sunburned cult classic. Originally intended for post-operative treatment, Hydra Balm is formulated with petrolatum and squalene that creates a regenerative protective barrier over the area.

dermalogica after sun repairskinceuticals hydrabalm

Final bit of Advice…

As Baz Luhrmann once famously said – “Wear Sunscreen.” (And when that fails you, visit McAllister Spa!)