Yulia’s Hair Styling Tips

McAllister’s amazing stylist, Yulia Tyan, took a little time last week to give us a quick lesson on how to style a few eye-catching simple summer updos.

These step-by-step instructions will help you create a fun summer hair style that suits you just perfectly.

And as always, if it doesn’t quite work out like the pictures, Yulia is available Wednesday-Sunday to recreate these hairstyles (and many more) in no time at all.

Simple Upstyle

This quick updo is great when you have only a few minutes to spare and are headed out into the summer’s heat!


This updo starts with clean and dry hair. If it’s been a day or two since your last shampoo, KMS California’s HairPlay Dry Touch-Up is an instant, weightless surface conditioner that instantly revives dry or overworked hair and is a perfect first step to prepare the hair for this hair style.

Bridal Updo Ponytail - Step 1


Section your hair into 3 sections (as pictured).

Bridal Updo Ponytail - Step 2


Create a ponytail using the central section and tie it in a knot over.

Bridal Updo Ponytail - Step 3


Then, create a second single ponytail using other two sections and knot over.

Bridal Updo Ponytail - Step 4


Use these two ponytails and knot them over until you reach them the ends.

Bridal Updo Ponytail - Step 5


Pin as needed and desired.

Bridal Updo Ponytail - Step 6


To finish this hairstyle, finish with KMS’ HairStay Anti-Humidity Seal and KMS’ HairPlay Playable Texture.

Bridal Updo Ponytail - Step 7

Braided Flower Bun


This style is super quick and takes less than two minutes, provided you know a basic plait and how to create a Dutch braid.

Start this updo with a Dutch braid on a small side section creating a loose and casual braid. Secure this braid with a clip at the end.

Braided Flower Bun - Step 1


Then, create a loose plait braid using all of the remaining hair. Secure the end of this braid with an elastic band.

Braided Flower Bun - Step 2


Wrap the loose plait braid around itself, creating a beautiful section that resembles a flower, and pin it in place with Bobby pins.

Braided Flower Bun - Step 3


Then take your Dutch braid from the side and and wrap it around the flower-shaped bun. Secure with Bobby pins. Don’t forget to tuck the ends in.

Braided Flower Bun - Step 4


To finish the this braided updo, again finish with finish with KMS’ HairStay Anti-Humidity Seal and KMS’ HairPlay Playable Texture.

Braided Flower Bun - Step 5

Braids & Braids & Braids

The team at McAllister has some incredible braiding skills. Destiny, Yulia & several others have a true passion for hair styling. Whether you are looking for something just like what you’ve seen here, or you have a photo you want recreated, the hair stylists at McAllister can make it happen. Here’s a sampling of some recent work showcased on our Instagram.