Ever wonder how your favorite celebs mix up the color, style and length of their hair so frequently? It’s no magical, star-powered secret reserved for the elite – Hollywood’s leading ladies have hair extensions (and some fabulous stylists) to thank for their lengthy locks.

What They Are and Why You Need Them

You don’t need to be a fixture on the red carpet to rock the hip-length hair of your inner diva’s dreams.

Take a page from your fave starlet’s book with your very own glossy set of tape-in extensions. McAllister Spa carries the largest selection of HairTalk & Hotheads hair extensions in South Beach and has quickly become the hair extension destination of Miami Beach thanks to a squad of some of South Florida’s most highly-trained professionals specializing in the art of extension application.

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So what are these tape-in extensions and why do you need them? Let us explain…

What Exactly Are “Tape Extensions?”

Tape extensions offer a hair-healthy, flexible alternative to clip ins. McAllister offers the finest quality extensions, crafted from 100 percent human, Virgin Remy hair. This means that the cuticle of the hair runs all in the same direction, creating a natural-looking style that can hold a style, and provides volume and texture.

Perfect for fitness fanatics and girls on the go, tape-ins offer a discreet, flexible option to clip ins, allowing you to sport all the styles – from high-ponys, to top knots, to intricate braids and everything in between.

How Are They Applied?

Each track of extension hair is bonded to super-tacky strips of tape. After peeling off the protective cover, your stylist will begin sandwiching small sections of your natural hair between two of these strips.

Removal is simple and safe. Your stylist loosens tape bonds by dousing strands in a solute that weakens the adhesive, allowing the extension to smoothly glide away from the hair. A couple shampoos removes all excess solution and, voila – back to your natural, healthy strands!

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Can I Still Style My Hair As Usual?

Yes! Blow, curl, straighten, scrunch and braid your heart out. Just be sure to keep heat styling tools away from the tape bond itself to avoid melting and loosening the adhesive.

But…Are They Really Worth The Time & Money?

In short, Y-E-S! Extensions don’t only add length. Those clients with fine, limp or thinning hair can elect to add volume instead of (or in addition) to length. The application takes no longer than a highlight, clocking in at about 60 minutes – seriously!

Think of your extensions as an investment. An application lasts between six to twelve weeks and each track of hair can be reapplied by your stylist up to three times, giving you up to nearly ONE YEAR of lush locks when cared for properly.

So How Do I Keep Them Looking Fabulous?

Similarly to your natural hair, extensions are most fragile when wet. Wash hair only using sulfate-free and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner. Avoid the use of oils near the tape tabs, instead focusing the use of recommended hair oils on the mid-shafts and ends of your hair.

Let hair air dry a bit before brushing to avoid pulling on wet bonds. To avoid matting and tangling, make sure hair is 100 percent dry before going to bed – bonus points for an overnight braid to further prevent knotting.